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The Murasaki Brothers (ムラサキの兄弟 Murasaki no Kyōdai) are five ninja brothers that appeared to stop Goku from reaching the top of Muscle Tower.


According to the special magazine Dragon Ball: Adventure Special, Ninja Murasaki's four brothers are named Kon, Aka, Nao, and Cha. Aka means "red", Kon means "navy blue", and "Cha" means "brown", as well as the "ao" in "Nao" meaning blue in Japanese. Those colors mixed with each other gives purple, the meaning of "Murasaki" in Japanese.

The five brothers[]

Ninja Murasaki[]

The oldest of the brothers, and the one who confronts Goku on the Muscle Tower.



Kon with Kunai Knives

Kon (コン) is the 2nd oldest of the brothers. He is defeated by Goku in the Muscle Tower, as are the rest of his brothers. Kon usually wields a set of kunai knives. In Xenoverse 2 he is named Konkon.



Cha with Pistol

Cha (チャ) is the 3rd oldest of the brothers. He is defeated by Goku, as are the rest of his brothers. Cha wields a British Webley Mk. IV revolver. In Xenoverse 2, he is named Chacha.


This article is about one of Ninja Murasaki's brothers. For the fusion, see Aka.

Aka with Blow-gun

Aka (アカ) is the 4th oldest of the brothers. He is defeated by Goku, as are the rest of his brothers. Aka wields a blowgun. In Xenoverse 2, he is named Akkah.



Nao with Kusarigama

Nao (ナオ) is the youngest of the brothers. He is defeated by Goku, as are the rest of his brothers. Nao speaks in a notably different accent (a slight southern accent) to the other Murasaki brothers. He wields a kusarigama. In Xenoverse 2, he is named Aoh.


Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]

The four were supposedly "clones" of the original Murasaki but, in reality, they are his identical brothers. They each wield a different weapon. They distract Goku while Murasaki escapes. Goku manages to defeat all of them with punches, kicks, and the last one with a Power Pole whack to the head. They are killed when Android 8 destroys Muscle Tower, which collapses on them, though Murasaki himself survives in the anime.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]

Xenoverse 2[]

The Murasaki Brothers appear as members of the Time Patrol, with each one having been sent to one of the five areas stuck in rift time to investigate by the Supreme Kai of Time. Each one will provide the Future Warrior with information about the area they are found in.

Additionally, a Frieza Race Time Patroller named Jierra will tell the Future Warrior about an altered history at Muscle Tower that causes the Murasaki Brothers to somehow multiply from just 5 brothers to 20.

World Mission[]

In Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 3: "An Unthinkable Appearance", Ninja Murasaki will occasionally appear wondering around the Story Mode map of Earth in Age 764. If Beat comes in contact with him, a special mission is triggered.

Beat finds Ninja Murasaki doing Shuriken training and mistakes one of Murasaki's "Hiya" battle cries for a greeting. Murasaki explains what he is doing to Beat who is excited to learn Murasaki is a ninja. After showing off some of his ninja skills, Murasaki challenges Beat to a friendly battle which he gladly accepts. During the battle, his brothers once again act as his clones with each wearing a replica of Sasanishiki (due to game mechanics Ninja Murasaki's character model is used to represent his brothers in-game). However, Beat (who is strong enough to take on members of the Saiyan Army & Frieza Force) manages to defeat them all. However, Beat (who can at times be as naive as his ancestor Goku) mistakenly assumes Ninja Murasaki was holding back which allows Ninja Murasaki to save face and the two part on friendly terms. If Beat encounters Ninja Murasaki after this, he will challenge Beat to another battle against him and his "clones".

Techniques and Special Abilities[]

  • Flight - The ability to fly by utilizing Ki. Used by the Murasaki Brothers to fly in Xenoverse 2 and World Mission.
  • Rapid Movement - As ninja, the Murasaki Brothers are capable of moving so fast that they appear to vanish from normal sight and reappear creating the illusion of teleportation, when in reality they are simply moving at high speeds.
  • Copy Technique ( Bunshin no Jutsu)- The ability to seemingly create clones of oneself by ninjutsu. In reality, Ninja Murasaki simply summons his brothers who wear identical clothing and replicas of Sasanshiki to create the illusion that they are Ninja Murasaki's clones.


  • Murasaki-style Ninja Suits - A ninja suit worn by Murasaki-style ninja.
  • Battle Suit (Time Patroller) - Time Patroller Battle Armor featuring the TP logo, normal issued exclusively to male Saiyans. However, the Murasaki Brothers all wear the upper body portion in Xenoverse 2.
    • Time Patroller Logo Suit (lower body) - Along with the Battle Suit (Time Patroller), the Murasaki Brothers all wear the lower body portion of the Time Patroller Logo Suit (a color customizable equipment set worn by the Future Warrior in promotional material for Xenoverse 2).
    • Uniform (hands) - Along with the Battle Suit (Time Patroller) the Murasaki Brothers all wear the hands portion of the Uniform equipment set.
    • The Latest Fashion (feet) - Along with the Battle Suit (Time Patroller) the Murasaki Brothers all wear the feet portion of The Latest Fashion equipment set.
  • Sasanishiki - Ninja Murasaki's treasured legendary katana. The Murasaki Brothers all wear replicas of Sasanshiki which were named Ninja Sword in the Xenoverse series.
  • Ninja Mist Shuriken ( Ninpō Kasumi Shuriken) - The Murasaki-style form of Shurikenjutsu utilized by Ninja Murasaki. In World Mission, the Murasaki Brothers can utilize this technique as their Super Attack.
    • Ninja Mist Kunai - A variation of Ninja Mist Shuriken used by Ninja Murasaki. Kon also wields Kunai as his primary weapons in the anime.
  • Gun - Cha wields a revolver as his primary weapon in the manga/anime.
  • Bowgun - A blowgun used to fire darts wielded by Aka as his primary weapon.
  • Kusarigama - Nao wields a sickle and chain as his primary weapon in the manga/anime.

Appearances in other media[]

Dr. Slump remake[]


Arale helps Goku fight the Murasaki Brothers

Ninja Murasaki and his four brothers appear in the crossover episode "Gokuu-kun Arale no Gakkou de Dai Pinch!" of the 1997 Dr. Slump remake. When Goku arrives in Penguin Village with all the Dragon Balls in his knapsack, except one that Arale Norimaki had found, Murasaki and his brothers attempt to get them all from Goku but are defeated by Arale and Goku working together.

Video Game Appearances[]

The Murasaki Brothers appear as bosses in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo, Dragon Ball: Origins 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. The Murasaki Brothers are also referenced in Dragon Ball Heroes, as part of a special mission where a team of five Murasakis has to be defeated. In World Mission, after being challenged to a battle by Ninja Murasaki in Age 764, Beat faces off the Murasaki Brothers in a special story mode mission that is triggered when Beat comes in contact with Ninja Murasaki as he wonders around the map for Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 3: "An Unthinkable Appearance". All of the Murasaki brothers use the same Super Attack as Ninja Murasaki, Ninja Mist Shuriken.

Ninjas who look similar to the Murasaki Brothers are enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

Murasaki family sons

One of the sons of the Murasaki family in Dragon Ball Online

In Dragon Ball Online, it is revealed that Murasaki family sons are descendants of the Murasaki Brothers who seek to claim all of the Red Ribbon Army's remaining treasure in Age 1000.

"A ninja suit worn by Murasaki-style ninja."
Murasaki-style Ninja Suit description in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the style of Ninja Suit worn by the Murasaki Brothers is named the Murasaki-style Ninja Suit, which according to its description it is worn by ninja practitioners of the Murasaki-style, which is the style of ninjutsu employed by the Murasaki Brothers. Additionally, the Ninja Katana accessory is a replica of Ninja Murasaki's prized katana, Sasanshiki.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Murasaki Brothers appear as members of the Time Patrol under Chronoa who are sent to investigate each of the five Time Miniature large rift anomalies that have appeared in Conton City in Age 850. Ninja Murasaki appears at Satan House, Konkon appears at Capsule Corporation, Chacha appears at Guru's House, Akkah appears at Majin Buu's house, and Aoh appears outside Frieza's Spaceship though inside its rift. Though they are not villains in Xenoverse 2, most of them tend to be cowardly or lazy, while Ninja Murasaki decides not to join the Saiya Squad in playing superhero as ninja work in the shadows which he explains to the Future Warrior. Presumably, their ninja training makes them ideal for investigations that require stealth and intelligence gather such as the large rifts. Additionally, there is a series of color customizable Ninja Suits which utilize the Murasaki-style Ninja Suit model and have a default coloration based upon the coloration of the Murasaki-style Ninja Suit. This series of Ninja Suits also feature different marks/logos/symbols, such as Ninja Suit (Red Ribbon Army) which features the RR logo. Ninja Suit (CC) features the CC logo. and color customized portions of it are worn by the female Time Patrollers Legin & Ramon. Interestingly, despite the existence of the Murasaki-style Ninja Suit and other Ninja Suit variants, the Murasaki Brothers themselves wear the upper body portion of the Battle Suit (Time Patroller) which is normally exclusive to Male Saiyan Time Patrollers and ironically, they do not wear any portion of the available Ninja Suits. However, Ninja Murasaki carries Sasanshiki, while his brothers all carry Ninja Katana replicas. As part of the 1.21.00 Update DLC, the Murasaki Brothers are referenced via Ninja Murasaki's Super Soul, "There was actually five of me!" which can be obtained as a Raid Reward by scoring 50,000 Damage Dealt during Raid Quest: "The Dreaded Ginyu Force".

Voice Actors[]


  • Each brother's name comes from a color in Japanese and match with the names of the Red Ribbon Army's high ranking officers.
    • Murasaki means "purple", "violet", or "lavender", same as Colonel Violet.
    • Kon comes from the "sky blue" color, similar to General Blue.
    • Cha comes from the color "brown", same as Colonel Brown.
    • Aka means "red", same as Commander Red.
    • Nao comes from the color "blue", same as General Blue.
Murasaki Xenoverse

Ninja Murasaki wearing Time Patroller Battle Armor in Xenoverse 2

  • In the English version of Xenoverse 2, the brothers (aside from Murasaki) are named Konkon, Chacha, Akkah, and Aoh. Additionally, each brother wears different color clothing, Murasaki wears purple, Konkon wears dark blue, Chacha wears brown, Akkah wears red, and Aoh wears blue.
  • In Xenoverse 2, the Murasaki Brothers all wear male Time Patroller Battle Armor, which is odd as it is normally exclusive to male Saiyan Time Patrollers, yet the Murasaki Brothers themselves are Human-type Earthlings. It is also odd that they do not wear the Murasaki-style Ninja Suit despite it being an available costume in Xenoverse 2 though presumably they chose to wear Battle Armor as it presumably offers better protection than their traditional ninja garbs.
    • Additionally, they all wear the Ninja Katana accessory (which are replicas of Sasanishiki), with the potential exception of Murasaki who may be equipped with his sword Sasanishiki.



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