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This article is about Time Breaker. For Baba's fighter, see Bandages the Mummy. For his apparent replacement in the manga, see Mira (Dark Empire).

"As I floated between dimensions, I thought hard about what I was missing. What did they have that I didn't? It was fighting spirit. The will to stand up against any foe without fear. A being like me born into incredible power is deprived of such a spirit. I can no longer call myself the strongest, because this fight will take beyond my limit and on to a whole new level!"
— Mira in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Mira (ミラ Mira) is an artificial being from the future and comes from the Demon Realm. He is also the Demon King, succeeding Dabura. He is a major villain in Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Mira's goal is to become the strongest being in the universe, and to achieve his goal, he integrates the DNA of various masters into himself; he and the Time Breakers seek Goku's DNA for this purpose. He is a clone[8] known to be primarily an Earthling from the future who is also a part of the Demon Realm Race with Android parts, but he is also confirmed to be part Saiyan as well. Mira also seems to possess Frieza's DNA (as he has some of his facial features, and his ability to survive almost any injury), and later it is implied that he intends to integrate Nail's Namekian DNA into himself (as it is collected by Towa).

Concept and creation[]

In an interview, Dragon Ball Xenoverse's producer Masayuki Hirano confirmed Mira was designed by Akira Toriyama.[9] His unseen initial design was done by Daiki Miki, this initial design had mechanical elements.[10]


20220105 224739

Mira in the Universe Creation Saga

Mira is a pale man with blue skin and white hair, having a line on both cheeks that goes from the eyes until his jaw.

Initially, he wears red clothing that covers all his body. Above it, he wears white armor with the symbol of the Time Breakers at the center of it and a brown strap around his neck. Mira also wears cape-like pants covering his legs, leaving only a red pair of shoes to be visible. He also wears grey wristbands.


In Dragon Ball Online, Mira remains calm, silent and is a quiet observer most of time, rarely speaking and keeping a serious expression on his face.

In Xenoverse, Mira speaks more but still leaving Towa to be the one who does so with frequency. He acts as a bodyguard for her. He is shown to be confident over his power and gets disappointed whenever he faces an opponent weaker than him. When defeated, Mira will always say he needs more power to get stronger to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the strongest fighter. Aspiring to become the ultimate, strongest being, he had no desire for relationships with others at first. However, after experiencing battles and spending time with Towa and Fu, he started to change his mind. He is cold, cruel and rarely shows emotion, usually leaving Towa to speak in his stead.

In Xenoverse 2 after his defeat by the hands of the Future Warrior, he changed. He was dissatisfied with himself and was increasingly jealous seeing all the villains access their full potential, while Mira's was yet to be tapped. He was struggling of how these seemingly ordinary fighters reach impossible heights that Mira couldn't achieve. He was also shown to be cowardly, as he ran away from the first Future Warrior several times. On the other hand, he can also be quite fearless at times such as when he told God of Destruction Beerus to be quiet while Mira was fighting the Future Warrior and even had the audacity to tell Beerus he couldn't care less who he was as he happened to be enjoying his fight and wouldn't allow for any distractions, not even from the fearsome God of Destruction. Fortunately for him, Beerus found his attitude somewhat admirable as it had been a long time since someone had to guts to do so. Outside the main story, if he confronts Beerus in battle Mira shows no fear and even thinks destroying the God of Destruction would be fun.

As the game progress with Mira's battle with Bardock however, he began to realize what he lacked compared to other fighters; an unbreakable will which he lacked due to having been created to be the strongest. Because of this, he fully embraced his need to get stronger, even if it kills him. Towa noted Mira's strange change in personality after he was freed from the Time Rift following his battle with Bardock, such as him laughing while battling the 2nd Future Warrior. Mira also developed a strong desire to face strong opponents like the 2nd Future Warrior which is implied to be influenced by both his Saiyan DNA and his desire to evolve as a warrior and grow stronger, relishing any challenge to his might and willing to resort to suicidal and potentially omnicidal act of bypassing his and destroying his power limiter to access his Supervillain form which Towa asserts would cause him to meltdown destroying himself and potentially the universe with him. Because of his goal to become the strongest increasing more than ever, he removed all care for his creator Towa, eventually betraying and absorbing her in order to further himself and strike out on his own during the finale of the game. However, just before his demise he asks Towa to forgive him, leaving his loyalties to be debated.

After absorbing Towa, Mira is amazed by his newfound power and now that he has no mission or creator ordering him around, he concludes he is finally experiencing what it means to be free. With his newfound power and freedom, Mira notes the only desire he has left is to defeat the Future Warrior and Super Saiyan Blue Goku with his own two hands. He is even pleased when they manage to keep up with him and tells them to keep fighting and struggling for him as if they only exist to entertain him (making him similar to Cell) though Super Saiyan Blue Goku implies that Mira was actually feeling pain as he was fighting Mira at full power implying Mira had become somewhat of a masochistic due to his enjoyment of a challenging battles against powerful opponents. In his moments of death his desire to become stronger and fight is shown clearly, as in his last moments he smiles at his loss to a powerful foe and his last wish is that he could fight with them more. These aspects of his personality are likely influenced by his Saiyan cells which may have been awakened by his fight and defeat at the hands of Bardock which had a profound impact on his personality and character. Final Form Mira even refers to Saiyans as endless wellsprings of power and notes the Saiyan Future Warrior has his undying respect before explaining that it is why he must beat them indicating he has gained respect for Saiyans due to his defeat at the hands of Bardock but it also fuels Mira's resolve to defeat the Saiyan Future Warrior likely in order to redeem himself for his failure to defeat Super Saiyan 3 Bardock due to his lack of fighting spirit that he lacked until after his crushing defeat at the hands of the Saiyan warrior.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Mira retains much of his original personality. While he retains his interest in fighting Goku he dismisses Kid Goku as an opponent or serious threat due to his young age and having yet to reaching potential of his adult self. Mira is also shown to possess pride in his title as the King of Demon Realm as it causes him to refuse to flee when Beerus and Whis appear after Great Ape Broly is defeated, though Towa later persuades him that facing the God of Destruction is unwise. This fits with his willingness to talk back to Beerus and his reaction to confronting Beerus in Xenoverse 2 though he is slightly more cautious and does not take the prospect of fighting a God of Destruction lightly.



Mira is a bio-android (who’s template was demon)[1] from the future who was created by humans and Towa, a brilliant scientist from the Demon World, accomplished by using the technology of Dr. Gero,[11] condensing the DNA of various masters and through energy gained from changing history.[12] At some point, he and Towa have a son named Fu, who will have a big influence on the world when he grows up.[2] Towa and Mira are the commanders of the Time Breakers. The Time Breakers use time machines to infiltrate various time periods to change history, as well as destroy villages. They have ruthlessly destroyed New Namek and the homes of children who received the "Troublemaker's Education" for the purpose of harvesting Kili. In order to do so, they have allied themselves with the Red Pants Army, remnants of the Frieza Force, Dark Namekians, and other evil forces. They seem to have the preference for approaching the past hero Son Goku and trying to destroy historical events surrounding him.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Dark Demon Realm Saga[]

In the game, Mira confronts the Time Patrol when they investigate the unsealed Demon Realm, and fights them alongside the Masked Saiyan. After Xeno Bardock is freed from Towa's control, Mira achieves his Rampaging state, before transforming fully into his Super form. He and Towa fight the Time Patrol, later aided by the surprise arrival of Xeno Dabura, but he retreats through a dark portal with Dabura after Towa is killed in the battle.

After Towa resurrects and opens the Hell Gates, Mira fights the heroes inside the Fire Hell Gate with his underlings. He later faces off against the heroes in his Super Mira form alongside Dark Towa and Xeno Dabura, eventually losing. After their loss, Broly attacks the three Time Breaker leaders with a powerful energy blast from behind, blasting the three of them away.

To lure the Time Patrol into a trap, Mira attacks a city on Earth, so that Xeno Vegeta can be kidnapped when he arrives to stop them. He later fights the group alongside Towa and the Black-Masked Saiyan, and later Demigra after Xeno Vegeta is freed. He later fights the Time Patrol again after Demigra's Castle is warped to Earth, culminating in a final battle against him, Towa, Dabura and Transcended Demigra.

Trunks Bardock vs Mira

Future Trunks and Bardock face Mira

In the manga, when the Supreme Kai of Time and Future Trunks appear at Mira and Towa's hideout, Mira attacks them with an energy wave; however, Future Trunks deflects it with his sword. After the Masked Saiyan's mask breaks, Mira turns into Super Mira and attacks Future Trunks, only to be betrayed by the Masked Saiyan - who is revealed to as Bardock. He fights the two of them together, but seems to be on the losing side, so Towa teleports herself and Mira away.

Dark Empire Saga[]

Trunks annihilates Mira

Mira is annihilated by Future Trunks' attack

Mira appears alongside Towa when she revives Mechikabura. When Towa goes to Age 762 to obtain the Dark Dragon Ball from Frieza, she is attacked by Xeno Trunks, who fires a Kamehameha at her, however Mira gets in the way of the attack and is destroyed. Due to his destruction, he is succeeded by what seems to be another identical Mira.

Mira's death only occurs in the manga, in the game and anime version of events he is never killed.

In the game, after Towa is defeated by Dark Broly and reverted back to her base form, Mira appears and merges with Towa, vowing to protect her. He pursues Broly to the Demon Realm, though he is intercepted by the Time Patrol and forced to flee. Mira returns after Dark Broly is defeated by Xeno Goku, grabbing his Dark Dragon Ball and taking it to Mechikabura.

Mira appears once again at Mechikabura's Tower, having separated from Towa, to hold off the Time Patrol while Mechikabura's youth is being restored by Dark Shenron. During the fighting he absorbs Towa once more, and along with Xeno Dabura is ultimately successful at buying enough time for the wish to be completed.

Dark King Mechikabura Saga[]

Mira briefly fights the Time Patrol when they return to the Demon Realm alongside a squad of soldiers. He later assists Towa in protecting the fourth Hell Gate alongside Frieza, Sorbet, Tagoma and Shisami, though the group is defeated by Xeno Vegeta and the Hell Gate sealed.

After the Demon Gods have been defeated and Chronoa has been freed from Mechikabura's possession, Towa has Mira absorb Fin to power up. Mira and Towa then fight the Time Patrol, but are defeated.

When Mechikabura turns on his Demon Gods and traps them in darkness, Mira is teleported to Mechikabura's Tower by Towa along with Fin, where they plan to rescue Towa.

He appears with the Demon Gods after they escape from Mechikabura's black hole, and assists them and the Time Patrol in holding off Time Power Unleashed Mechikabura while Xeno Trunks's Key Sword is charged by Chronoa, Tokitoki and Demigra.

SDBH Special 15

Mira and Towa send Fu away

In the anime and game, when Mechikabura's Castle has begun to collapse following his defeat, Mira is shown with Towa when she sends Fu away.

Universe Creation Saga[]

SDBH Episode 28 05

Mira captures Xeno Gohan and Xeno Goten

After Towa captures the Time Patrol and binds them with Cumber's dark energy, she explains Fu's origin and her intention to make him the new Dark King. Refusing to let such a thing come to pass, Xeno Goku breaks free from his constraints only to be struck immediately by the newly arrived Mira. He also brings along a beaten and unconscious Xeno Gohan and Xeno Goten. With no further use for the Time Patrol, Towa and Mira make their leave.

They re-appear in the Crack of Time, where Towa gives Fu a special dark energy that allows him to become the new Dark King. When Vegito and Fu begin to battle once more, Towa and Mira blast at Vegito in order to distract him long enough for Fu to complete his plan of using his own energy to restore the Universe Tree.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]

Dragon Ball Online[]

"So you're trying to sacrifice yourself? How useless..."
— Mira after being caught by Bardock in Dragon Ball Online


Mira in-game

At an unspecific time, Mira recruits remnants of the Frieza Force, as well as powerful Earthling mercenaries known as the Red Pants Army. He also travels back to the Genocide of the Saiyans and saves Bardock from Frieza's Supernova, turning him into the Masked Saiyan. In Age 851, Mira and his army of androids attack New Namek attempting to find the Dragon Balls; the Namekians will not surrender the balls, so Mira destroys New Namek using a Spirit Bomb with energy gathered from all of his soldiers, causing the Namekians to evacuate to Earth using Porunga just before the planet's destruction.[1] Elder Moori informed Earth's Kami, Dende, of the incident that unfolded on New Namek. A person who is after the dragon balls, the artificial humans of the past, the Spirit Bomb that demolished New Namek, and the mysterious being Mira. Dende says he has heard of the name "Mira" before. The Supreme Kai of Time has mentioned his name in the past.

Around Age 999, Mira had stolen the "Time Passport", a device that made leaping through time possible. Because Mira interfered with history everywhere he went, the resulting myriad of time paradoxes was putting a strain on the limited capacity of the entire universe.

Miira 2¹

Freed from Mira's control, Bardock sacrifices himself in an attempt to defeat Mira

In Age 1000, during the events of the fourth Time Machine Quest (TMQ4), Mira invades Earth. Trunks arrives at the Time Machine and is caught off guard by a blast from Mira. Trunks collapses and Mira goes in to finish him off as the rest of the Time Patrol arrive. They attempt to fend him off, but cannot match his power. He prepares a blast to finish everyone off, but Bardock arrives, maskless, and grabs him in a full-nelson by surprise. Mira is surprised the mask wore off, and Bardock thanks him for saving him from Frieza, but says he'll act on his own free will. Mira notes Bardock is attempting to use a Self Destruction, but that it will not work. Bardock tells him that he will use the life that he was given to take Mira out, and bids farewell to Goku once more. The area where they were floating explodes. After Future Trunks leaves in his Time Machine, Mira emerges from the smoke unharmed, revealing that he somehow survived Bardock's self-explosion.


Mira's goal is to become the strongest. He and Towa travel through time and make history darker by transforming numerous villains and heroes alike into "Villainous" characters to gather kiri and break the seal on the Demon Realm.

Discovered! History Invaders

Mira's first appearance in the animated cutscene for Xenoverse

During the game's story, Mira along with Towa is first encountered by the Future Warrior on Namek in Age 762 during the battle on Planet Namek shortly after the defeat of Captain Ginyu. The Warrior manages to detect their presence behind a rock which Towa compliments them upon before stating that interfering with them would be a mistake to which Mira adds it would be a costly mistake and that he will eliminate then, then powers up and takes on the Warrior. Though the Warrior puts up a valiant effort, Mira is not impressed and disappointed he decides he will steal the Warrior's energy and kill them, but is stopped by Towa who reveals that the Warrior isn't strong enough and taking their energy would be a waste. Mira decides to let his creator have her way and the two leave the Future Warrior alive but with a warning not to interfere further. Surprisingly when the Warrior does interfere by fixing the altered history of the Frieza Saga, Mira and Towa do not show causing Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time to wonder why. The Supreme Kai of Time later discovers their identities as Towa the Demon Scientist and her creation Mira.

Warrior from the Future, Mira!
Towa and Mira xenoverse

Towa and Mira on Earth

During the Cell Games, they manipulate Perfect Cell and Mr. Satan with Mira influencing them via a combination his power and Towa's Dark Magic, allowing Mr. Satan to Levitate and use Ki Blasts. They use Dark Mr. Satan, to distract the Future Warrior to prevent them from helping the Dragon Team against Dark Cell. Eventually the Warrior manages to defeat Mr. Satan and Goku forfeits his match with Cell announcing Gohan as his replacement. Dark Cell gives birth to his Cell Jr. which are also under Mira and Towa's influence. As the Z-Fighters and the Future Warrior fight the Dark Cell Juniors, Towa uses her magic on Gohan cause him to enter a Dark version of his Super Saiyan 2 form though Dark Gohan refuses to destroy Cell when he has the upper hand as the evil ki is affecting his actions. However Xeno Trunks manages to determine the Time Breakers' location and after the Warrior defeats the rest of the Cell Jr. they head off to confront Mira. Mira and Towa are watching the results their actions, with Towa stating her frustration as nothing seems to be going as they planned and wonders if the boy under her Dark Magic is Goku's son while Mira watches in stoic silence, only to be interrupted by the arrival of the Future Warrior.

Mira is impressed by the Warrior's increase in power as he is able to sense their energy without them lifting so much as a finger and Towa agrees saying it is time to harvest the Warrior's energy. However they are surprised by the arrival of Xeno Trunks who states they will not have their way and transforms into a Super Saiyan causing Towa to hide behind Mira and Towa asks Mira to deal with the pair of Time Patrollers while she is busy setting in motion a new plan. Mira tells Xeno Trunks and the Warrior he will be their opponent and tells them not to disappoint him. Xeno Trunks is confused as their attacks are connecting but don't seem to be causing any damage to Mira, who is pleased by the strength and energy Trunks and the Warrior possess. After a hard fought battle Trunks and the Warrior manage to knock down the Demon Android. However Mira stands up and powers up, causing Trunks to realize Mira has been hiding some of his full power. Towa reappears and tells Mira they're work is finished, as she has removed the Dark Magic that enabled Gohan to attain Super Saiyan 2, just as Dark Cell revives from his Unforgivable! Self Destruction steal a good portion of Gohan's energy along with it, causing Gohan to revert to his Super Saiyan Full Power form while Cell's power has increased thanks to Saiyan Power and Towa's Dark Magic. Mira tells Trunks and the Warrior he will have to finish them off next time and leaves with Towa.

Cell Is Here?! Save Trunks!
Miira 5

Mira appears to protect Towa

After the Warrior manages to help Gohan defeat Dark Cell and restore the timeline, Towa decides they to shift their focus to Future Trunks' timeline, as part of a plan to erase Xeno Trunks from existence. They empower Future Android 17, Future Android 18, and Future Cell as part of a two pronged assault on Trunks' timeline, resulting in two altered histories one in Age 783 where Xeno Trunks' past self is fighting against Future Android 17 & Future Android 18 and another Age 785 when Future Trunks past self returns to his era following the Cell Games. Realizing the Future Warrior will interfere to save their friend Trunks, they empowered Future Cell allowing him to absorb Future 17 & 18 to achieve his Perfect Form, making him too powerful for Xeno Trunks' past self to deal with. After the Future Warrior saves Future Trunks from Dark Future 17 & 18, Towa appears alone to inform the Warrior of the second change and laughs at the Warrior's helplessness, causing the Warrior to charge at her in anger only to halt their attack when Mira suddenly appears and protects her, knowing they are no match against Mira's might. Mira and Towa leave confident in the Warrior's defeat and their plans success in wiping Future Trunks from existence. However unbeknownst to Mira or his creator, their actions had weakened the barrier separating the Crack of Time from the rest of the Universe, allowing the Demon God Demigra who was sealed there for 75 million years to enact his plans to finally free himself from his prison and conquer time. As the Time Breakers had outlived their usefulness and having no interest in Mira's and Towa's plans to break the seal on Demon Realm, Demigra aids the Future Warrior in traveling to Age 785, allowing them aid Future Trunks against Dark Future Perfect Cell.

Mira's Full Power! I'm the Best!
Miira 3

Mira about to be defeated

When Super Saiyan 3 Goku is about to fight Majin Buu, Towa sends Mira to interrupt the battle to steal their energy as well as avenge the death of his brother-in-law, Dabura. Mira is eager at finally having the chance to face Goku and finally add his DNA to his own. Mira declares he will defeat them quickly. However, the Future Warrior arrives and prevents Mira from interfering with Majin Buu's and Super Saiyan 3 Goku historic battle. Mira decides that before he fights Goku, he will settle things with the Warrior once and for all and challenges the Warrior to a duel. Towa tries to tell Mira to not be so dramatic, but Mira mistakenly believes she thinks he might lose, causing her to tell him that is not what she meant. Towa reveals to the Warrior that it has been a long time since Mira has had a rival, as all the strong ones have fallen in their future and tells Mira to show the Warrior the power of the true king of Demon Realm. However, both Mira and Towa are shocked at the Warrior's increase in power as they are unable to damage him.


Mira's destruction at the hands of the Future Warrior

Mira and the Future Warrior fight until the two charge each other; Mira then attempts to kill the Future Warrior with Full Power Energy Wave, but the Future Warrior dodges and fires a Buster Cannon at Mira, disintegrating him forcing Towa to make a hasty retreat. It is later revealed that Demigra aided the Future Warrior in traveling to Age 785, so they would defeat Mira in Age 774, allowing him to cause further time distortions to free himself without their interference; however, Demigra himself underestimated the Future Warrior and is defeated just as Mira was.

"Just wait... Soon we will return to crush those who stood in our way!"
— Mira's declaring revenge in the post-credits scene of Dragon Ball Xenoverse

More energy

Towa holding Mira's core

However, after Demigra is defeated, it is shown that a small, cell-like piece from within Mira's chest crystal survives and is retrieved by Towa. This seemingly appears to be his core, which beats similar to a heart. Mira seems to still be able to communicate even if this piece is all that remains of him. Mira realizing his current power is not enough he tells Towa he requires more energy and she tells him she will find him more energy and they will regroup in order to take revenge on their enemies, confident in their success as Mira is her greatest creation after all.


Left a mere core from his previous defeat, Towa takes Mira's core with her to the era of the Saiyan conflict. She empowers various minor enemies granting them a crimson aura and evil ki. Gohan manages to defeat the first ones he encounters while attempting to abandon his training under Piccolo and return home only to have to save Puar fron the Villainous Enemies that Towa empowered. More Villainous Enemies appear in the Central Plains Area after Gohan returns to Piccolo's Training. During the Intermission after the Saiyan Saga, Gohan encounters more powerful Super Villainous Enemies in the form of Super Villainous Saibamen who attack a farm near his home and defeats them to protect the innocent locals. Their defeat reveals that Super Villainous Enemies appear when all Villainous Enemies in an area are defeated. Defeating all the Villainous Enemies in the Central Plains Area causes Super Villainous Raditz and Super Villainous Nappa to be summoned by Towa.

"Just you wait... I will show you my ultimate power...!"
— Mira's core telepathically speaking after Towa reveals they are behind the empowered enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Once they are defeated, Towa appears holding Mira's core as it absorbs the energy from the fight. She notes her calculations where apparently correct and that they will continue fighting until the completion of her masterpiece (referring to Mira). Mira telepathically swears he will show his enemies his ultimate power in due time before Towa summons Super Villainous Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga and his is joined by his Super Villainous comrades Raditz and Nappa.

Eventually Towa manages to restore Mira and returning to the Majin Buu Era he fights the Z Fighters after the defeat of Kid Buu, so that he can absorb their energy and become the ultimate warrior.

Mira is defeated, with Towa noting he is still incomplete, and so the duo head to another timeline to procure more energy.

Xenoverse 2[]

The Deadly Alliance
Mira Towa and Masked Saiyan

Mira, Towa and the Masked Saiyan

Mira returns once again. He makes his first appearance to chastise Turles and Lord Slug for acting on their own and suggests to Towa that she just reprogram them after they leave. They next appear on Namek in Age 762 to witness Towa's successful experiment on the fruit that she gave to Turles and Lord Slug and leave soon afterwards. Xeno Trunks heads to Mira's location and battles him, gaining the upper hand until the first and second Future Warriors appear causing him to leave.

Majin Buu's House Time Rift

After the second Future Warrior helps Good Buu create his Majin family while investigating the large time rift around Majin Buu's house, Good Buu reveals he saw a pale man near his home and asked what he was doing but the man told him off. After the man left, Buu found a strange egg which he planned to eat but the second Future Warrior convinces him to had it over. The pale man is strongly implied to have been Mira who disposed of the egg which turned out to be one of the Distorted Time Eggs created by Towa during her failed attempts to recreate Tokitoki's Eggs artificially.

Mira, Warrior from the Demon Realm

Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior head into Age 767 during the Cell Games to confront Mira, however Mira gets the upper hand over the two warriors in battle. Towa then appears and teleports herself and Mira away after telling him that her plan is ready.

He next appears in Age 780, seeing Future Gohan he remarks how he has great potential and that such power could further his evolution. He battles him along with the Future Warrior even though they are told the two of them don't stand a chance against Mira. Fearing that Gohan could be killed, Xeno Trunks breaks protocol and heads into the time period to assist the two in battle, managing to hold their own, Mira wonders he can't defeat them, regardless of being out numbered and makes a hasty retreat.

Back in the unknown time period, Bardock gives Towa the damaged energy that had been gathered from Turles, Lord Slug and Cooler's manipulation of time. Towa gives the energy to Mira, making him far more powerful than he was before but he says he still feels anxious. He asks Towa why the others, Janemba and Broly have such immeasurable power, in that they have achieved a supervillain state and yet he has not. He also points out Bardock's incredible power and how it has grown even higher since it was augmented by Towa though he says his power does not frighten him unlike the others.

He later appears in the middle of Goku and Beerus' battle, after Bardock had his mask cracked and battles the Future Warrior who he says has grown a lot stronger since the last time they fought. He shows a complete lack of respect towards Beerus, telling him to shut up and just watch their fight leaving the onlookers stunned but Beerus find it briefly amusing, he eventually loses patience though and he is given pudding to calm him down. After Beerus offers Mira one of the puddings Mira leaves saying that the whole thing has been a buzzkill.

The Final Battle

Mira gets caught by Bardock

After Bardock is free from Towa's mind control, Bardock is able to easily overpower Mira and takes him into the Crack of Time to save the Future Warrior and Xeno Trunks from being pulled in and engages Mira in battle. During the battle Bardock is constantly powers up through his Super Saiyan forms while belittling Mira for his motivations for fighting which was merely to impress Towa. Mira is defeated by Super Saiyan 3 Bardock, whose fate was unknown when the Crack of Time was actually opened by Mira, but is now motivated by Bardock and why he should be fighting. He returns and invades the Time Nest with Towa so they can capture the egg Toki Toki laid which they are going to use to reopen the Demon Realm.

Mira quickly dispatches Xeno Trunks and knocks him into the second Future Warrior and attempts to kill them both but they are saved by the first Future Warrior who takes the attack and passes out. When the Future Warrior follows them, Mira finally awakens his full power, shocking Towa as she reveals that it goes beyond her calculations. Towa asks Mira to stand down as if his body was to explode with that much power he would destroy the universe. Towa then joins the Future Warrior and battles against him and together they take him down.

Towa begins to shut down Mira when Mira kidnaps her and fuses with Towa and the Egg of Toki-toki into a brand new form with no limit. Elder Kai orders the Future Warrior to retreat as they have lost, however Goku arrives to everyone's shock and reveals Whis felt what happened and sent Goku to assist.

Goku tells the Future Warrior to stay and fight as hope isn't lost yet and they can still fight and together they have a chance and Goku powers up to Super Saiyan Blue. Inspired by Goku's words, the Future Warrior stays. After a long battle Goku unleashes his most powerful attack, the Dragon's Fist at Super Saiyan Blue, ripping the egg out of Mira's fused body. Goku screams at the Future Warrior to finish it, which prompts the Future Warrior to unleash the most powerful Kamehameha, Mira asks Towa to forgive him before he is finally destroyed.

Dragon Ball Fusions[]

Mira and Towa are summoned by Tekka's team when Broly is rampaging. Mira is angered at the sight of kid Goku, but them calms down as he notes that he has no business with him due to him being a child. Towa and Mira agree to help Tekka's Team deal with Broly but this is later revealed to be a trick as they betray them and Towa turns Broly into his Legendary Great Ape form to absorb energy from their battle with him for Mira, who Towa reveals is the Demon King that rules over Demon Realm and that this is revenge for the interference of Trunks' future counterpart. After Tekka's Team defeat Great Ape Broly, Mira wants to finish them, but Towa tells him to stop, since they may be able to get more energy since Great Ape Broly is getting back up. Mira is then alarmed as Beerus appears and blasts Golden Great Ape Broly away. Upon the sighting of Beerus and Whis, Towa wishes to flee, but Mira does not want to due to his pride as King of the Demon Realm, however in the end he agrees.

After Tekka's Team defeat the Legendary Champion and win the Timespace Tournament completing the main story, Mira and Towa can be found in the alien city in Area 4F. Talking to them leads to Sub-Event: "A Special Sparring Partner" where they battle against Mira and four mysterious allies. Defeating them leads Towa & Mira to join Tekka's Team, causing them to appear on the team's Spaceship and allows them to be selected as party members. It also allows Mira to perform EX-Fusion with either Tekka or Dabura once certain conditions are met.


Time Patrol overwhelm Super Mira

Super Mira is overwhelmed by Xeno Bardock and Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks

In his Super Mira form during the Dark Demon Realm Saga, Mira is capable of holding his own against Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks (who is still around as strong as he was when he defeated Future Cell) and Xeno Bardock (who is as strong as Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks) at the same time, however they seem to have the advantage against him. Much later during the Dark Empire Saga, when trying to obtain the Dark Dragon Ball from Frieza, Mira is wiped out by base Xeno Trunks' Kamehameha.

Video Game

In Dragon Ball Online Piccolo states that his power is not enough to deal with Mira.[1] Mira is able to fight in battle against Xeno Trunks and the rest of the Time Patrol without taking any damage. Mira is also able to survive Bardock's self-destruction technique with no injury at all.

In Dragon Ball Heroes during the Dark Demon Realm Saga Mira attains his own Super Saiyan form, Super Mira, which would multiply his power many times over.

In the Universe Creation Saga, with the help of Towa, he is capable of holding his own against Super Saiyan Blue Vegito.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Mira and Towa both believe that base Mira could quickly defeat both Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Majin Buu at the same time. Towa also mentions to the Future Warrior that it has been a long time since Mira has had a rival and implies that in their future timeline, Mira has defeated all the strong fighters.[3] However the Future Warrior manages to defeat Mira during their final battle. Soon after this point the Future Warrior was said to be equal to base Super Buu, suggesting that base Mira's full power was slightly below Super Buu.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Mira's body is rebuilt stronger than ever, making Mira strong enough to injure Xeno Trunks, though he decides to flee when confronted by both Future Warriors. However Mira and Towa manage to capture the original Future Warrior who Towa brainwashes like Bardock. When Mira attempts to join the Cell Games, Xeno Trunks and the 2nd Future Warrior confront him, however it is later revealed that Mira was only toying with them, to allow Towa to create a Wormhole to Metal Cooler's timeline, so the Metal Coolers could cause trouble during the Cell Games. After Future Android 16 is defeated by Future Gohan and the 2nd Future Warrior, Mira appears to absorb Future Gohan's potential for himself, however Xeno Trunks joins the battle and together the three manage to overpower Mira to his utter shock, forcing him to retreat.

Mira is powered up further when he absorbs the damaged energy that Turles, Lord Slug, Cooler, and Masked Saiyan gathered, making him far stronger than before, though he wonders about the mysterious power that he noticed in Bardock, the two Future Warriors, Xeno Trunks, and Future Gohan which Mira himself becomes determined to understand what this power is and make it his own. Mira later challenges the Future Warrior in Age 778 after they break the Masked Saiyan's mask revealing him to be Bardock. Mira is shown to be somewhat even with the 2nd Future Warrior who had recently managed to defeat Supervillain Kid Buu with Goku and the others. Mira's power made him arrogant enough to even dare to tell Beerus to be quiet, though it is unknown if this was because he believed if he was stronger than Beerus or not, though fortunately for him, Beerus was impressed by Mira's audacity and allowed him to continue to fight the Warrior. Mira only ended the fight and fled when Beerus offered him one of the Pudding cups sent by Chronoa, as he found Beerus' friendly demeanor a buzz-kill, though he may have decided that it was too dangerous to continue fighting with the Time Patrol with Beerus around as he did not appear during Frieza's revenge. He is later shown to be incapable of breaking out of Bardock's grip and was angered at being overpowered by him despite his assertion that Bardock was weaker than him though Bardock tells him not to underestimate a Saiyan's power. Upon fighting in the Time Rift Bardock trapped him in, he fights against Bardock who transforms into a Super Saiyan. Mira is shocked when Bardock transforms further into Super Saiyan 2 thanks to his rage and power up he received due to the modifications to his body, causing Mira to realize that Bardock is growing stronger as he fights and is further shocked when Bardock transforms into a Super Saiyan 3. He ultimately loses to Super Saiyan 3 Bardock, however Mira's defeat causes Mira to realize the mysterious power Bardock and the other's possesses was an indomitable will and fighting spirit which he himself lacked due to having been created to be powerful. This causes Mira to gain a fighting spirit of his own, becoming determined to evolve and become stronger so he will never lose again.

After escaping the rift via Wormhole, his power reached even greater heights and he knocks out the first Future Warrior with a single blast. Later while battling the 2nd Future Warrior in Age ???, Towa remarks that his power had exceeded her calculations and notes that if Mira's core were to overload the destruction would destroy the universe and break through dimensions. Upon undergoing the Supervillain state his power increases further though this causes him to destroy his body's power limiter and start to overload, though Towa and the 2nd Future Warrior manages to defeat Mira preventing him his core from melting down, though Mira's fighting spirit causes him to betray Towa when she tries to remove his core to fix his broken power limiter and he resorts to absorbing his creator to evolve beyond her schematics.

In the final battle, Mira absorbs Towa and the wealth of dormant power from Tokitoki's egg to enter into his Final Form. In this form he is so powerful the Elder Kai believed there was no way to stop him and Xeno Trunks believed such a power shouldn't exist. It either took the Future Warrior alone, or the combined effort of the Future Warrior and Super Saiyan Blue Goku to defeat him.


  • Flight – The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave. Used in Dragon Ball Heroes. Mira's are pure black with red lightning in Heroes & World Mission while they are yellow in the Xenoverse series.
  • Ki Sense - In Xenoverse, Mira is shown to be able sense Ki which he uses to sense those who possess high levels of Kili in order to steal their energy. He also admits to sensing the Warrior's power when they confront him and Towa during the Cell Games, without the Warrior lifting so much as a finger.
  • Hikou - Super Mira briefly obtains wings during his transformation into his Towa absorbed state after absorbing her in while she's in Demon Goddess form.
  • Telepathy - Used by Mira to communicate with Towa when he is reduced to his core after most of his body is destroyed by the Future Warrior's Buster Cannon in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  • Time Breaker Mind Control – Used in Dragon Ball Online to turn Bardock into the Masked Saiyan. In Xenoverse 2, however, Towa was revealed to be responsible for Bardock conversion into the Masked Saiyan which is noted by Mira himself when he suggests she do the same to Turles and Lord Slug. However, the Masked Saiyan follows both Mira and Towa's orders.
  • Maximum Charge - A common Super Skill in the Xenoverse series used to charge up the users Ki.
  • Power Up – Mira can amplify his energy to increase his power.
  • Time Travel – Using the "Time Passport", Mira can freely travel through time.[1] This Time Passport is implied to be the heavily Distorted Time Scroll seen in the opening prologue of Xenoverse 2 which given its distorted appearance may have been artificially created by Towa to replicate a Time Scroll like with her attempts to created Tokitoki's Time Eggs artificially (presumably she was far more successful in recreating it than she was with the egg).
  • Kiai – Used against Beat in the GDM3 trailer.
  • Spirit Bomb – Mira uses a Spirit Bomb with energy gathered from all of his forces in order to destroy New Namek.[1] He can also use this technique as his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission.
    • EX Spirit Bomb - A type of CAA ability in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission that allows Mira and his teammates to create and throw a black-red colored EX Spirit Bomb. Mira can utilize three different variations of this CAA Ability that differ only in name and additional effects.
      • EX Spirit Bomb Smash - One of Mira's EX Spirit Bomb type CAA Abilities in World Mission. Can be used by Mira when an Attacker from Round 2 and onwards, if performed successfully the attack will deal DMG to the enemy team and the number of allies boosts the DMG. Ace to also deal STA DMG to the enemy team.
      • EX Spirit Bomb Enervator - One of Mira's EX Spirit Bomb type CAA Abilities in World Mission. Can be used by Mira when an Attacker from Round 2 and onwards, if performed successfully the attack will deal DMG to the enemy team and the number of allies boosts the DMG. Ace for a permanent -2000 PWR debuff to all enemies.
      • Dark EX Spirit Bomb - Mira (Towa Absorbed)'s EX Spirit Bomb type CAA Abilities in World Mission. Can be used by Mira when an Attacker from Round 2 and onwards, if performed successfully the attack will deal DMG to the enemy team and the number of allies boosts the DMG. Ace for a permanent -2000 GRD debuff to all enemies.
  • Death Slash – A purple energy wave that slashes enemies.
  • Death Beam - One of Mira's Super skills in Xenoverse.
  • Negative Karma Ball – Mira uses this technique as one of his Ultimate Skills in Xenoverse. It is also one of Final Form Mira's Ultimate Skills in Xenoverse 2.
  • Full Power Energy Wave – Mira uses a large energy wave against Xeno Trunks in Dragon Ball Online. He is capable of using a Full Power Energy Wave in Xenoverse which he tries to use to destroy the Future Warrior with, but the Warrior dodges it and defeats him with a Buster Cannon. Mira can also fire a more powerful red one. In Xenoverse 2 it appears as one of Mira's Ultimate Skills in his Universe 7 Clothing 3 and Universe 7 Clothing 4 skillsets.
  • Shining Friday – Mira uses this technique in Xenoverse.
  • Bomber DX – Mira fires a giant cylinder of ki out his palm in Xenoverse.
  • Weekend – One of Mira's Ultimate Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Android Kick - One of Mira's Super Skills in the Xenoverse series. Also appears as Super Mira's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission.
    • Sparking Kick (スパーキングキック) - Fu's variation of Android Kick, that appears as the Super Attack of Mira during the Universe Creation Saga in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Phantom Fist - Mira's variation of the Afterimage Technique and one of his Super Skills in Xenoverse. Also used by Mira•Supervillain and Mira in his Universe 7 Clothing 4 skillset in Xenoverse 2.
  • Kamehameha - Mira can use several versions of the Kamehameha.
    • Majin Kamehameha - One of Mira's Super Skills in the Xenoverse series.
    • Perfect Kamehameha - One of Mira's Ultimate Skills in Xenoverse.
    • Dark Kamehameha - Mira's version of the Kamehameha, filled with dark energy. It is his super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. It is also used in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.
    • God Kamehameha - A powerful version of the Kamehameha usable by Runaway Mira in Dragon Ball Heroes. While charging the attack, Mira will transform into his Super Mira form.
  • Galick Beam Cannon - One of Mira's Super Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Finish Breaker - One of Mira's Super Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Genocide Shell - One of Mira's Super Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Break Strike - One of Mira's Evasive Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Deadly Dance - One of Mira's Super Skills in the Xenoverse series.
  • Perfect Shot- One of Mira's Super Skills in Xenoverse.
Mira's Serious Bomb

Mira's Serious Bomb Energy Sphere

  • Side Bridge - One of Mira's Super Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Energy Absorption - Mira possesses the ability to steal and absorb energy. In his core form, absorbing large amounts of Kili allows him to reconstruct himself as demonstrated in Kakarot.
    • Drain Charge - An Energy Absorption Super Skill that allows the user to steal energy from an opponent. One of Mira's Super Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Energy Barrier - One of Mira's Evasive Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Meteor Crash - A Meteor Attack Super Skill used by Mira in Xenoverse.
  • Thunder Eraser - One of Mira's Super Skills in the Xenoverse series.
  • Spinning Blade - An Energy Blade Evasive Skill. One of Mira's Evasive Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Infinity Explosion - A chargeable explosion of dark ki used by Mira as one of his Super Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Serious Bomb - Mira's as-of-yet incomplete Ultimate move, an uppercut followed with a one-handed ball of energy. Mira's personal Ultimate Skill in the Xenoverse series, and the Super Attack of Super Mira (Fin Absorbed) in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Dimension Ray - One of Mira's Ultimate Skills in story mission "Bardock, the Masked Man" in Xenoverse 2.
  • Charged Ki Wave - A stamina charging technique used by Mira as one of his Super Skills in Xenoverse 2.
  • Absorption - Used to absorb Towa and Tokitoki's egg after Mira overloads his power limiter in Xenoverse 2. Also used to absorb Towa in Super Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission and Fin in World Mission.
  • Marbling Drop - One of Final Form Mira's techniques in Xenoverse 2.
  • Peeler Storm - One of Final Form Mira's techniques in Xenoverse 2. Also appears as his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission.
  • Instant Charge - One of Final Form Mira's techniques in Xenoverse 2.

Mira's core

Mira's core

After his body is destroyed by the Future Warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Mira takes the form of small brain-like mass of cellular tissue that pulsates in a heart-like fashion. In this state, Mira is vulnerable and requires Towa to carry him, though he can communicate via Telepathy and absorb energy to reconstruct himself with Towa's assistance though the process requires a lot of Kili. Due to his vulnerability in this form, it is unplayable and only appears in cutscenes in both Xenoverse and Kakarot. In Kakarot, with Towa's assistance his core form absorbs Kili from the Z Fighters battles with Villainous and Super Villainous enemies in order to reconstruct himself.

Super Mira desatado DB Heroes

Mira's Rampaging state

Berserk Mira is an enhanced state of Mira. This form makes its debut in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in God Mission 2. In this state, he appears without his armor and has veins over his face. This state serves as a lead-up stage to his Super Mira form.

The form is also referred to as out of control Android Mira (制御不能の人造人間ミラ).

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, its name in the English localization is Mira (Rampaging).

Super Mira
Btn card01 (1)

Super Mira card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Mira attained his own version of the first Super Saiyan transformation after going berserk. This form is classified as a Demon-Saiyan hybrid's version of the first, standard Super Saiyan form. Similar to other Super Saiyans, Mira's hair stands up (identical to Future Gohan in Super Saiyan form), though in Mira's case, his hair does not change color. The sclera of his eyes turns red; the irises change to a white color and his pupils appear to vanish. When active, Mira radiates a dark aura with arcs of purple lightning shooting throughout.

The Super Mira form makes its debut in God Mission 3.

In a preview for SDBH7, Mira appears as Super Mira before absorbing Towa, growing dark angel wings and transforming into his "Towa Absorbed" form.

Mira Supervillain

Mira•Supervillain after destroying his power limiter

In the finale of Xenoverse 2, Mira overcomes his power limiter, gains a fighting spirit, and begins overheating - causing his core to begin overloading and threatening to destroy the entire universe. This reckless attempt at obtaining power results in him transforming into the Supervillain second stage. According to Towa after subduing him the form itself was the result of Mira actually destroying his power limiter, as Mira briefly took on the form after Towa gave him Damage Energy before reverting back to his base form indicating his power limiter regulates his core's energy to prevent it from overloading. Like other Supervillain forms it can be dispelled by giving Mira a sound beating though Towa has to remove his core to repair his destroyed power limiter as it apparently is unable to regenerate or repair itself.

When his power limiter is present, Mira can utilize the first stage Supervillain power up indicating that his body can only handle the first stage though his body starts to overheat if his power exceeds a certain point as Towa notes he is overheating before he actually transforms into his second stage. The second stage transformation appears as a playable form called Mira•Supervillain.

Towa Absorbed
Mira Final Form 17

Mira after absorbing Towa

In Xenoverse 2, Mira absorbs Towa and Tokitoki's Egg after overloading his power limiter in order to evolve into something beyond himself. This form is referred to as Mira's Final Form. The absorption of Towa alters Mira's skin to light blue and changes his eye color to purple. He also gains Towa's earrings and the bottom portion of her outfit. In this form, Mira gains white fur all over his body, and his hair grows out, making him appear similar to a Super Saiyan 4 though tail-less. Finally, he gains a golden Time Breaker mark on his chest, though the lines are now connected, forming a true infinity symbol. In Xenoverse 2 in addition to Towa, Mira also absorbs Tokitoki's egg that she was carrying increasing the power of the form even further than it would have he absorbed Towa alone. However, the egg is not required to maintain the form as he retains it when Goku removes the egg from Mira's body via Dragon Fist, as its removal only causes his power level to drop due to losing the power of the egg which is strong enough to create time for an entirely new universe.

The transformation in Heroes is the result of base Mira absorbing Towa, though a preview for SDBH7 instead shows Super Mira absorbing Demon Goddess Towa, briefly sprouting large black wings during the transformation.

Fin Absorbed
Super Mira (Fin absorbed)

Super Mira (Fin absorbed)

The form taken by Super Mira after he absorbs Fin - a fellow creation of Towa. With this form Mira proceeds to fight the Time Patrol but is defeated - causing Fin to separate from him.

Damira full


Damira is the EX-Fusion of Dabura and Mira introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. In order to perform EX-Fusion, Dabura and Mira must be recruited, have reached Level 40, and have 2 teammates joined in Support Attacks 20 times. It costs 60 Purple Energy to perform EX-Fusion, though subsequent EX-Fusions can be performed for free of the first time. Damira is an S-Rank EX-Fusion who is classified as an Offworlder (as Demons are classified as Offworlders in Dragon Ball Fusions). Though Mira fuses with Dabura in his base form, Damira appears in a permanent Super Mira form (similar to how Zarbon and Dodoria's EX-Fusion Dodobon is in a permanent Monster form despite Zarbon being in his base form).

Video Game Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Mira makes his debut as a boss in the eighth mission of the Jaaku Mission series (JM8). He then becomes a playable character since the second mission of God Mission series (GDM2).

In World Mission, Mira is playable in base form, Rampaging form, Super Mira form, and Towa Absorbed form.

Mira in kakarot

Mira after his body is restored in Kakarot

Mira appears as a secret post-game boss in Kakarot, where he is fought on the Sacred World of the Kai after defeating all the Villainous and Super Villainous enemies. Additionally, he also appears in his core form in a cutscene that triggers after defeating a Super Villainous enemy that appear after defeating all Villainous enemies in an area. The cutscene shows Towa holding Mira's core as he absorbs energy from the battle and tells the Dragon Team that he will show them true power in due time revealing that the events of Kakarot take place after Mira is reduced to his core in Xenoverse but before the events of Xenoverse 2 (it also heavily implies that Kakarot takes place in an altered version of the main timeline due to the presence of the Villainous and Super Villainous enemies brought to it by Towa in order to collect enough Kili to restore Mira). During the boss battle, Mira emits the same black crimson aura given off by Villainous and Super Villainous enemies.

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Xenoverse 2
  • Mira vs. Xeno Trunks and Future Warrior (cutscene)
  • Mira vs. Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) and Xeno Trunks
  • Mira vs. Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2), Future Gohan and Xeno Trunks (Future Super Saiyan)
  • Mira vs. Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2)
  • Mira (Supervillain power-up) and Masked Saiyan (Supervillain power-up) vs. Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) and Xeno Trunks
  • Mira vs. Bardock (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3)
  • Mira (Supervillain power-up) and Towa vs. Xeno Trunks, Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2), and Future Warrior (cutscene)
  • Mira (Supervillain power-up) vs. Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2)
  • Mira (Supervillain form) vs. Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) and Towa
  • Mira (Final Form) vs. Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) and Goku (Super Saiyan Blue)
Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Mira vs. Vegito (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Barrier)
  • Mira and Xeno Bardock (Masked Saiyan) vs. Xeno Trunks
  • Mira and Psi Devilman vs. Xeno Trunks and Xeno Bardock
  • Mira (Rampaging/Super Mira), Towa and Xeno Dabura vs. Xeno Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3), Xeno Bardock (Base/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3) and Chronoa
  • Mira, Xeno Dabura, Psi Devilman, Haru Haru and Shun Shun vs. Xeno Trunks, Goku (GT), Vegeta (GT) and Gohan (GT)
  • Mira (Super Mira), Towa (Dark) and Xeno Dabura vs. Xeno Trunks, Goku (GT), Vegeta (GT) and Gohan (GT)
  • Mira, Cell (Perfect) and Cell Jrs. vs. Xeno Trunks and Xeno Vegeta
  • Mira, Towa (Dark) and Xeno Vegeta (Black-Masked Saiyan) vs. Xeno Trunks
  • Mira, Towa (Dark) and Demigra (Demon God) vs. Xeno Trunks and Xeno Vegeta
  • Mira, Lord Slug, Bojack and Turles vs. Xeno Trunks and Xeno Vegeta
  • Mira (Super Mira), Towa (Dark), Xeno Dabura and Demigra (Transcended) vs. Xeno Trunks and Xeno Vegeta
  • Mira (Super Mira), Towa (Demon Goddess) and Demon Realm Soldiers vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira (Super Mira), Shun Shun, Haru Haru and Demon Realm Soldiers vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira (Super Mira), Towa (Demon Goddess), Shroom (Demon God) and Reaper Soldiers vs. Time Patrol and Pikkon (Super Pikkon)
  • Mira, Towa (Demon Goddess), Salsa (Demon God) and Demon Realm Soldiers vs. Time Patrol vs. Xeno Lord Slug (Super Namekian), Angila (Brainwashed), Medamatcha (Brainwashed), Wings (Brainwashed) and Zeeun (Brainwashed) vs. Xeno Majin Buu (Dark Demon God; Janemba Absorbed)
  • Mira and Demon Realm Soldiers vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira (Towa Absorbed) vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira and Demon Realm Soldiers vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira, Towa (Demon Goddess), Xeno Dabura (Demon God), Demigra (Demon God), Haru Haru and Shun Shun vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira (Towa Absorbed), Xeno Dabura (Demon God), Demigra (Demon God), Putine (Demon Goddess), Gravy (Demon God), Salsa (Demon God) and Shroom (Demon God) vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira (Towa Absorbed), Xeno Dabura (Demon God), Mechikabura and Dark Shenron vs. Time Patrol
  • Mira and Demon Realm Soldiers vs. Xeno Trunks, Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Xeno Goten (Potential Unleashed), Xeno Pan, Demigra and Robelu
  • Mira, Towa (Demon Goddess; second version), Frieza (Final Form), Sorbet, Tagoma and Shisami vs. Xeno Vegeta
  • Mira (Super Mira; Fin Absorbed), Towa (Demon Goddess; second version) and Demon Realm Soldiers vs. Xeno Trunks, Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Xeno Goten (Potential Unleashed), Xeno Pan, Chronoa and Demigra
  • Mira, Towa (Demon Goddess). Dabura (Demon God), Gravy (Demon God), Putine (Demon Goddess), Fin (Ultimate Evolution), Xeno Vegito (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan God), Xeno Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Xeno Goten (Potential Unleashed), Xeno Pan and Robelu vs. Mechikabura (Dark King; Time Power Unleashed) and Demon Realm Soldiers
  • Mira and Towa vs. Xeno Trunks, Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta and Xeno Pan
  • Mira and Towa vs. Vegito (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Barrier)


  • His name — when spelled as Miira — is an anagram for mirai, meaning "future" in Japanese.
  • His death as Final Form Mira greatly resembles Super 17's death. One of the fusees show their weakness to Goku and crew, with Goku using Dragon Fist and Kamehameha to finish the ultimate creation off (however in Mira's case the Kamehameha is performed by the 2nd Future Warrior instead of Goku).
  • Mira can be seen as the dark counterpart to the Xenoverse series Future Warrior:
    • Both are capable of reaching powerful heights.
    • Both are of multiple race's and can use transformations.
    • Both have access to many techniques that both the heroes and villains use in the Dragon Ball series.
    • Both are alignment to a certain faction (Towa and the Time Breakers for Mira, Chronoa and the Time Patrol for the Future Warrior).
  • Mira shares several similarities with Cell, as they are both Bio-Androids created using the DNA of countless warriors. However, Mira contains DNA of warriors throughout history while Cell only contains DNA of some of the most powerful warriors to have walked the Earth. Additionally both Mira and Cell can grow more powerful through Energy Absorption and Absorption. Furthermore, both Cell and Mira have traveled through time and altered history, only to be destroyed in the timeline they ended up creating (the main timeline for Cell and Age ??? for Mira).



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