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The Mifan Army (ミーファン 軍 Mīfan Gun) is a military force controlled by Emperor Chiaotzu in the kingdom of Mifan in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure.


The Mifan Army is very similar to the Earth's Military, using similar weapons and even outfits, with their outfits being dark yellow in color, and wearing helmets. They use many types of guns and other weaponry for combat. They have different types of combat vehicles, such as submarines.

Mifan army in the Land of Korin

The army also has non-human members, such as the gigantic cyborg Sergeant Metallic, and members with unique talents, such as Lieutenant Blue who has telekinetic powers. Both are counterparts to members of the Red Ribbon Army in the Dragon Ball manga.

In Mystical Adventure, the Mifan Army is used by Minister Shen and General Tao in order to gain the Dragon Balls, and overthrow Emperor Chiaotzu from his throne. The army follows Emperor Chiaotzu's orders once again after Shen is defeated by Tien Shinhan, the emperor's bodyguard.




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