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Monaito (モナイト Monaito) is the last Namekian who lives on Planet Cereal.

Concept and creation

Monaito was designed by Akira Toriyama,[2] he originally gave Monaito the name Slug (スラグ Suragu) but it was changed to avoid confusion with Lord Slug.[2]

His name is likely taken from "ammonite" (アンモナイト; anmonaito).



Monaito shares his appearance with most other elder Namekians, although carrying a staff similar to Kami's.


Monaito is friendly and wise. He holds Granolah in high-regard, but becomes stern and straight with him after he expresses desire to use the Cereal Dragon Balls for a selfish wish or wishing at the expense of others such as the Sugarians who lost their original homeworld.



Forty years before the present time, Monaito along with other Namekians lived in peace with the Cerealians on their home planet. One day the Saiyans invaded, wiping out all the Namekians save for Monaito. Monaito is given the two Cerealian Dragon Balls to look after and flees to the mountains for safety, suppressing his power level to stay hidden.

Monaito attacks Bardock

He is picked up by Bardock who tracks him down to a house, bringing along Granolah and his mother Muezli for protection. When Bardock enters the house, Monaito takes a swing at him though he is easily thwarted. When Muezli asks him for shelter, Monaito happily complies. At night, whilst healing Bardock's injury, they spot the Heeters talking about their plans to sell the planet to the Sugarians and usurp Frieza one day.

Unfortunately, Granolah awakens and upon seeing Bardock screams in terror, alerting the Heeters of their presence. Monaito uses a Kiai to put Granolah asleep and before the Heeters approach, Bardock puts on a ploy pretending to have captured Granolah, Muezli and Monaito. However Elec kills Muezli and Bardock creates an opening for them to escape. Monaito attempts to use his healing powers to save Muezli but is not strong enough to be able to.

Monaito saves Bardock

Elec sends Gas to kill the witnesses and battles with Bardock for real this time though Monaito urges him to run away, saying that he has done more than enough for them. When Bardock refuses, Monaito returns to his home and uses the Dragon Balls to summon Toronbo in an attempt to have the dragon send Bardock back to his home planet but the Saiyan refuses to leave. On Bardock's request, Monaito instead wishes for Bardock's sons to thrive. He heads back to the battle where he saves Bardock's life by intercepting one of Gas's attacks and then is subsequently knocked out by the enraged Heeter.

Some time later, after Bardock defeats Gas, Monaito comes around and makes his way over to Bardock where he congratulates him on his victory.

Dragon Ball Super

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga Monaito is first mentioned by a Sugarian while Granolah is buying supplies to bring to his house, which is located on top of a mountain a good distance from the city. He is watching TV when Granolah arrives, and the two converse about his recent jobs and Frieza's revival. Granolah mentions attempting to use the Cereal Dragon Balls to grant him the power, but Monaito calmly tells him no. He informs Granolah that his wish and desire for revenge is selfish, and any wish made to revive the world would leave the Sugarians without a place to go. After he goes to sleep, Granolah takes the Dragon Ball, and steals the other one in an attempt to make his wish.

Monaito is woken later on when Granolah tests his power nearby. As he gets up, he notices the Dragon Balls are missing and heads out to see Granolah. He is dismayed to hear that he has sacrificed most of his remaining years in exchange for power and urges him once again not to seek out Frieza though Granolah ignores him and heads off.

Watching from afar, Monaito witnesses the struggle of Vegeta and Granolah and wonders who he is fighting, assuming Granola´s opponent could be Frieza. It is shown that the impact of the explosion between the clash of powers between Vegeta and Granola reached the point where he was watching from.

Later he is picked up in Granolah's spaceship by Oatmeel and is taken to the battlefield just as Granolah is preparing a sacrificial final attack. Monaito calls out to Granolah to stop and the sudden distraction of his appearance gives Goku the chance to knock Granolah to the ground. Monito leaves the ship and tells Granolah that he had lied to him as there was one Saiyan who did not earn his vengeance telling him that forty years ago, the one who had saved both Granolah and himself was Bardock. He then tells the entire story. Granolah then demands to know why he hid that information from him due to realizing that his servitude to the Heeters was for nothing. Monaito states it was to protect Granolah, though this only enrages him enough to attempt to beat him up before Goku intervenes.

Monaito tries to save Granolah

Monaito then confirms Bardock did indeed beat Gas, only for the sky to darken due to Elec using Toronbo to make Gas the new strongest in the universe. After Granolah is fatally wounded by Elec, Monaito rushes to his aid, using his Healing powers to restore him. When Gas notices, he attempts to kill him but before he can reach, Goku grabs hold of Gas and teleports the two of them away from the planet Cereal. Goku returns, saving Monaito's life from an impending attack from Oil and Macki and the group head to Monito's home. There, Monaito gives Goku a Scouter that originally belonged to his father Bardock, containing a recording of his battle against Gas. After the audio ends, Moniato uses his abilities to give Goku and Vegeta traditional Saiyan armour but they decide against wearing it.


Like other members of his race, Monaito is capable of concealing his true power level, as Bardock's Scouter measured his power level at 5. When fighting seriously, his power level was 213.

Technique and Special Abilities

  • Healing - Like Dende and Esca, Monaito has the ability to heal the injuries of others and restore their strength. However, unlike Dende, he is much less skilled, as it took all of his energy to heal a shallow wound on Bardock's arm. He was capable of barely restoring Goku to fighting shape, enough for Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan Blue.
  • Magic Materialization - The Dragon Clan's ability to create objects from nothing. After the previous Namekian elder of Planet Cereal had passed away, Monaito was made the village elder. He gained has the ability to create Dragon Balls and had the Cereal Dragon Balls connected to his life force.


  • Cereal Dragon Balls - A set of Dragon Balls on Planet Cereal.
  • Monaito's Staff - A staff that Monaito uses as a cane. It can also be used as a weapon as shown when he used it to attack Bardock, only for the Saiyan to catch it with his hand.
  • Scouter - A wearable, all-purpose computer that Frieza's army uses. Monaito acquired Bardock's scouter and kept it in order to how he defeated Gas.



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