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Mount Frappe[1] (フラッペ山 Furappe Yama) is a snowy mountain located in the far north section of the Earth, east of the Divine Crossing and west of the Northern Mountains. The temperatures on this mountain are so low that even fire turns to ice immediately.


Goku goes there to pick up some snow to put out the flames surrounding the Ox-King's castle, but the snow actually melts long before he can get it there.

Women are not allowed to go to Mount Frappe, or else a huge snow storm begins. This happens twice in the Dragon Ball episode "Outrageous Octagon", when both Chi-Chi and Mai go there.

The only known resident in the neighboring forest of Mount Frappe is an old lady called Grandma Hakkake, who gives the Bansho Fan to Goku and Chi-Chi.

Video games[]

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, Goku goes on Mount Frappe with Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien Shinhan to get back the honey Emperor Pilaf stole from Grandma Hakkake and fight Mai in her Pilaf Machine at the top of the mount. Enemies encountered here are White Wolf, Snow Bandit Girl, Snow Bandit, Snow Tiger, Snow Bear.


  • Curiously, the very first image seen in the first episode of Dragon Ball Z is a snowy mountain that looks exactly like Mount Frappe, only without the purple clouds on top of it.


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