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Mr. Borbonne (バーボン Bābon) is a wealthy businessman and the mayor of a city that is close to Chazke Village. He is a short man who only appears in filler sections of the Cell Games Saga. Mr. Borbonne often sends his two thugs, Burdwell and Kasdan, to Chazke Village to take supplies.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Cell Saga[]


Borbonne embarrassed when Tao spots him kissing his vault

Mr. Borbonne hires Mercenary Tao to protect him. He builds a Protective Dome to try and protect the people from Cell, but is only interested in the money. This is proven when Lime yells that Cell is coming, and Mr. Borbonne cowardly hides inside the shelter and closes the doors without giving anyone else a chance to get in.

After Tao quits working for him, he is left unprotected against an angry mob of people, and begs Gohan for help, offering to make up for cheating the people. Gohan destroys the shelter saying that Cell could have destroyed it just as easily.

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  • Some Dragon Ball Z episode guides mistake Vodka, the gangster in "The Puzzle of General Tao" as being named "Borbonne". This might be due to the fact that Borbonne (bourbon) and Vodka's names are both types of liquor, both have a similar voice, both hire Mercenary Tao, and both are filler characters.
  • Currently, both Mr. Borbonne and Vodka are the only characters named after alcoholic drinks who are not Gods of Destruction or Angels.
  • He has some similarities with Commander Red; both are short business men and they hired Mercenary Tao to deal with a Saiyan. Interesting, his model was later tweaked for Red in Dragon Ball: The Path to Power a few years later.
    • Additionaly, Mr. Borbonne's appearance has some resemblance to Magenta, the son of Commander Red that would be later introduced in Dragon Ball Super.


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