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"A destructive energy wave fired from the mouth of a Great Ape. Gohan was able to use this technique as a Great Ape even though he was still unable to control his Ki. Vegeta used this technique as well."
Mouth Cannon Z Encyclopedia Summary in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Mouth Energy Waves[16] are several almost identical attacks used by different characters in the same way: by blasting a large amount of energy from their mouth. It is a very swift technique and quite powerful with exploding and piercing properties depending on the way it is used.


Mouth Energy Wave can be considered a generic term for any energy beam shot from the mouth.


Tambourine firing a Chou Makouhou (first usage of the technique in the Dragon Ball series)

It is used by several Namekian characters towards the later part of Dragon Ball. In the King Piccolo Saga, Tambourine uses it to destroy Goku's original Flying Nimbus,[17] and King Piccolo uses it to destroy Shenron after having his youth restored.[18]

Later in the Piccolo Jr. Saga, Piccolo uses this attack in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament after using his Giant Form and again as a sudden attack to pierce a large hole through Goku's right shoulder; he also uses it in the Vegeta Saga to quickly destroy the final Saibaman,[19] as well as in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest to destroy a Bio-Man (Explosive Breath Cannon). Arlian Guards use this against Nappa and Vegeta.[20]

Saiyan Great Apes and Golden Great Apes are known to utilize it, though in some cases its usage appears instinctual as Great Ape Gohan was able to fire one during his first transformation despite his inability to consciously control his ki in his base form, though his usage of the technique instinctually as a Great Ape, is similar to Hidden Potential which Gohan could initially only subconsciously perform when emotional and/or in life threatening situation. However Great Ape Vegeta and Great Ape Nappa are able to utilize the technique while retaining their reason. Additionally Saiyans such as Nappa and Borgos are known to utilize variations of the technique in their base forms. The usage of the technique by Broly is likely due to the influence of his Wrathful state which allows him to manifest the power and berserker mentality of uncontrolled Great Ape without transforming into one. Similarly, Bio-Broly also utilizes the technique, presumably due to it fighting primarily via instinct and what little memories it retained from its source material.

Dodoria uses it to try to kill Bardock,[21] but the Saiyan survived, albeit heavily injured, as well as to kill one Namekian child, Cargo, in the anime (in manga, Frieza's Death Beam did the deed) and to kill a Warrior-type Namekian.

Semi-Perfect Cell uses a Mouth Energy Wave during his battle against Super Vegeta in an attempt to surprise him, although Vegeta survives.[6]

Innocent Buu and Super Buu are known for using the technique many times. Super Buu's version is called Ill Flash. Gotenks has his own variant of this technique called Revenge Cannon making him the only member of the Dragon Team besides Piccolo and Great Ape Gohan to utilize a Mouth Energy Wave technique.

In the movies: Angila, Lord Slug, Bio-Broly, Janemba, and Broly also use this kind of attack.


  • N'cha Cannon - Arale Norimaki's secret weapon. Additionally it can also be learned by her EX-Fusions Arale 18, Towale, and her EX-Fusion with Tekka in Dragon Ball Fusions. Also used by Obotchaman in Dr. Slump due to his design being based off Arale's blueprints.
    • Combined N'cha Cannon - A team attack version where Arale and Obotchaman fire their N'cha Cannon in tandem.
    • Super N'cha Cannon - A stronger version of N'cha Cannon used by Arale, Arale 18, Towale, and EX-Fusion Tekka as one of their learnable Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
      • 100x N'cha Cannon - A version of the N'cha Cannon mentioned by Arale in Dragon Ball Super which is apparently 100x stronger than the standard version.
  • Chou Makouhou – Chou Makouhou (超魔口砲 lit. "Demon's Super Mouth Gun") is the generic name for the Mouth Energy Wave in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. It is a common Blast 2 energy wave, firing in a straight line and then can clash with other similar Blast 2 attacks. Great Ape Bardock's version is called Super Rebellion Cannon (超リベリオンキャノン Chō Riberion Kyanon, lit. "Super Rebellion Gun") and is depicted as a fiery blue energy wave in Dragon Ball Heroes.
    • Super Dark Rebellion Cannon (超ダークリベリオンキャノン) - A dark variation of Super Rebellion Cannon used by the Great Ape Masked Saiyan in Dragon Ball Heroes.
    • Chou Makouhou Barrage – A rapid-fire version of Chou Makouhou.
    • Chou Makousen – A mouth blast that sweeps from left to right are being fired.
    • Super Gigantic Cannon (超ギガンティックキャノン) - An Eraser Cannon in the form of a Chou Makouhou.
  • Great Ape Beam - A sweeping mouth blast used by Great Apes in Dragon Ball Xenoverse as a Super Skill.
    • Super Great Ape Beam - A ultimate skill variation where the Great Ape jumps into the air then fires a super powerful mouth blast. Used by Great Apes as an Ultimate Skill in Xenoverse.
  • Super Flame Cannon (超火炎砲) - A flame-based variation used by Great Apes in Dokkan Battle and Golden Great Ape Goku in World Mission where they charge up and unleash a ki-based fireball from their mouth.
    • Super Dark Flame Cannon (超暗黒火炎砲) - A dark variation of Super Flame Cannon used by Brainwashed Great Ape Gohan in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Giga Meteor Storm - Great Ape Bardock's Ultimate Blast in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and his Great Ape Mode Super Attack in Dokkan Battle.
  • Angry Launcher (アングリーランチャー) - Borgos' version.
  • Explosive Breath Cannon - Piccolo's rushing attack that ends with a mouth blast.
  • Super Demon Cannon - A variation of Mouth Energy Wave used by Giant Demon King Piccolo and Giant Piccolo Junior where the user fires a wind-like stream of energy at the opponent.
  • Super Galick Blaster (超ギャリックブラスター) - Great Ape Vegeta's variation of the Mouth Energy Wave.
  • Super King Blaster (超キングズブラスター) - Great Ape King Vegeta's variation.
  • Valiant Breath (バリアントブレス) - A multi-colored version used by Xeno Cell-X in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission. Also used by Cell-X in the story mode of World Mission.
  • Energy Cannon - Dodoria's most frequently used technique.
  • Recoome Eraser Gun - Recoome's version.
  • Darkness Blaster - Great Namekian Lord Slug's ultimate technique. This devastating mouth blast technique is similar to Piccolo's "Kuchikara kaikōsen" (口から怪光線 lit. "Mystery Beam From the Mouth").
  • Evil Quasar - Angila's version.
  • Break Cannon - Nappa's version.
  • Ill Flash - Super Buu's version
  • Revenge Cannon - Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks' version.
  • Cataclysmic Orb - Beerus can emit a Cataclysmic Orb from his mouth which takes the form of a destructive Mouth Energy Wave. Involuntarily used by Beerus in the anime while having a nightmare after Vegeta and Goku were sent to clean his room by Whis as part of their training during the Golden Frieza Saga.
  • Hell Gate - Janemba's version. Also used by Baby Janemba.
  • Crimson Scream - Lord Luud's version.
  • Metal Breath - A version used by General Rilldo that has the power to encase its target in metal.
  • Mouth Cannon - An energy sphere version of the Mouth Energy Wave used by Great Namekians in Xenoverse 2.
  • Gigantic Breath - Broly's version. Also known as Anger Shout in Dragon Ball Legends.
    • Gigantic Roar - A stronger version of Gigantic Breath used by Broly.

Video Game Appearances

In Xenoverse, the Future Warrior can learn several Mouth Energy Wave techniques (Nappa's Break Cannon, Recoome Eraser Gun, Majin Buu's Innocence Breath, Super Buu's Ill Flash, Gotenks' Victory Cannon, and Super Buu's Dimension Cannon). Super Buu's Vice Shout (known as Dimension Cannon) is depicted a Mouth Energy Wave in Xenoverse.

In Xenoverse 2, while using the Become Giant Awoken Skill, Namekians gain access to three Super Skills that allow them to fire their Mouth Cannon at either short, mid, or long range.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot (DBL00-01) can a couple mouth energy wave Special Move Arts (Borgos' Angry Launcher, Wrathful Broly's Anger Shout, and Recoome Eraser Gun) after the users' who can teach their respective mouth energy wave reach Friendship Rank 2.[14] Additionally on September 30, 2021, Nappa (DBL39-04S) was added as a new character as part of the "Legends All Star Vol. 10" Summon Event who utilizes Break Cannon as his Special Move Arts which Nappa (DBL39-04S) can teach to Shallot (DBL00-01) after reaching Friendship Rank 2.[15]

Character meaning

  • 口 (Kuchi) - Mouth
  • 気 (Ki) - Spirit / Energy
  • 功 (Ko) - Skill
  • 波 (Ha) - Wave


P-Man using the Mouth Energy Wave in Wonder Island

  • In Akira Toriyama's first published manga Wonder Island, the Mouth Energy Wave is used by P-Man in order defeat King Ghidorah.
    • As a result the Mouth Energy Wave is one of the oldest recurring techniques within Toriyama's works given it appears in both Wonder Island and Dr. Slump (via the N'cha Cannon) before its appearance in Dragon Ball.