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"Let's shake hand, baby."
— Monster Carrot to Bulma in "Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch"

Monster Carrot (兎人参化 Toninjinka, lit. "Rabbit who turns people into carrots")[3] is a minor antagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball anime. He is an anthropomorphic rabbit, and the leader of the Rabbit Mob. Each of his cronies is subject to wearing a pair of false rabbit ears (as well as Bulma, who was first treated as a gangster). Before their downfall at the hands of Goku, the Rabbit Mob was in control of a remote village somewhere in the Diablo Desert.


Monster Carrot is an anthropomorphic rabbit who wears large black sunglasses. Monster Carrot wears a kanji as a large patch on the front of his uniform that means "rabbit".


Monster Carrot is an excellent con man and mobster when it comes to deceiving and stealing people's riches and treasures, as well as showing no compassion or fear when it comes to eliminating witnesses from their actions because he turns them into carrots and then eating them. However, Monster Carrot proved that he would rather escape or flee than really fight.


Dragon Ball[]

Emperor Pilaf Saga[]


Monster Carrot meets Bulma

When Monster Carrot's two Rabbit gangsters are beaten up by Goku, they contact Monster Carrot who soon makes a personal appearance at the scene. Despite having plenty of time to make an escape before Monster Carrot arrives, the group opts to stay at the back of Goku and Bulma, who "want to stay and see what every one around here is so scared of", and will not be scared by "grown men wearing rabbit ears." Finally Monster Carrot arrives in his car and greets the group, particularly Bulma, with a handshake. Bulma refuses and slaps his hand away, at which he begins to laugh, proclaiming, "You touched me." Suddenly with a burst of smoke, Bulma transforms into a carrot.


Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch

Goku attempts to attack Monster Carrot using his Power Pole, but has trouble doing so in fear of something happening to the carrot Bulma. Yamcha and Puar, who had been observing the group's conflict from a distance, step into the scene, managing to retrieve the carrot Bulma from Monster Carrot. After losing his trump card, the crime leader is easily defeated and is forced to transform Bulma back into a human. He and his subordinates are then bound and taken to the Moon by Goku, where they have to make treats for children (an allusion to "The Rabbit in the Moon", a Japanese folk tale where rabbits live on the moon making mochi). Goku explains that if the gang makes treats for all the children of the world for a whole year, he will come up and bring them down.

Tournament Saga[]

Unfortunately for Monster Carrot and his two followers, the moon goes on to be destroyed by Master Roshi during the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament as a permanent solution to stop Goku from transforming into a Great Ape (since his tail grew back). In an interview in the Dragon Ball: Adventure Special, Akira Toriyama states that Monster Carrot and his henchmen were drifting through space after Jackie Chun destroyed the moon.

Dragon Ball Super[]

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga[]

Merus carrot

On an extra page, Monster Carrot and his mob watch from the moon as Merus flies past. This indicates that they eventually managed to return to the Earth's Moon which had since been restored. This also implies they willingly went back to the moon to continue making treats for reasons unknown.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]

Attack of the Saiyans[]


Monster Carrot in Yamcha's hideout in Attack of the Saiyans

Monster Carrot explains that he escaped just in time by making a spaceship and returning to Earth. Sometime after King Piccolo's defeat, he took over Yamcha's home in Diablo Desert. Yamcha was told about this by Puar and returned to stop him. Monster Carrot had become more powerful than before, but he was still no match for Yamcha who defeated him and forced him to do chores, like cleaning the house.


Video games

His power level is 938 in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. As his appearance in this game happens after his one in the anime (as he claims to being able to come back from the moon much stronger than before), this shows that his original power level was lower than 938.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]

  • Magic Touch – Monster Carrot's special ability to transform any living thing into a carrot by simply touching it with his hands.
  • Magic Materialization – In Dragon Ball: Origins, Monster Carrot can create explosive carrots to throw them at his opponent. He also uses Magic Materialization to re-create his car in this video game.
    • Explosive Carrots – Monster Carrot throws Explosive Carrots at his opponent. Used in Dragon Ball: Origins and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.
  • Superhuman Jump – He has superhuman jumping abilities. He uses this only in the anime, to dodge Goku's Power Pole and later to try to touch Puar after Puar, transformed into a bird, grabbed carrot-Bulma and took flight, just barely missing her. This ability is likely a reference to him being a rabbit.
  • Vacuum Survival - Monster Carrot and his two minions can somehow breath in space (mainly because of the fact that at this time Dragon Ball was actually a Gag manga). According to Akira Toriyama Monster Carrot and his henchmen also floated around in space after the moon was destroyed indicating they can survive in the vacuum of space (as it is unclear if the Earth's Moon in Universe 7 has a oxygenated atmosphere).
  • Self-Sustenance - Monster Carrot and his minions must be able to survive without food or water for extended periods of time, as it was stated that they were still alive floating through space long after the moon was destroyed, despite the lack of food or water. Like their vacuum survival, this can likely be attributed to the fact that Dragon Ball was a Gag manga at the time of their appearance.
  • Hikou - In Dokkan Battle, Monster Carrot uses a Jetpack to fly.

Video Game Appearances[]


Monster Carrot in Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen

In Dragon Daihikyou, Monster Carrot makes an appearance.

In Shenron no Nazo, Monster Carrot is a boss twice: first in the remote village and later on the moon after Goku trained under Master Roshi. He also has a four-armed alien named Krillien working for him on the moon.

Monster Carrot in DBO

Monster Carrot in Dragon Ball Online

In Daimaō Fukkatsu, Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Origins, Attack of the Saiyans, Online, and Shōnen-hen, Monster Carrot is a boss.

In Gokuden, Monster Carrot and his gang appear in West City attacking Capsule Corporation and kidnapping Dr. Brief.

In Origins, Monster Carrot is a boss and once he turns Bulma into a carrot, he runs off back to his hideout in the Mushroom Forest. To defeat Monster Carrot there, Goku has to first destroy his car (the car can launch explosive carrots, jump, and fire energy beams) and then attack Monster Carrot without touching him directly.


Monster Carrot using Magic Touch in Dokkan Battle

In Dokkan Battle, Monster Carrot is a playable character and even has his own Dokkan Event where he takes little damage and is very powerful though Goku (Youth) can inflict high damage upon him. Defeating him in his Dokkan Event unlocks his character card. Additionally, his Awakening Medals obtained in said event can be used to Dokkan Awaken Bulma (Youth) and Bulma (Bunny).

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Frieza Race Time Patroller Percel mentions he was surprised to learn of the number of villains in Earth's history and mentions Monster Carrot's frightening ability to turn people into carrots as an example of why the Warrior should be cautious while patrolling Earth in different timelines as they may come across enemies with dangerous abilities like those of Monster Carrot.

Voice Actors[]


Dragon Ball
  • Monster Carrot vs. Goku


  • Monster Carrot has the ability to turn people into carrots. This is similar to a much later villain Majin Buu, who is able to turn people into any food (or clay) with his Transfiguration Beam.
  • It is rather coincidental and ironic that Monster Carrot threatened to turn Goku into a carrot given that his Saiyan name "Kakarot" is a pun on the word carrot.
  • It is unknown if there is any kind of a ceiling on Carrot's powers, or if they may cease to work on an enemy whose power exceeded his own by too vast an amount, similar to how Chiaotzu's telekinetic powers did not work on the much more powerful Nappa. Likewise, some people may be so powerful that they exceed the boundaries of being transfigured; e.g. Vegito was able to retain all of his powers when turned into a candy by Buu.
  • Monster Carrot dislikes mochi.[2]


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