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Mr. Pig, also known as Oinkety Oink (ブータレブー Būtarebū), is a resident of Penguin Village who is an anthropomorphic pig. His role is to talk into a microphone to announce the time of day it is in Penguin Village.


Mr. Pig is a small humanoid pig who dresses in a fancy suit with a bow tie and sunglasses, and has a handheld loudspeaker tied to the top of his head. In Dr. Slump, he is seen with a clockwork key sticking from his back. However, in Dragon Ball, the key is absent.


Dragon Ball[]

General Blue Saga[]


Mr.Pig in Dragon Ball

In the crossover manga chapter and episode where Goku chases General Blue into Penguin Village, Mr. Pig appears announcing the afternoon.

Dragon Ball Super[]

"Future" Trunks Saga[]

Mr. Pig is seen in his usual place announcing that Arale has come to Dragon Ball Super.[3]

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