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Mil was the leader of a band of space pirates the Mil Clan who appeared in the manga Sachie-chan Guu!!. They attacked the planet Octo.


Sachie-chan Guu!!

Mil and his clan of space pirates were known to spread terror across the galaxy, one day he decided to invade the Planet Octo due the fact that the planet's do not have any form of law enforcement since they are a very peaceful planet which makes there planet very vulnerable to outsiders. As the Mil Clan terrorized the Planet Octo the inhabitants attempted to contact the Galactic Patrol. Despite filling a request the Galactic Patrol had yet to arrive leaving the inhabitants helpless to the Mil Clan.

The Mil Clan continued to spread terror until the Octos brought two heroes from earth named Sachie Momochi and Zarid. Once they arrive on planet Octo, they had little time to get familiar with the village before Mil and his and clan showed up. While Sachi is inside making some ramen, Zarid takes on Crate and Kucho, doing away with all of them pretty quickly, with only Mil left who ends up turning the tables and takes down Zarid.

Sachi who had finished her ramen inside one of the houses goes out to battle revealing that the ramen she was eating had actually given her a power up. Mil's attack on Zarid is interrupted by Sachi who stomped on him after jumping out the window but her limited time of strength starts wearing off and she gets bound by Crate. Just before being pile driven up in the air, Crate sees up Sachie's skirt and finds her birthmark mistaking it for the Galactic Patrol symbol distracting him for Sachie to punch him to the ground. As a last resort, Mil holds one of the Octos hostage with a gun point and Zarid ends up distracting him with his shuriken so Sachie to take him out with a kick to the face. After the battle is over a Galactic Patrol ship had arrived, Mil and minions were then taken by officers as prisoners.

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