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"Milk Run" (ぎゅうにゅうはいたつ Gyūnyū Haitatsu, lit. "Milk Delivery") is the thirtieth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features multiple Gokus in several different fighting stances.



Master Roshi and his disciples having a light jog

The chapter starts in the next morning, where Master Roshi is waking everyone up. Goku is sleeping in Launch's bed, who is currently blonde. Frightened, the hermit attempts to wake Goku up as carefully and quietly as possible. As Goku awakens, he greets Roshi, causing Launch to wake up as well. Angry that he was in her bed, Launch shoots at the young boy. Refusing to back down, Goku kicks the blonde in her face, knocking her out cold.

Later on, Roshi, Goku and Krillin are outside. Roshi teaches the boys about what martial arts is about, which he follows with a light jog. After making their way into a town-like area on the island, they stop at a humanoid cow's house, who Roshi had promised the day before to deliver milk to the inhabitants of the village. After climbing a large number of stairs, they arrive at the house of a monk who tells them of the World Martial Arts Tournament. After a brief discussion about the tournament, the boys deliver the rest of the milk; upon finishing, Roshi declares that their morning training is over.





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