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Minotia (ミノシア Minoshia) is the younger brother of Tapion.



Minotia assisted Tapion in trying to stop the monster Hirudegarn from destroying their race on Planet Konats. Tapion and Minotia used their Hero's Flutes to hold Hirudegarn at bay, giving a Konatsian Wizard enough time to brandish an enchanted sword and use it to slice Hirudegarn in half.

Tapion and minotia

Tapion and Minotia are informed about the music boxes

To ensure Hirudegarn's eternal imprisonment, Tapion and Minotia agreed to have the monster sealed away inside of their bodies. The lower half of the monster was sealed inside Minotia, while the top half went into Tapion. The brothers were then sealed in into two separate music boxes and sent alone into the far reaches of space, thus ending the Hirudegarn war. Tapion, Minotia and the wizard were then known as Great Heroes among the Konatsians.

Dragon Ball Z

Wrath of the Dragon

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Minotia seconds before meeting his end

Later, Minotia was freed by the evil magician Hoi on the unnamed planet he was sent to, after which Hirudegarn's lower-half materialized and killed him by crushing him under his foot.

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Video Game Appearances


Minotia card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Minotia makes his debut in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the eighth mission of the God Mission series (GDM8).

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  • Minotia vs. Hirudegarn (Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation))


  • Despite being on screen for less than a minute, an action figure was created of him. It was originally issued by AB Toys of France in their Super Guerriers Articule line, and subsequently reissued by Irwin Toy of America (before Irwin started making their own molds).
  • Minotia's name is likely an anagram of yashi no mi (ヤシの実), meaning "coconut", fitting with his home planet's name being named after the coconut as well.
  • His scream in the Japanese dub just before he is killed by Hirudegarn is similar to Young Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when he falls from a high elevation. Sachi Matsumoto, Minotia's Japanese actress, actually went on to voice Link (often referred to as Toon Link) in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, adding to the connections between Minotia's family and the Zelda series.


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