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This article is about Gohan's tutor. For Emperor Pilaf's minion, see Shu.

"Madam, I'm very strict. Often times, slow children like this just need a little discipline."
— "Frieza's Counterattack"

Mr. Shu (周災悪 (しゅうさいあく) Shū Sai'aku) is a tutor that Chi-Chi hires for Gohan during a filler episode in the Trunks Saga.


Dragon Ball Z

Cell Saga

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Mr shu about 2 whip gohan

Mr. Shu about to whip Gohan

When Chi-Chi is not in Gohan's room, Mr. Shu spends his time whipping Gohan, insulting his work for any slight mistake, and calling Goku names. Later, Gohan has a dream where Goku returns, but it is really Frieza in disguise. Gohan attacks Frieza, but when he wakes up, he sees it is really Mr. Shu he is attacking.

Mr.Shu making fun of Gohan's father

Mr. Shu calling Goku a worthless father

Mr. Shu yells at Gohan and further insults Goku, calling him a brainless brute. When Gohan defends Goku, Mr. Shu attempts to whip him again, but Gohan effortlessly catches the whip, angrily states, "For your information, Mr. Shu, my father is not a brute. He's a great man. Is that clear?", and then crushes the end of the whip to powder, leading to a terrified Mr. Shu calling Chi-Chi and proceeding to tell her his end of the story, making Gohan sound like the bad guy.

Mr.Shu thrown out the window

Mr. Shu thrown out an open window

After Chi-Chi chastises Gohan, Mr. Shu proceeds to state that this is due to the father's influence and ultimately pushes Chi-Chi too far when he states that Goku abandoned them, calls him worthless, and whips Gohan across the face hard enough to draw blood right in front of her. While he is laughing at his own words, an outraged Chi-Chi literally throws Mr. Shu out of the house through an open window. When he yells at her and threatens her from outside, she proceeds to jump out the window herself and chase him away, warning him never to come back.

While Mr. Shu does not appear again after this, Ox-King is later told the story about how his daughter threw him out of the house, much to his amusement.

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  • Mr. Shu's Japanese name, Sai'aku, is translated to "The Worst Teacher": Sai is written with the kanji for "disaster", aku with the kanji for "evil" and, together, sai-aku is a homonym for "the worst" (最悪). Shū (Zhou in Chinese) is an actual Chinese family name.
  • Mr. Shu resembles Pamput, a fighter that entered the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, because they both have similar afros and have similar eyes. But Mr. Shu has a mustache while Pamput does not.
  • Mr. Shu says at one point "Oh my foot is not!" which could be a pun of his name since his name is a homophone of the word "shoe".
  • Before Chi-Chi throws Mr. Shu out of the window in the original Japanese version, Mr. Shu insults Gohan by saying that he is harder to teach than a "mere monkey" and that he has "no real potential". However, in the Funimation dub, he instead insults Goku calling him a "worthless father" for unknown reasons.


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