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The Mystic Talisman (札術 Fudajutsu) are Illusion Techniques. In total, the talisman can use 76 attacks and 129 illusions.


Dercori using the talisman to camouflage.

These talisman have a unique nature and therefore can be used in a number of ways. Due to their flexibility and versatility, these talisman are a great way to confuse the opponent and lure them into a trap, since the opponent will be confused in which is an illusion or technique.


Dercori uses these talisman against Master Roshi. In which, she manages to lure Master Roshi to a dark hole of her choosing, so Dercori could use the shadows to power herself up and take down Roshi. However, Roshi pulls out a talisman of his own, and uses the Evil Containment Wave, defeating Dercori.

Known techniques and illusions

  • A fireball illusion
  • A camouflage technique: Dercori can use these to camouflage herself or other talisman.
  • A terrain illusion: By implementing her talisman to the surrounding world, Dercori can cast an illusion that can manipulate the world based on her own choosing.
  • A shadow restraining technique: Used to restrict others from movement once they are in a dark place.
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