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"Nail's Sacrifice" (怒りのフリーザ!!! Ikari no Furīza!!!, lit. "The Anger of Freeza!!!") is the ninety seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred ninety-first overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows an enraged Frieza in his first form.


Onboard Frieza's Spaceship, Vegeta gives Gohan and Krillin their own sets of Battle Armor. Krillin says that Frieza must be very powerful if Vegeta needs their help, and Gohan admits that he is scared. They have trouble getting their armor on, and Vegeta reveals that it stretches, noting that it stayed intact when he went Great Ape on Earth. Krillin is excited about how light the armor feels. He asks Vegeta when Goku will be healed. Vegeta replies that it should take 40 to 50 minutes, so Krillin decides to head off alone to Guru's house to find out the password for the Dragon Balls.

Meanwhile, Frieza and Nail continue their fight. Despite only using one arm, Frieza has wounded Nail considerably. He demands to know the password, but Nail responds with a Mystic Flasher. However, Frieza is unaffected and tells Nail that he is going to lose. He vanishes and appears directly in front of Nail, knocking him down with a hit to the face. Nail smiles and says that it does not matter anymore, since Dende should have reached Gohan and Krillin by now.

Frieza suddenly realizes that Nail has been buying time, and that Dende (whom he passed and ignored earlier) was going to give Gohan and Krillin the password. Enraged, he flies away at top speed towards his ship, screaming that only he deserves the power of immortality. He also notices that the scouter readings for the Ginyu Force have vanished. In his house, Guru laments that he did not tell the Earthlings the password earlier. While flying towards Frieza's ship, Dende runs into Krillin and the two are excited about their momentary good fortune.






  • Vegeta says that the Battle Armor suits that Gohan and Krillin wear were made for the people of Litt, a reference to the land inhabited by tiny people in Gulliver's Travels.

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