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A Mighty Majin

Mighty Majin (大魔人 Daimajin, lit. "Great Demon Person") is one of two starting careers currently available to the Majin race (the other one being Wonder Majin) in the computer game Dragon Ball Online.


Mighty Majins

As the race's physical fighting class, Mighty Majin are balanced physical attacks and self-buffs that pertain to defense and fewer to self-healing. These Majins' healing abilities can restore lifepoints and cure player effects like poison.

Mighty Majins buffs pertain solely to defensive and have a balanced number of spiritual and physical attack, some with long range. Candy Beam is exclusive to their skill tree. Skills that were not present in the original manga and are exclusive to Dragon Ball Online include Hyper Bomb, Special Surprise Punch (Majin Buu's arm-stretching punch), Miracle Super Punch (Gotenks' technique), Spinning Attack, Ultra Speed Attack, Cluster Bomb, Double Cluster Bomb, and Provoke (a taunt derived from Majin Buu's). Some original physical damage-dealing techniques are the Caramel Dropkick and Battering Armspin.

Master classes

Once reaching the required level of skill, a Mighty Majin may choose to take on one of two secondary careers: Ultimate Majin or Grand Chef Majin.

Ultimate Majin

These Majin entertainers wield musical instruments for sub-weapons and excel mainly in meter buffs that enhance the area's stats. In fact, even with the HTB skills included, Mighty Majins do not receive many offensive attacks from this master class. However, Ultimate Majin stat buffs complements their core class' decent hand-to-hand combat.

Grand Chef Majin

Majins with expert skill in culinary arts and wield maces as sub-weapons. Grand Chef Majins have buffs pertaining to spiritual damage, EP and its effectiveness and like the Ultimate Majins, their buffs can be casted throughout the player's areas and have less offensive attacks than Majins of the Wonder Majin caste. This master class is the only to obtain a form of Candy Beam; the Candy Beam Flash, which has the same immobilizing effects as the regular version, but with armor-increasing stats.

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