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Mr. Poko Poko is a Demonic Eternal Dragon who works for the Dark Namekians alongside Chocolay.[1]



Mr. Poko Poko resembles a black version of Porunga but with legs. He also has Mr. Popo like ears with golden earrings and a turban and outfit like Mr. Popo. He also wears golden bracelets with golden bands around his arms. This makes his design a sort of mix between Porunga and Mr. Popo. He resembles a Poko Land Dragon.


Mr. Poko Poko is a demon Eternal Dragon who works for the Evil Namekian faction, he was given his name by Gamelan.

At some point around Age 1000, Mr. Poko Poko was sent to Chocolay Tower. He worked on the second of the upper levels - working on the refinement of kiri extracted from Earth.

Forms and transformations

Giant Form

Main article: Giant Form Mr. Poko Poko is capable of increasing his size to triple that of his normal state.



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