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Mortal Level (人間 レベル, Ningen Reberu, lit. "mortal level") is the score that Zeno and Future Zeno use to rank the twelve universes. It is a measuring of the average development, or "quality", of the mortals existing in a universe. The Mortal Level of a universe is directly related to the effectiveness of the jobs of its Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction (allowing and promoting the creation and development of adequate civilizations and elimination of inadequate ones).

It is important to note that a universe with higher Mortal Level does not necessarily possess stronger fighters and vice versa, since strength represents only one of many measured mortal aspects. In the case of Universe 7, it is mentioned that there are only 28 planets in the universe with highly advanced civilizations, and this is seemingly part of the reason why Universe 7 has a low Mortal Level. The other reasons have to do with how Beerus and Shin manage Universe 7. Mortal kindness to others also taken into consideration.


The Mortal Level was introduced in Dragon Ball Super as a means used to rank the twelve universes from lowest to highest. All the universes with Mortal Level lower than 7 were planned to be erased, but after the suggestion of Goku to perform the Tournament of Power, they were given a chance to avoid erasure by winning. Universes with Mortal Level of 7 or higher would be exempt from entering the tournament. Universe 9 is stated to have the lowest Mortal Level, and Universe 1 is stated by the Grand Priest as having the highest.[1]

From higher to lower in their Mortal Level, the Universes are ranked as:

Mortal Level of 7 or higher (Exempt from erasure)
Mortal Level lower than 7 (Planned for erasure)


  • Twin universes are ranked similarly in Mortal Level.
    • The 4 Universes with the highest Mortal Levels are 1 and 12, and 5 and 8.
    • The 4 Universes with the lowest Mortal Levels are 9 and 4, and 6 and 7 (but not in that order).
    • The 4 Universes with intermediate Mortal Levels are 2 and 11, and 3 and 10.


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  2. Dragon Ball Super chapter 42, Battle's End and Aftermath, the Grand Minister says that the wish that was made has elevated Universe 7 up in the ranking and they now third from the bottom.

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