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"...It's clear to me that no being in this universe possesses the power to seal away my magic. How wonderful it is not to have to fear that anymore."
— "Outer Space Battle"

Moro (モロ Moro), known as "Planet-Eater Moro" (星喰いのモロ Hoshikui no Moro), is a powerful wizard who threatened Universe 7 about ten million years ago. He is the main antagonist of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga.

Concept and creation

Moro was designed by Toyotarō. He was designed with the intent of appearing as a being of pure evil who the reader could not see as ever becoming good (like King Piccolo). He was based off western demons, specifically goat-like ones.[1]


  • Moro in his decrepit state
  • Moro partially restored
  • Moro further restored

Moro appears as a large humanoid goat with blue skin and two horns on the sides of his head that curl around to point forward near his cheeks. He has long pointy ears, long dark nails and tufts of fur on his shoulders. He dresses in long red robes with a hood and has baggy dark pants with a fur pelt wrapped around his waist and white bandages around his wrists and ankles. After eons of imprisonment and drained of most of his power, his appearance became very elderly. He stands in a slouch with a hunchback, has deep wrinkles with a scrawny, if not malnourished, frame, and a long white beard reaching his abdomen.

Moro youth restored

Moro restored to his prime

After absorbing all of Goku and Vegeta's energy, Moro became noticeably younger-looking with proper posture and no hump plus fewer wrinkles. He also became fairly muscular and his beard shrunk to reach his collarbone. After taking almost all of Namek's energy, Moro's beard shrunk be trim and had only few wrinkles. Once he absorbed the last bit of life energy on New Namek, Moro's beard disappeared while regaining a very youthful and well-muscled appearance.

The symbol on Moro's belt is the letter "A" in the Galactic Patrol's language.[2]


"...I detest the sort of peace that you people want to preserve on this planet and others. All those who would strive for such nonsense...should be eradicated."
— "Great Escape"

Moro has no respect for life in general. Rather, he views them all as food for his pleasure and scoffs at people who try to stop him. He is very deceitful and manipulative, having used Cranberry to help restore his power, immediately eliminating him after he outlived his usefulness, as well as feigning his weakness until he was able to absorb enough of Vegeta's energy to defeat him. Also despite his arrogance, Moro is not without caution, as when he learned that Goku and Vegeta were training for a rematch with him, he decided to go absorb as many people and planets' energy as possible so he would be stronger too once they confront him again.

Moro normally speaks in a calm, collected tone, but his calm demeanor gives way to extreme rage when in the presence of the Grand Supreme Kai, since he has harbored a grudge against him for eons. He also demonstrates a mocking sadism when he has the advantage over his opponents by using his opponent's own techniques against them and deriding them constantly.

Moro holds a strong command and does not like it when his subordinates act on their own. This is seen when the Macareni Gang went to Earth without informing Moro beforehand, and upon learning this, Moro sent a scouting party to search the planet and ordered Shimorekka to kill the Macareni Gang, stating traitors acting on their own are dispensable.

He cares nothing for his own men, and purposefully pumped more energy into Saganbo, knowing the damage it was doing to his body, and eventually caused his death, even going so far as to mock him afterwards. He then told Goku that he saw him only as a soldier of which more can be collected. This uncaring nature later comes into play once again when backed into a corner, as Moro kills Shimorekka for no reason (other than being a possible interference) and proceeds to literally consume Seven-Three and his abilities in order to regain the advantage in battle.




Moro during the flashback

Moro destroyed the Iragi Star System and brought about the mass extinction of life on 320 planets. During his fight with the Grand Supreme Kai and the South Supreme Kai, Moro used his magic to pelt the Supreme Kais with comets. Upon absorbing life energy from a nearby planet, Moro condenses the energy into a ball and eats it, causing his strength to grow even further. Ultimately, the Grand Supreme Kai uses up all of his god powers and successfully seals away Moro's magic where he is then imprisoned by the Galactic Police. He is sentenced to death but nobody is strong enough to end his life, so he stayed locked away for the next 10 million years.

Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga The seal on Moro's magic power broke, allowing him to escape from the Galactic Patrol's prison which Merus believes is due to him regaining some of his magic.


Moro strangling Esca

Moro escaped on a spaceship with Cranberry and heads for New Namek in order to obtain the Dragon Balls. Along the way he tells Cranberry about how he's finally free after 10 million years and that his magic returned before his lifespan ended. When he reaches New Namek he meets Goku and Vegeta. While they are talking, Moro uses his powers to pull Esca out of a nearby house and tries to kill him. Vegeta saves Esca immediately as he promised that he won't let Moro kill any Namekians. Shortly after that, Vegeta starts fighting Moro but Moro isn't surprised or fazed by Vegeta's Godly power. After exchanging a few blows, Moro removes his robe and reveals the true form he was hiding. He's now ready to face Vegeta and tells him that if Vegeta wants to see his magic powers, he will gladly demonstrate his prowess. As it seems that the Prince is overpowering him, he is secretly sucking the life essence from Vegeta causing Moro to look younger and become stronger too.

Moro Kills the Namekian Savior

Moro kills the Namekian Savior

Moro defeats Vegeta and Goku, leaving them for dead and goes off to look for the other Dragon Balls. Moro heads to a Namekian village where he begins to torture and kill some of the villagers in order to to obtain information on a Dragon Ball. He kills a Namekian Warrior nonchalantly, demonstrating his increased power and retrieves the Dragon Ball. Now with six in his possession, he makes his way for the final ball where Goku and Vegeta are located. He confronts Goku and Vegeta again, but Merus interrupts them. When he fights Merus, he is caught off guard by Merus and is temporarily trapped, but is enraged and breaks free when he senses the Grand Supreme Kai's presence in Majin Buu. However, Buu proves to be more than a match for Moro, easily pinning him down.

Fortunately for Moro, Cranberry was able to finish collecting the Namekian Dragon Balls. Moro quickly has Cranberry use his second wish to restore his full magic power. He quickly rushes to Cranberry's location, kills him, and steals the third wish. Upon being confronted by Goku and Vegeta, he says they will figure out his final wish on their own when the time comes. He teleports away from view to a nearby cliff.


Moro exchanging blows with the Grand Supreme Kai

Shortly after he attempts to draw energy from Namek but is interrupted by the appearance of Goku, Vegeta and the Grand Supreme Kai who have teleported to his location. Moro kicks the Kai further out into outer space where the two Saiyans can't follow and proceeds to overwhelm the Kai with his superior power. During the battle, Merus appears and distracts Moro long enough for the Kai to grab a hold of him and teleport him back to Namek where Goku and Vegeta are waiting for him. When Vegeta vows to destroy him, Moro reminds them that they have forgotten about his third wish. It is revealed the wish was for every prisoner in the Galactic Prison to go free.

DBS Chapter 51 Moro

Moro consumes Zoon's energy

The prisoners board a spaceship led by Saganbo and head to New Namek to be beside Moro. Moro commends Saganbo and as promised shares his power with all the prisoners, empowering them significantly. As the prisoners battle Goku, Vegeta and Grand Supreme Kai, Moro begins absorbing energy from them and the planet once again. Goku asks why he is doing all this and Moro responds by telling him that he desires to create an ideal galaxy where he is free to consume planets. With no other choice, Goku and everyone else escapes from New Namek just before it dies. Moro has Saganbo send out his scouts so that they can seek out planets with a lot of life energy and makes his way to Zoon where he absorbs all of the planet's energy and consumes it.

Later, Saganbo informs him that they have received a distress signal from the Macareni gang. Moro, believing that the inhabitants could be strong, has Saganbo send out a stronger scouting party to verify it, saying that he will devour the planet if it proves to be of quality.

DBS Chapter 54 5

Moro and Saganbo watch the events on Earth

After Shimorekka contacts Saganbo to relay information on the situation on Earth, Moro learns that Seven-Three had already made use of his abilities. Curious to see how his abilities are being put to use, Shimorekka switches to monitor mode so they can see what is happening. Moro is surprised to see how much Earth has evolved over the last ten million years and that it hosts warriors even more powerful than his men. After hearing that Goku and Vegeta are training to defeat him, Moro has Saganbo order his men to retreat believing that he can get more energy out of them later. He vows to consume the two Saiyans upon their return along with the Earth.

Shortly afterwards, Moro senses Vegeta's newfound might after he dispatches of Yuzun. Delighted, Moro vows to stock up and reach the outer limits of his power before traveling to Earth, wondering if he even has limits in the first place. Over the next two months, he devours more planets across the galaxy. After heading to Earth, his henchmen scatter across the planet to steal its treasures. Moro watches as his men struggle in their confrontation of the Dragon Team, deriding them for not even performing to his lowest of expectations and ponders on which one of the warriors he will devour first.

Moro and Seven-Three 2

Moro grabs Seven-Three

The ship descends to the ground below and as Android 17 almost defeats Seven-Three, Moro arrives, grabbing Seven-Three by the head. Saying that he should not have used his abilities so casually, he tosses him to Shimorekka and tells him to help him recover, as he will make use of him again. As Saganbo joins Moro, Piccolo and Gohan point out Moro's terrifying power. Moro notes that the other two Saiyans are not here, but Gohan says that they will come and, until then, they are in charge of protecting Earth. In good spirits due to the amount of high energy individuals there are on Earth, Moro wonders how best to go about consuming them. Saganbo suggests that he handle them himself, not happy with how the rest of his crew has performed and Moro allows it as long as he keeps them alive.

Moro gives Saganbo his power

Moro gives Saganbo his power

Before heading into battle, Moro gives Saganbo some of his energy, which dramatically powers him up. Moro watches as Saganbo overwhelms the members of the Dragon Team, until Goku teleports to the battlefield and begins attacking Saganbo with a series of attacks at such extreme speed that only Moro and Jaco can see. When Saganbo stands to continue his battle with Goku, Moro continues to power him up with his energy even though it begins to cause his body to break down from the pressure. Goku, while in his Super Saiyan Blue form shouts at Moro to stop and goes in with an attack though Moro easily blocks it. Saganbo meanwhile, having reached his limit dies from the strain with Moro mocking him for not being able to withstand the smidgen of energy he had given him. When Goku asks if Saganbo was meant to be friends, Moro tells him that he was just a soldier and can collect more.

DBS 59 05

Moro lets loose his energy

As Goku now prepares to face Moro, he transforms into Ultra Instinct Sign, shocking Moro who realises that the technique is one of the gods. As the two get into battle positions, Moro soon finds himself being struck by Goku's air blasts, punches thrown from a standstill position, and attempts to counter with a series of energy blasts. When Goku gets in close, Moro finds himself at a disadvantage due to his agility and attempts to use his magic to immobilise him, as well as using an illusion to try and trick him, nevertheless both fail.

DBS 59 11

Moro unleashes more of his full power

After blocking Goku's Kamehameha, the two continue a close-quarters battle in the sky with Goku appearing to have the upper hand. Moro uses his magic to draw Goku in before the two land powerful simultaneous blows on each others stomach. Moro tries to absorb energy from Goku but with a quick display of speed, Goku is able to avoid it and after a series of attacks manages to knock Moro down. Moro calls out Goku's apparent eagerness in trying to end the battle and tells him that he has made a grave error in thinking that he has found a way around his energy absorption. Telling Goku he is a fool for thinking he is only capable of what he has shown so far, Moro further powers up using energy he had obtained from consuming countless worlds. Moro fires a single blast at Goku and after he deflects it, Moro grabs him from behind, wraps his arms around Goku's torso and squeezes Goku's torso, causing Goku to drop out of ultra instinct. Moro then squeezes Goku's head and throws him at a rock. Deducing why Goku appeared to be in such a rush and why he didn't use the state the whole time against Saganbo, Moro realises that Goku can not maintain the state for long. After Goku returns to his feet and powers back up into the form stating that Moro stalled until Goku's Ultra Instinct wore off because Moro was not confident in fighting Goku's full power, Moro finds himself intrigued and ready for more.


Moro and Goku fight at full power

The two power up to their full power and continue fighting, appearing to be an equal match for each other until Goku knocks Moro down at which point, after standing back up, Moro admits that he had been too cautious earlier and will not lose to Goku if that is the true extent of his power. As Goku begins to slow down after hitting his limit, Moro gains a clear edge in battle, even after one last desperate push, Moro soundly begins to beat Goku until he drops out of his Ultra Instinct Sign form. When he attempts to absorb Goku's energy, Android 17 and Android 18 intervene and Moro is impressed that the planet is capable of creating artificial life forms. As the two androids fail to leave much of a mark on Moro, Vegeta finally returns to Earth. Moro boasts that he has grown too powerful and is tired of fighters being unable to match him. Vegeta transforms into his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved form and charges Moro.

DBS 61 08

Moro's new form

At first, Moro has little trouble battling Vegeta, but as the fight goes on, Vegeta reveals the fruits of his training on Yardrat - Forced Spirit Fission. All of the energy Moro had drained since his escape from the Galactic Patrol prison was slowly beaten out of him, quickly turning the battle to Vegeta's favour and reverting the planet-eater to his old and decrepit state. Appearing completely drained and on the verge of death, Jaco encourages Vegeta to kill Moro then and there. However, before he could be finished off he reveals his trump card; still able to use his magic, he makes his way up to the ship where the last of his soldiers took shelter. Killing Shimorekka and consuming Seven Three, Moro assumes a new form with a face resembling Seven Three's and quickly incapacitates Vegeta. He reveals that he had allowed Seven Three to copy not just his fighting ability, but all of his power as well. Now stronger than ever, he also reveals that in addition to regaining his power, he also has access to Seven-Three's abilities, and he prepares to continue the battle.

DBS 62 05

Moro pierces Goku's chest

When Vegeta returns, Moro easily evades his attacks, informing everyone that despite Seven-Three's storage of Moro's previous might be a copy, it is permanent as he is the originator of it. He then grabs Vegeta by the neck and copies his abilities. Moro beats around Vegeta before finishing him off with a Big Bang Attack. Gohan and Piccolo attack in unison against Moro and distract him long enough for Gohan to ensnare him using Gotenks' Galactic Donut technique. Goku, now having powered up to Super Saiyan Blue, performs the Instant Kamehameha, but this only results in him destroying Moro's left arm. Moro's arm quickly regenerates and he drives it straight through Goku's chest, informing everyone that he has access to all the powers and abilities of everyone Seven-Three ever copied and with no time limit. Gohan finally snaps and attacks Moro, though is unable to so much as make him flinch before he's punched in the face, getting several of his teeth knocked out as a result.

DBS 62 08

Piccolo is struck down by Moro's Special Beam Cannon

Dende telepathically contacts Piccolo and tells him his intended plan, but Piccolo realises that Moro can hear him as well. Not wanting anyone to interfere, Moro erects a barrier that prevents anyone from entering or leaving. Moro proceeds to take down Android 17 and 18 and, as a last resort and using the barrier to his advantage, Piccolo attempts an all-or-nothing attack but, before he gets the chance to fire it off, he is struck down by a Special Beam Cannon fired by Moro leaving Jaco all alone. Moro advances toward Jaco, telling him that his limited energy is of no use to him and a terrified Jaco fires off a shot from his Ray Gun, only for a second shot to suddenly appear and create a greater explosion than was expected. Moro the notices that the culprit is Merus and that he knows the latter is not a really a member of the Galactic Patrol.



Moro boasts a high level of battle power and an even higher level of magic power. With his magic power, he was able to hold an advantage over both Grand Supreme Kai and South Supreme Kai, the two strongest Supreme Kais at the time. However, after Grand Supreme Kai sacrificed most of his godly power to seal Moro's magical power, he was quickly defeated by the two Supreme Kais - to the point he couldn't even fight back. His high power has made it impossible for any member of the Galactic Patrol over the last ten million years to be able to execute him, likewise being the reason he was still alive after such eons. Even Merus, the strongest of the Galactic Patrol, openly says that Moro's power is in another league altogether - though this was due to Merus being forced to hide his status as an Angel due to the Angel laws - and highly doubted the combined might of Goku and Vegeta could beat him.

Having regained some of his previous power, he is able to escape his imprisonment, although it took him a few years after regaining his magic power to muster enough strength to escape. Additionally, his magic abilities are still so weak that even scanning the universe is enough to disorient him. Against Super Saiyan Vegeta, Moro showed noticeable raw might and combat prowess, able to easily evade Vegeta's attacks and using his special powers can overwhelm him as a Super Saiyan 2. However, he is no match for Super Saiyan God Vegeta, who easily evaded his telekinesis. However Moro was still confident that by using his full magic power, he can defeat Vegeta.

Moro is able to use his magic to manipulate the very elements of the planets life energy to attack Vegeta, quickly pressuring Super Saiyan God Vegeta, who is able to evade the energy attacks with difficulty and is also able to hold back one of New Namek's energy beams with visible struggle. When Moro powers up by absorbing New Namek's energy, Goku notes that Vegeta probably would not be able to beat him without using Super Saiyan Blue, with Vegeta stating that Super Saiyan Blue is still beyond Moro's current level. Moro easily beats around base Vegeta - who is now unable to even become a Super Saiyan due to Moro having absorbed most of his energy. Moro then proceeds to easily defeat the two Saiyans and drains their life force in order to partially restore himself.

After being partially restored, Moro proved strong enough to kill the Namekian Savior without even looking at him. However, Moro is at somewhat of a disadvantage when fighting against Good Buu - who has regained his latent power. Although he's able to stab Buu without him being able to react in time as well as relatively withstand some of Buu's energy blasts, he's still gradually overwhelmed by Buu, mostly in part due to Buu being immune to his magic and regenerative ability. Good Buu notes that power-wise, Moro is a weakling compared to him.

Once Moro has been fully restored, he was able to overwhelm the Grand Supreme Kai without even taking a scratch, though it is noted by Vegeta that if either he or Goku were to fight Moro at full power in Super Saiyan Blue, they would be more powerful than him - barring magic.

After consuming more planets, including Zoon, Moro's strength increases further with Merus noting that even if they were to confront him now, their odds of victory are practically zero. Over the next two months before arriving on Earth, Moro consumed many more planets, presumably growing stronger still. By the time he arrives on Earth, his strength increases enough that he's able to block an attack from Super Saiyan Blue Goku, despite Goku's tremendous boost in strength from training. Once facing Goku's Ultra Instinct Sign, while both weren't using their full power, Goku's enhanced agility and reflexes made it very difficult for Moro to defend himself or absorb Goku's energy. Moro is unable to land any proper hits for the majority of the fight, although Goku is also unable to land any decisive blows on Moro or deal any significant damage. Once unleashing more of his full power, however, Moro was able to easily catch Goku off-guard, catching him in a bear hug, and by squeezing him with enough force, caused Goku to revert to base form, though Goku claims that Moro is unsure of victory against Goku's full power since he was stalling for time.

Moro unleashes his full power to fight against the fully-powered Ultra Instinct Sign Goku. Moro gets pushed back by Goku's power up after both of their auras clash against each other for some time. Moro is able to fight toe to toe with Goku until Goku starts to burn out of stamina, to which Moro starts overpowering him, prompting the Saiyan to push his Ultra Instinct Sign form to a higher level. He is still able to block Goku's shots and shortly after, knocks Goku out of the form before attempting to steal the exhausted Saiyan's energy.

Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta, despite mastering Spirit Control, proves to be unable to make headway against Moro, with Piccolo stating that Moro's strength is at such a level that no training alone could ever overcome it. However, Moro's overconfidence let him quickly fall prey to Vegeta's newest technique, Forced Spirit Fission. Ultimately, Vegeta was able to extract all the accumulated life energy Moro gathered, returning him to his previous decrepit state. Quickly proving no match for Vegeta once more, Moro retreated to acquire Seven-Three, who stored a copy of Moro's capacities from all the life energy absorbed from the numerous planets since his escape from prison. Upon consuming and absorbing the android, Moro transformed into a state far stronger than ever, which allowed him to quickly take down Vegeta.

Despite Vegeta's quick recovery, Moro proved able to calmly evade all of Vegeta's attacks and swiftly grabbed Vegeta's neck to copy his powers and abilities for his own use. From there, Moro proceeded to effortlessly defeat all of the Earth's defenders while deliberately keeping them alive so that he could feast upon their energy.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Ki Sense awareness - Moro is capable of telling when someone is sensing his energy, surprising the sensor.
  • Telekinesis - A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
    • Psychic Rock Throw - Moro is capable of throwing comets.
    • Psycho Javelin - Moro summons a tree trunk skewer and launches it at the opponent with his telekinesis to inflict a high amount of damage.
Drain Life Moro

Moro drains the life of an entire planet

  • Magic - Though having an impressive power level, Moro's true strength lies in magic. With it, he is able to absorb and manipulate life energy as well as levitate objects and numerous other abilities.
    • Energy Absorption - Moro is able to gather all life on a planet into an energy ball, which he then consumes - making him stronger than before. While fighting an opponent Moro is able to steadily drain their energy without them even being aware. Moro is also capable of swallowing blasts of ki. When draining energy from a living target, the energy will drain far faster if the target is not concentrating on Moro, this was displayed while Goku and Vegeta were engaged in combat with other foes, causing them to drop to weaker forms at a rapid pace.
      • Eternal Life - Moro is able to increase his lifespan by draining the lives of others, seemingly without end, and was able to survive 10 million years with the energy he gathered. However, he will eventually die of natural causes if he is kept from a source of life energy.
    • Planet Life Energy Manipulation - Thanks to his magic, Moro is able to manipulate the life energy of the planet he is on for offensive and defense usage, such usage appears as a flaming pillar. He is capable of doing this until the planet he is utilizing runs out of energy.
      Namek Life Energy

      Moro attacks using New Namek's life energy

    • Electric Shock - After absorbing energy, Moro is capable of releasing numerous bolts of lightning.
    • Scanning - Utilizing his magic, Moro is capable of scanning the cosmos, he used this ability to locate the universes life and New Namek.
    • Dragon Ball Sensing - After having observed enough of the Namekian Dragon Balls, Moro displayed the ability to sense their locations.
    • Illusion Clones - Using his magic, Moro can create illusionary duplicates of himself to fool his opponents - but they dissipate upon being hit.
    • Wizard Barrier - Using his magic, Moro can create an energy shield around his body.
    • Mind Reading - Using his magic, Moro can force an opponent to relive a memory from their past - with Moro himself being able to see the memory as it unfolds.
    • Imprisonment Ball - Using his magic, Moro encases his opponent's limbs in balls of energy to immobilize them after waving his hand in close proximity.
    • Energy Shield - Using his magic, Moro shoots a ball of energy into the sky above him which expands and encapsulates a large area, trapping anyone inside with Moro and preventing anyone on the outside from breaking in.
Moro Energy Ball

Moro's Full Power Energy Ball

  • Ki Transfer - Moro can transfer energy to others to empower them, he did so to his fellow Galactic Patrol Prisoners to greatly enhance their strength.
  • Ki Smoke Bomb - Moro fires off energy blasts to create a smokescreen.
  • Full Power Energy Ball - Moro can absorb energy into an energy sphere to manipulate, which he can use offensively, or convert into a small energy ball to consume. Alternatively, he can create an energy ball of his own ki to throw at his target.
  • Ruthless Blow - Moro pierces the target's torso with his arm. Used to kill the Namekian Savior.
  • Mouth Energy Wave - Moro is able to shoot an energy wave from his mouth. He initially used it to blast Majin Buu's head off but was proven ineffective due to Buu's regenerative abilities. After amplifying his power he used this to injure Ultra Instinct Sign Goku.
  • Afterimage Technique - Moro can create afterimages by moving fast to fool his opponents.
  • Ray Blast - Moro surrounds himself in an aura which fires numerous beams at his target.
  • Absorption - Moro encases his target in energy and then forcefully eats them whole, absorbing the target and gaining their abilities.
  • Copy Ability - After absorbing Seven-Three, Moro gains the ability to copy all of the raw might, skills, and abilities, and techniques another entity by touching the back of their neck. However, Moro's usage of the ability is superior to Seven-Three's, as he can use all the powers without any time limit and can store up any number at once.

Forms and Transformations


Main articles: Absorption and Seven-Three

Transformed Moro

Transformed Moro

After having been reverted to his weak old state by Vegeta's Forced Spirit Fission, Moro absorbs Seven-Three, who had a copy of Moro's highest level of power, by devouring him whole upon which Moro was returned to a youthful prime and well-muscled state.

Unlike his previous power boosts, Moro underwent a noticeable transformation. He lost his goat-like facial structure as his snout became flat and humanoid with a nose. His facial features also became more like Seven-Three's including one spherical half gem on his forehead while the other to are now on his palms.

Transformed Moro[3] is even more powerful than Moro was previously, having added Seven-Three's might and the copy of Moro's previous highest power to his current power. Also in this form, Moro has access to all of Seven-Three's abilities, including limitless stamina and copying the abilities of anyone whose neck he touches.


Pre-Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Super
  • Moro vs. Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan God SS Evolved)
  • Moro vs. Goku
  • Moro vs. Goku and Vegeta
  • Moro vs. Namekian Savior
  • Moro vs. Good Buu
  • Moro vs. Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) and Grand Supreme Kai
  • Moro vs. Grand Supreme Kai
  • Moro vs. Merus
  • Moro vs. Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue)
  • Moro vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign)
  • Moro vs. Android 17 and Android 18
  • Moro (Base/Transformed) vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved)
  • Moro (Transformed) vs. Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue), Gohan (Potential Unleashed) and Piccolo
  • Moro (Transformed) vs. Piccolo, Jaco, Android 17 and Android 18
  • Moro (Transformed) vs. Merus

List of characters killed by Moro

  • Numerous lives - Drained the energy of their planet along with their life force.
  • Grand Supreme Kai's friends - Part of the reason Good Buu was so furious to see Moro again.
  • Many Namekians - Killed during his search for the Dragon Balls.
  • Tanissh - Thrown into a wall of fire.
  • Namekian Savior - Killed by Ruthless Blow.
  • Tsuburi - Killed by Moro's onslaught.
  • Cranberry - Impaled by Moro after regaining his full magic powers.
  • Zoon-seijins - They are all killed along with their home planet by Moro's Life Drain.
  • Saganbo - Killed by Moro as a result of him giving him too much power for his body to handle.
  • Shimorekka - Killed by Moro to prevent him from interfering with his absorption of Seven-Three.


  • "Moro" refers to different types of shark cutlet.
    • Interestingly, Moro is also the name for a Caribbean dish popular in both Cuban and Dominican cuisine



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