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"Moro, Consumer of Worlds" (ほしいのモロ Hoshi-kui no Moro, lit. "Moro the Planet-Eater") is the 66th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Gohan and the other members of the Dragon Team notice that something is off, as the battlefield where Goku and Moro are fighting appears to move further away from them. They soon notice that their energy is being absorbed by Moro, and Vegeta urgently order them to get off the ground as it continues to take its toll on people all around the planet.

Goku stops Moro's fist

At the battlefield, Moro uses a multitude of fists that he summons from the Earth's surface to attack Goku from many directions. As Goku fends for himself, Whis notices that, even now, Moro's energy continues to swell to dangerous levels that will eventually cause the planet to explode, taking the entire galaxy with it. Finding the thought of losing Earth troublesome, Beerus decides to intervene. However, before he can act, Whis is notified that Beerus has been summoned by the Grand Minister and, finding that to be of much more importance, he chooses to head back there immediately before helping. Before taking their leave, Whis goes towards Goku and tells him that the only way to defeat Moro is to destroy the crystal on his forehead in order to have him release Merus's power. Doing so will defeat Moro whilst leaving the Earth intact. Whis and Beerus then make their leave for the Angel Realm.

Vegeta returns to the battlefield

Moro continues to grow, which causes the crystal to sink further into his body. Suddenly, Vegeta arrives in his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved state and, using his Forced Spirit Fission technique, punches away at the ground in order to cause Moro to deflate. Vegeta urges Goku to hurry up and destroy the crystal, as he is only able to rip away at Moro's spirit energy for a certain amount of time before becoming exhausted. Goku charges in, dodging more of Moro's fists and even flying directly through them, as he makes his way towards Moro. Unfortunately, he falls short of Moro's forehead and is entangled by Moro. Goku curses himself, wondering why he can not do what Merus did before him, wondering if he lacks enough god power. This gives Jaco an idea and he uses his rocket boots to fly away elsewhere. Goku, quickly having his power drained from him, drops back into his base form just as the other members of the Dragon Team arrive beside Vegeta. Piccolo asks if Vegeta is capable of using his Forced Spirit Fission in reverse by gathering up energy and giving it to Goku.

Confirming that he can as it's the same basic principle, Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Krillin and Chiaotzu give their energy to Vegeta. Piccolo contacts Dende and asks him to gather energy from all those on Kami's Lookout to send their way for the same purpose. On Monster Island, Goten and Trunks also hear Piccolo's voice and offer up their energy. Having gathered all the energy, Vegeta adds his own to the mix and passes it on to Goku. This revitalises Goku, though only to the extent of being able to achieve the Super Saiyan Blue state, which isn't enough to allow him to reach the crystal. Jaco arrives on the Lookout and hastily asks where Buu is.

Goku reverts to his base form yet again, as the others begin to lose all hope. Moro goes insane due to the power within him overwhelming what little remains of his mind as he begins to self-destruct. As the Dragon Team prepares to make a last-ditch attempt to rescue Goku, they suddenly notice an enormous ball of god power approaching, which astonishes Vegeta. The power comes from a young boy in a small village, Uub, who is able to send his energy thanks to assistance from the Grand Supreme Kai, who has re-appeared once more through Buu.

Goku's giant manifestation

Vegeta passes on the energy to Goku again - but this time, it proves enough to not only allow Goku to reawaken his Perfected Ultra Instinct, but also manifest an ethereal avatar made entirely of energy in the shape of Goku that is even larger than Moro. This avatar overpowers Moro and the physical body of Goku leaps out of it. With a single mighty punch, he shatters the crystal. Moro's body crumbles to pieces before he is consumed by a massive explosion. As the dust settles, Goku turns towards his friends to give a happy thumbs-up, celebrating their apparent victory.







  • Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct/Base/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) and Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue/Base) vs. Moro (Earth absorbed)


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