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== Trvia ==
== Trvia ==
* This episode aired on 9/11 just before the attacks. In the middle of the broadcast it was interrupted with a new broadcast from CNN.The rest of the episode aired Sep 12th.

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Template:Episode infobox Milk Delivery (命がけ!牛乳はいたつ, Inochigake! Gyuunyuu Haitatsu; lit. "With Life at Stake! Milk Delivery") is the seventeenth episode of Dragon Ball and the fourth episode of the Tournament Saga.


Launch wakes up and shoots Goku for being in the same bed as her

Goku and Krillin are about to go to bed, they both are excited for tomorrow's training. Goku gets to sleep with Launch, while Krillin and Master Roshi sleep downstairs. The next day, Master Roshi wakes Krillin and then comes to wake up Goku for training but sees Launch in her evil state. He tries to wake up Goku with a broomstick, but it instead wakes up Launch. Launch sees Goku in bed with her and becomes angry. She pulls out a machine gun and fires at Goku and Roshi. Finally angered enough, Goku gives Launch a swift kick and knocks her out. Master Roshi starts to "check" to make sure she is not too badly hurt, and they eventually go to begin the days training.

Roshi has Goku and Krillin deliver milk for their early morning training

Master Roshi takes the two boys to collect several bottles of milk from the milkman. They have to deliver milk to everyone on the island, before breakfast. Eventually, they make it to a house, but it happened to be up a severely long flight of stairs.

Goku and Krillin make a delivery up a big mountain

Goku charges up the stairs, excited at the thought of his grandfather doing the same exercise years before. Krillin struggles up the steps, though he was exhausted from the morning. After finally completing every house, Roshi informs them that they are done with their early morning training and now the mid-morning training is about to begin.

Major events

  • Goku and Krillin's rigorous training under Master Roshi officially begins.



  • Goku vs. Launch


Character Name FUNimation Original Japanese
Goku Stephanie Nadolny Masako Nozawa
Master Roshi Mike McFarland Kouhei Miyauchi
Krillin Laurie Steele Mayumi Tanaka
Launch Meredith McCoy Mami Koyama
Narrator Brice Armstrong Joji Yanami


Tournament Saga/Episodes

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As part of their training, Goku and KrilliAs part of their training, Goku and Krillin must deliver milk to a across the whole island. It sounds simple, but soon they are crossing deep ravines and dangerous deserts, wading through swift, powerful rivers, and running for their lives from voracious dinosaurs; and that's just there early morning training! that's just there early morning training! +