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"Mighty Mask Shows His Power!" (けっしょうせんゆく Kesshōsen no Yukue, lit. "The Fate of the Finals") is the two hundred fifty ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred fifty-third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Mr. Satan thinks he'll use a flashy technique to take out the masked bastard, which will frighten the pretty girl, and he'll proceed to gently push her out of the ring. Mr. Satan calls on Mighty Mask, and heads toward "him" using his Rolling Attack. Then he attempts to use a Satan Punch, but Mighty Mask flies toward Android 18, and the two begin exchanging blows while Mr. Satan is left confused. Trunks and Goten have a little trouble holding themselves against No. 18, and head up into the air, but she follows. Trunks and Goten are rather clumsy fighting together under their outfit, and No. 18 flies above them and hammers them back down into the ring, where they crash hard. But they get up, and Trunks tells Goten to try kicking.

No. 18 fires a blast down at them, and they just barely fly out of the way, losing their boots in the process. Goten suggests they go Super Saiyan, and Trunks agrees that they won't be discovered in these clothes. They transform, but No. 18 notices their aura. Trunks thinks they should try a Kiaihō as No. 18 begins to realize who they are. The two boys fire off a huge blast together, which actually scares No. 18, but she dodges it and it explodes off in the surrounding ocean. No. 18 is really shocked by the incredible speed and destructive power of that "energy bomb". She decides to end this soon, and throws an Energy Disc at the boys. They both try to avoid it by flying opposite directions and the disc cuts their outfit in half, separating the two of them. The boys fly away, as the announcer says they're disqualified for fighting as teams. No. 18 lands back in the ring, and Mr. Satan thinks he's gonna die.



  • Mighty Mask (Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan) and Goten (Base/Super Saiyan)) vs. Android 18

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