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"Monkey in the Moon" (さいけ!! Saigo no Kake!!, lit. "A Final Gamble!!") is the forty sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred fortieth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Gohan smiling in front of multiple panels showing scenes of the battle.


Gohan begins to transform

Gohan continues transforming, and Vegeta tries to kill him before it is completed, but then it is too late. Kuririn thinks Goku is taking a big risk with this. Vegeta remembers to try and attack the tail, but Ōzaru Gohan punches him on the head before he can do anything. Gohan stands up and starts thrashing around, and Vegeta looks scared. Kuririn remembers that Goku had no reason when he was an Ōzaru, but what about Gohan. Gohan busts up some nearby rock formations, and rubble lands on Kuririn. Kuririn thinks some more about the situation, and then yells at Gohan to attack the Saiyan.

Great Ape Gohan towers over Vegeta

Gohan suddenly stops, and then takes the giant rock he is holding over his head and throws it down toward Vegeta. Vegeta just barely jumps out of the way, and Kuririn realizes Gohan still has some of his mind left, being half Earthling. Vegeta is pissed and says he needs to cut off the tail, since the moon he made will not disappear for another hour. Gohan jumps up into the air, as Vegeta forms a Kienzan. Then as Gohan comes down toward Vegeta, he jumps up and launches it, and the Kienzan slices off Gohan's tail.

Scientists at the Saiyan landing site are surprised as Vegeta's ship flies away

Gohan falls forward as he reverts to his normal form, and Vegeta can not get out of his way in time. The remaining bulk of Gohan lands on Vegeta as they hit the ground. Gohan is soon back to normal, naked and is passed out next to Vegeta. Vegeta struggles to reach into his chest armor to pull out a little remote control, and then he fiddles with it and stops moving altogether. Kuririn thinks he must be invulnerable to still be able to move. Meanwhile, over in the remains of East City, some scientists are excavating through the ruins, and they come across one of the two space pods. Suddenly it shoots up into the air and flies away. Vegeta can not believe this has happened.







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