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Mighty Mouse (マイティマウス Maiti Mausu) is the car that Yamcha and Puar used to pursue Goku, Bulma, and Oolong from Diablo Desert to Fire Mountain in Dragon Ball. This is Yamcha's favorite vehicle.[1]


Yamcha fixing his car in GT

It is a tough-tired buggy meant for going over bad roads. Considering that it was equipped with a shovel, spare tire, and sub-gasoline tank, it was probably designed for hazardous conditions. In the Dragon Ball universe where near-futuristic cars are common, the Mighty Mouse is considered to be of a horribly old-fashioned style; it resembles a 1930s era race car.

By the end of Dragon Ball GT, Yamcha is seen fixing a red version of the Mighty Mouse in the middle of the desert.



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