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The Musuka Circus is a circus in Satan City, owned by a man named Mr. Musuka.



The Musuka Circus

The circus' crew kidnaps Gohan's and Goten's pterosaur friend, Chobi, for their show at the circus. They rename him Rocko and abuse him with a whip. After seeing a commercial for the Musuka Circus on television, in an attempt to get the pterosaur back, Gohan goes to the circus. There, he sees Chobi doing tricks and a trainer yelling at it. When Gohan expresses his concern to the Musuka Circus owner, Mr. Musuka replies that taking animals in the nature is not forbidden.


Musuka with Chobi, advertising his new show

As Musuka will not let Gohan take Chobi, Gohan goes out back, changes into his Great Saiyaman suit, and goes behind the circus arena, where Chobi's cage is. He breaks Chobi out of his cage, and confronts and defeats one of the circus men, before heading back toward the nest of Chobi's father and mother. Circus men goes to Musuka's office and tell him about the Great Saiyaman, so Musuka calls the police.

After Gohan's brief confrontation with the police and Videl, Chobi's parents arrive at Satan City and Gohan gives them the baby back. The circus' owner is arrested, not because he kidnapped the baby pterosaur, but because he stole the police officer's gun in an attempt to get Chobi back.

Video Game[]


The Musuka Circus in Buu's Fury

Musuka Circus is visited in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury. Its name is misspelled "Musaka Circus" on the banner in the game, but it is spelled correctly on the text that appear when entering the circus' area.


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