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Mr. Musuka (ムスカ Musuka) is a greedy man who operates his circus in Satan City.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Majin Buu Saga[]


Musuka tries to get Chobi back

Musuka kidnapped Gohan's and Goten's pterosaur friend, Chobi, for his show at the circus. After seeing his advertisement on TV, in which Musuka abuses Chobi with a whip, Gohan tries to get Musuka give Chobi back (or, as Musuka calls him, Rocko), but Musuka replies that money is all that really matters. When Gohan turns into Great Saiyaman and attempts to take Chobi back, Musuka leads the police on a chase to find and arrest Saiyaman, and seems unaware that Videl is capable of putting up a good fight until a cop tells him that she is Mr. Satan's daughter.


Mr. Musuka threatens Toh Toh

Later, Chobi calls his parents and they attack the city. Saiyaman is about to stop Toh Toh's attack when Musuka steals a police officer's handgun and attempts to shoot Toh Toh. Videl, now fully understanding the situation, hits Musuka with a pair of handcuffs, but he is still able to pull the trigger. The gunshot alarms Toh Toh and he tries to attack Videl, but he is knocked out by Gohan. After Gohan leaves with Chobi, Toh Toh, and Chobi's mother, Musuka yells after them that he will return to the nest and take Chobi back, but the police arrests him for stealing an officer's handgun.

In the Japanese version, he does not get arrested after the incident with Chobi, but Videl threatens to do so if he continues to harass the Toh Toh family. One of the cops then tells him to just give up while he can, which he does.

Video Game Appearance[]

Musuka appears in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury. In the game, his hair is gray instead of brown.

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  • Mr. Musuka's name is possibly derived from Moussaka, a Greek lasange-like dish made up of minced meat, cheese, and eggplant.


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