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Monmaasu (モンマース Monmāsu) is a planet where everything is ten times its normal size. The planet and the giant that live on it were designed by Akira Toriyama.[1]


An outpost on Monmaasu

The planets is inhabited by giant humanoids, animals (hawks, goats, crocodiles), and insects (bees, beetles, butterflies, spiders). During Goku, Trunks and Pan's search for the Black Star Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball GT, one of the balls was located on this planet, the Four-Star ball, which ends up found stuck in the tooth of a giant.

Monmaasu as designed by Akira Toriyama (Weekly Shōnen Jump #52, 1995)

The planet is shown again when the giant contributes to Goku's Super Ultra Spirit Bomb to defeat Omega Shenron.

Video Game Appearances

Wings Spread Out to the Cosmos Pan (GT) (Honey) LR card artwork from Dokkan Battle

Monmaasu is the second level in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered here are Bees, Bumble Bees, Arachnids, the mini-boss is one of the giant crocodiles found on the planet (referred to as a Dragon Turtle in-game), and the boss is the giant with a Dragon Ball in his tooth (with the giant's tooth being his weak spot).

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Monmaasu appears as the stage for the Bonus Event: "Pan's Secret Adventure" were Pan (GT) (Honey) appears as an unbeatable boss who flies off after a certain number of turns with the chance of encountering Goku (GT) or Trunks (GT) as beatable enemies who give massive amount of EXP when defeated. Character cards (usually Lv. 20 R Saibamen cards) can be collected on the left path after fighting Pan and if a "?" appears then the character card Comsic Dawdler Pan (GT) (Honey) can be obtained by landing on the "?". The bonus event has two levels which are available every seven days. The character card A New Friend in Space Pan (GT) (Honey) features Pan hugging a young Monmaasu Bee and the character card Wings Spread Out to the Cosmos Pan (GT) (Honey) features Pan flying with a swarm of Giant Butterflies on Monmaasu.


  • Monmaasu's name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "mammoth" (マンモス manmosu), referencing the large size of the planet's wildlife.[2]


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