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Monster Island (モンスターアイランド Monsutā Airando) is a place on Earth where numerous animals and rare creatures live, including Cell Juniors and Minotauruses.


After quitting work at a royal nature park, Android 17 moved to Monster Island.

This island is recurringly the goal of poachers who usually go in search of the legendary and unique surviving Minotaurus with the aim of snatching their horns of great value, but all these attempts are thwarted by 17, who works on the island as a Monster Island Ranger (MIR). The Dragon Ball Super manga shows that the seven Cell Jrs. reside on the island, which Android 17 has tamed so they don't attack the rangers.

In the anime, this ecological reserve was the objective of the Galactic Poachers, who, with their ship, took all the animals of the island, including the Minotaurus, but the plans of this criminal gang were foiled by Goku and 17.

Later, the island would be under the protection of Goten, Trunks and Marron in the absence of 17 for his competition in the Tournament of Power until it ended. While protecting the island, Goten and Trunks encountered the Cell Jr's, whom Android 17 had forgotten to tell them about. Fortunately, Goten and Trunks were wearing MIR uniforms which they eventually noticed while fighting them, causing the Cell Jrs. to to stop fighting.


The cover of Dragon Ball Super manga Volume 6

Due to the rare and endangered wildlife inhabiting the island, The Monster Island Rangers (MIR) like Android 17 protect the island from poachers. Android 17's wife was a ranger here prior to marrying 17.[1] In the manga, the Cell Juniors living on the island consider the Rangers as allies as they have been tamed by Android 17. Goten and Trunks briefly work as Rangers during the Tournament of Power with Android 17's niece Marron staying with them on the island as a guest. In the manga, Goten and Trunks wear Ranger uniforms like Android 17's while defending the island.

  • Android 17's Wife - A Human-type Earthling Ranger and zoologist who used to work on Monster Island prior to marrying Android 17.[1]

The Cell Juniors mistakenly attack Goten and Trunks while they are working as Rangers in the full color manga

  • Android 17 - A Human-type Earthling named Lapis who was converted into Android 17 by Dr. Gero. After being revived following the Cell Games, Android 17 traveled around eventually coming across Monster Island where he met his future wife who was the local ranger stationed there at the time.[1] Currently the primary ranger stationed on Monster Island after transferring from the Royal Natural Park.
  • Goten - The youngest son of Goku and Chi-Chi who works as a ranger part-time when Android 17 assists the Z Fighters.
  • Trunks - The eldest child of Vegeta and Bulma who works as a ranger part-time who works as a ranger part-time when Android 17 assists the Z Fighters.
  • Marron - The daughter of Krillin and Android 18, as well as Android 17's niece. Assists Goten and Trunks in watching over the island while 17, 18, and Krillin participated in the Tournament of Power. Unlike Goten and Trunks she does not wear a Ranger Uniform.


Goku unmasking Masked Poacher while searching for Android 17 in the full color manga

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  • The Cell Jrs. living on Monster Island is fitting as they are effectively monsters and are rare creatures as they are the only offspring of a Bio-Android.


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