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Mogans are a race of giant flea like creatures featured in the Jiya manga. They come from Planet Kanoi  


Mogans are native to Planet Kanoi and are normally incapable of traveling between planets, however after Steth possesses Vamp causing him to go rogue, he travels to Kanoi to gather Mogan Eggs to bring to Earth to act as his underlings.

However when one of his Mogans is killed by Police when the Mogans tried to kidnap the Mayor's daughter for Vamp to feed upon (as Steth found drinking the blood of young women pleasurable), Steth in Vamp's body attacks the town and after punishing the Police Captain who's men had killed his underlings, he tears off the Captain's ear and tells him to tell everyone what happened to the town to send a message to any Earthling foolish enough to challenge him.

Eventually one of the Mogans kidnaps party girl Beniya Kaede forcing Jiya possessing the body of Kaede's chauffeur Yukio Kyumonji to shoot its weak point with a gun in order to kill it, allowing him to rescue Kaede. The other Mogans attack Jiya who flees back to where he hide is Robot Suit in order to fight them. Jiya kills another one with a Ki Blast before leaving to follow the remaining Mogans to Steth & his host Vamp.

Jiya eventually kills all of Steth's remaining Mogans with Continuous Energy Bullet.


Mogans are shown to be vulnerable to Earth firearms as the Police were able to kill one by concentrating their fire on it (though this lead Vamp to destroy their town as a message to anyone who tried to oppose) and Jiya is able to kill one by shooting its weak point with a Gun while possessing Yukio.

Additionally they are no match for Jiya's Robot Suit as they can be killed with a simple Ki Blast. Additionally Jiya uses Continuous Energy Bullet to kill all of Steth's remaining Mogans.


  • Flight - The ability to fly by using ki.
  • Egg Laying - In Jiya, it is revealed that Mogans lay eggs in order to reproduce.

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