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Moro's Spaceship,[1] formerly known only as Saganbo's Spaceship, is the spacecraft used by the Galactic Bandit Brigade in their rampage of Universe 7. It later becomes the headquarters of Moro and the Galactic Patrol Prisoners who serve him.


The ship is very large in size and resembles a diamond in shape. Its sides' glasses are actually smaller spaceships that can be disconnected from the main body.

It is too fast for the Galactic Patrol intelligence and surveillance system to monitor its occupants' life signatures. Irico, an elite Galactic Patrolman, claims it's the fastest spaceship he knows of.

The ship is capable of firing a large energy wave from it's cannon.


After the gang was finally arrested by the Galactic Patrol, their ship was confiscated and held in the Galactic Prison. Once freed by Moro's wish from Porunga, Saganbo demands his ship back from the Prison Guards he threatened.

They use this ship to go to New Namek and by borrowing energy from Moro's stolen ki supply proceed to battle Goku, Vegeta, Good Buu (acting as the Grand Supreme Kai), Merus and Jaco who later tactically retreated.

The villainous Galactic Patrol Prisoners and Moro use this ship to travel to Zoon where they not only steal the royal treasure but also help exterminate the Zoon-seijin.


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