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Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Michael David Donovan is a Canadian actor, voice actor, director, and voice director.


Michael Donovan lives in Los Angeles, California. Michael Donovan is a voice actor for many TV shows and anime, and he has also directed many animated series and feature films. He voiced Master Roshi and Grandpa Gohan in the Ocean Group dubs of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies. He also voiced Penny's father in the film.

Some of his other roles include Eggplant Wizard in Captain N: The Game Master, Conan in Conan: The Adventurer, Wes Weasley in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man X in Mega Man, Phong, Mike the TV, Cecil, and Al in the ReBoot franchise, Cye of Torrent and Sage of Halo in Ronin Warriors, Ryoga Hibiki in Ranma 1/2, Suikotsu in InuYasha, Guile and Zangief in Street Fighter: The Animated Series, Gray Hulk in The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man Unlimited, as well as She Hulk and Carnage in Spider-Man Unlimited, Sabretooth/Victor Creed in X-Men: Evolution, Spike The Dog and Droopy on the hit WB series Tom & Jerry Tales, and Crosswise and Primus in Transformers: Cybertron.

He has also been the voice director for many cartoons, including ReBoot, Max Steel, Monster Buster Club, Tom & Jerry Tales, and Oban Star-Racers.

He also helped trained Erica Lindbeck in voice over.

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