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Monty, also known as Dollar Money (ドル・マネー Doru Manē) in the original Japanese version, is the young son of the infamous billionaire X.S. Cash and his wife, Lotta Cash in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Bojack Unbound[]

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Monty (left), with his father (middle) and his father's assistant (right)

Monty's father hosts an Intergalactic Tournament in honor of his son's birthday, where the winner will receive a large cash prize and a chance to fight Mr. Satan. Monty is shown to have a small pet lizard and is a big fan of Mr. Satan. He also appears to be quite a spoiled child, as seen when telling his father to remember that he asked for "real aliens". When Bojack and his team attack the tournament, Monty is shown being quite frightened but hopes that Mr. Satan can take care of the evil aliens.

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  • Both of his names are a pun on various terms for money, with Monty being a pun on "money", his Japanese name, "Dollar", being a pun on the currency in America, and "Cash", his last name, referring to a slang term for money.

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