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"Monster Smash" (第4試合 Daiyon Shiai, lit. "The Fourth Match") is the thirty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The main portion of the cover (under the Dragon Ball logo) shows Goku and Giran, who face off in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament during this chapter. The other six tournament finalists are shown in smaller panels at the bottom of the cover. Bacterian, Yamcha, and Ranfan have Xs over their faces to indicate that they have been eliminated.


Giran uses his Merry Go Round Gum technique on Goku

Giran uses his Merry Go Round Gum technique on Goku

The chapter begins with the announcement of the fourth match of the tournament: Giran vs. Goku. Giran promptly enters the ring and roars, but Goku does not come out. Krillin, Nam, Yamcha, and Jackie Chun are all worried that Goku will miss his chance to fight. Giran declares that he should win by forfeit as the crowd grows restless. However, Ranfan soon finds Goku sleeping against a wall, and Krillin drags him over to the ring as he wakes up.

The match then begins, and Giran distracts the childish Goku before kicking him into the arena wall. Everyone thinks Goku is defeated, but he quickly gets back up, stunning Giran. Goku then charges in to attack, and manages to punch Giran in the stomach then throw him by his tail. Giran sails out of the ring, but uses his wings to fly back in. Goku readies himself to fight again, but Giran unleashes his Merry-Go-Round Gum, much to the shock of Goku and his friends. The chapter ends with Goku ensnared, unable to move.






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