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Monaito (モナイト Monaito) is the last Namekian who lives on Planet Cereal.


Monaito shares his appearance with most other elder Namekians, although carrying a staff similar to Kami's.


Monaito is friendly and wise. He holds Granolah in high-regard, but becomes stern and straight with him after he expresses desire to use the Cereal Dragon Balls for a selfish wish or wishing at the expense of others such as the Sugarians who lost their original homeworld.


Dragon Ball Super

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga Monaito is first mentioned by a Sugarian while Granolah is buying supplies to bring to his house, which is located on top of a mountain a good distance from the city. He is watching TV when Granolah arrives, and the two converse about his recent jobs and Frieza's revival. Granolah mentions attempting to use the Cereal Dragon Balls to grant him the power, but Monaito calmly tells him no. He informs Granolah that his wish and desire for revenge is selfish, and any wish made to revive the world would leave the Sugarians without a place to go. After he goes to sleep, Granolah takes the Dragon Ball, and steals the other one in an attempt to make his wish.

Monaito is woken later on when Granolah tests his power nearby. As he gets up, he notices the Dragon Balls are missing and heads out to see Granolah. He is dismayed to hear that he has sacrificed most of his remaining years in exchange for power and urges him once again not to seek out Frieza though Granolah ignores him and heads off.


  • His name is likely based on ammonite (アンモナイト; anmonaito).



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