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Mount Five Element (五行山 Gogyōzan) is a legendary mountain that is the antipodal region to Fire Mountain.


The door that leads to the Furnace of Eight Divisions

Mount Five Element is located beyond the Frying Pan Plains and the mountain itself can only be accessed through a huge door. After the entrance door there is a long and narrow passageway surrounded by very sharp stone spikes. Goku and Chi-Chi go there searching for Annin. They have to face many illusions along the way before they finally reach the entrance to the Furnace of Eight Divisions, located inside Mount Five Element. This is where they find Annin and Goku's deceased grandfather, Gohan.

Notable residents

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball: Origins, Mount Five Element is located near Aru Village and is the place where a special potion exists that makes every girl fall in love with the person who uses it, but the mountain is guarded by a very heavy wind. In the bonus level 2-5, Oolong asks Goku to get the potion using his Flying Nimbus to go fast enough to be able to fly through the wind. When Goku gets the potion, he accidentally spills it on the ground on his way back, leaving it empty when he finally gives it to Oolong.

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, Goku goes to Mount Five Element right after visiting Fortuneteller Baba. Once there, Annin tests him in a fight and then asks him to bring a piece of Hikui Bird eggshell and honey to plug the hole inside the Furnace of Eight Divisions. Enemies encountered on Mount Five Element in this game are Giant Bat, Demon Denizen, Gogyo Majin, Lantern Ghost, Ghost Pot, and Head Ghoul.


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