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Murder Ball (マーダーボール Mādā Bōru) is a Full Power Energy Ball used by Android 15 and Android 14 in Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!



Android 15 charges a Murder Ball

The Android gathers energy (into its right hand for Android 14) and fires a white ball of energy causing an explosion.


In Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, it is used by Android 15 during the Androids' battle against Goku in the city, but it is blasted by Future Trunks. Android 14 uses the Murder Ball on the Glacier, right after he and Android 15 launch their Energy Squalls at Future Trunks.

Video Game Appearances

The Murder Ball was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 as one of Android 15 and Android 14's Super Attacks. It is named G.G. Atomic Blow (G.G.アトミックブロー) in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is Android's 14 super attack.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, G.G. Atomic Blow also appears as Android 14's Super Attack.


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