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Moah (モア Moa) is a green alien soldier who appears in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.


Dragon Ball Z

Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

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Moah concept art

Moah was working on New Planet Vegeta for Paragus. Moah is seen telling his master, Paragus, that he is afraid because the comet Camori is getting closer to New Planet Vegeta and will soon crash into it. This, however, is exactly what Paragus wants, and for showing fear for Camori's approach, Paragus kills him using his Dead Punisher.

Video Game Appearances


Despite being one of Paragus' prime soldiers, Moah is not very powerful, as he was killed by Paragus with a single attack.

Techniques and Special Abilities

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The character based on Moah Chara Sheet

  • The clothes and facial features of the fighter seen on Grand Kai's Planet in "Warriors of the Dead" imply that he was based on the same Settei/Chara Sheet as Moah.
  • Moah, along with Angol, is named after "Angolmois", a word coined by the famous French seer Nostradamus in one of his prophecies.


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