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The Mount Paozu Demons are a group of Demons that rule over Mount Paozu in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy.


Many years after most of the Son family had stopped living on Mount Paozu, Lord Yao and three other demons, took residence on Mount Paozu with Lord Yao becoming the Demon King of Mount Paozu.

In addition to Lord Yao, the other demons included the demoness witch Mamba and her cohorts Susha and Torga.

The Mount Paozu Demons prey on Earthlings and animals native to Mount Paozu, making the area more dangerous than it had been in the past. They ruled over Mount Paozu until Goku's descendant and namesake Goku Jr. traveled to Mount Paozu in order to reach Grandpa Gohan's House where the Four-Star Dragon Ball could be found in an attempt to cure his ailing grandmother Pan. Accompanied by Puck, Goku Jr. met Mamba who had shapeshifted to a human form in order to trick them into trusting her. Mamba planned to murder and eat the two, but Puck's suspicions saved him and Goku Jr. from being killed when Mamba tried to stab them with an oversized Knife as they were sleeping (unbeknownst to Mamba, they had escaped.

Fortunately, Goku Jr. and Puck managed to turn the tables on Mamba and got away. Mamba along with her cohorts Susha and Torga, later confronted Goku Jr. However, as Mamba, Susha, and Torga were chasing Goku Jr., a father Bear, and his cub whom Goku Jr. had befriended, Lord Yao appeared attacking by turning his arm into a cannon and firing a cannonball. Mamba, Susha, and Torga were frightened to see Lord Yao who wasn't pleased by their failure. The father bear tried to attack Lord Yao, but his strength and shapeshifting abilities allowed Lord Yao to subdue the creature with ease. Fortunately, Goku Jr. became enraged upon seeing Lord Yao hurt his innocent animal friends, and much like his ancestor Goku had done many years earlier, transformed into a Super Saiyan. With his newfound Super Saiyan power, Goku Jr. was able to easily overpower and knock out Lord Yao, causing Mamba, Susha, and Torga to abandon him out of fear of the young Super Saiyan.


  • Lord Yao - The Demon King of Mount Paozu is a demonic boar who can use Shapeshifting to turn his arms into different weapons. As a Demon King, he is the strongest of the demons living on Mount Paozu though his strength pales in comparison to Super Saiyan Goku Jr..
  • Mamba - A Demoness Witch who can use Shapeshifting to disguise herself as a human woman in order to deceive Earthling travelers. She can also utilize Magic Materialization to create weapons such as her Demon Scythe and can manipulate her hair to bind her prey. However, she is quite vain and can become vulnerable when her appearance (human or demon) is complemented whether by her fellow demons or enemies.
  • Susha - A Frog-like Demon swordsman who can utilize Liquefaction.
  • Torga - A rooster-like Demon who can use his wings to fly and can shapeshift into a candle. He finds Mamba attractive with her hair cut short.



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