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Multi-Form Attack (四身の攻撃 Shishin no Kōgeki, lit. Attack of Four Bodies) is a technique used by Tien Shinhan.


The technique begins with Tien kicking his opponent backwards, followed up by him using the Multi-Form technique, splitting in to 4 parts. The Tien's then charge around the opponent, spreading out into four sections around him. The Tien's then each fire a Ki Blast Cannon at the opponent, causing major damage.


Ki cannon 4

The four Tiens attack Goku with Ki Blast Cannons

Tien uses the Multi-Form technique to surround Goku the four sides, and fire his Ki Blast Cannons against him during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. However, Goku avoids the attack jumping off the ring to the sky.

Tien also uses the Multi-Form and fires Tri-Beams combined with Yamcha's Super Spirit Ball against the Illusion Saiyans, during a time travel that the Dragon Team make to the past through the Pendulum Room. However, despite the attacks producing a powerful explosion, it does not have the desired success in harming the two Saiyans.

During the Cell Games, despite not using the Multi-Form technique, two Cell Juniors fire Tri-Beams at Super Saiyan 2 Gohan to try to exterminate him. However, Gohan protects himself from attack and escapes completely unscathed.

Video Game Appearances

The technique appears under the name Multi-Form Tri-Beam (四身の拳・気功砲) in the Gokuden series. It was named "Multi-Form Attack" in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, where it has a 100% hit rate.


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