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Mighty Mask (マイティマスク Maiti Masuku) is one of the finalists in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.


Dragon Ball Z


According to Killa and Jewel, Mighty Mask did not fare well in the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Majin Buu Saga

Main article: World Tournament Saga

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Mighty Mask unmasked

In the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, he never gets to fight as he is knocked out by Trunks before the tournament begins.

Trunks and Goten steal his costume and fight in the tournament as Mighty Mask (though they did not know who Mighty Mask was and first thought his name was "Spopovich"). When they end up fighting Android 18, they realize that she is more formidable than anticipated, and become Super Saiyans in hopes to turn the tide of the battle. However, this quickly becomes their downfall as Android 18 instantly recognizes them and uses a Destructo Disc to cut the costume in half, thus exposing them and disqualifying them from the tournament due to teams being forbidden in the tournament and Trunks and Goten are forced to flee from the tournament.

Dragon Ball Super

Main article: Universe Survival Saga A man who may be Mighty Mask appeared as the leader of the poachers of Monster Island in the manga.

Video Game Appearances

Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten in his costume) appears as a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Bakuretsu Impact, Dragon Ball Z: W Bakuretsu Impact, Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Battlers, Dragon Ball Heroes, and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. In Dragon Ball Heroes they can use both base and Super Saiyan forms.

Voice Actors


  • The Mighty Mask costume looks like an executioner or blue Ku Klux Klan costume.
  • In the manga and Japanese dub of the anime, Trunks deceives Mighty Mask by telling him that a pretty young lady wants to talk with him. The English anime changed the lie to Trunks telling him that a (real scrawny) guy wanted to beat Mighty Mask at arm wrestling for 1,000 zeni. Lust "defeated" Mighty Mask in the Japanese dub, while in the English dub it was greed.


Mighty Mask

Goten and Trunks

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