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Mousse (ムース Mūsu) is a woodsman Goku met when Mr. Popo sent him into the forest in search of someone to train his mind.


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Piccolo Jr. Saga

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Mousse astonished to have trapped a human

Mousse and his wife Eclair have nine children, all named after sweets, who are (from oldest to youngest): Crepe, Cookie, Cocoa, Creampuff, Jam, Jelly, Donuts, Pudding, and Cupcake.

While Goku was searching for something to eat, he fell into a trap that Mousse had set in order to trap rabbits and wild boars. Freed from the net, Goku was taken to Mousse's home and introduced to his family. When their grandfather, Korinto, returns with his day's catch, a feast is prepared and the family tells Goku about Yaochun, the strongest man around.

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The farmer in "Look Out for Launch"

Mousse resembles the farmer seen in "Look Out for Launch" when Goku and Krillin are searching a girl for Master Roshi.

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