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This article is about Super Saiyan 3 Goku's Rush Attack. For the team attack, see Meteor Impact (Team Attack).

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Meteor Impact (メテオインパクト Meteo Inpakuto) is a Rush Attack used by Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form.


As he says "Let's get this started!", Goku double kicks the opponent up into the air. Then, he rushes high into the air behind the opponent to double axe-handle punch and hook kick them down to the ground. Finally, Goku bends down and puts his hand over the opponent's face to blast them with a one-handed Kamehameha, inflicting a great deal of damage.



Goku double kicks Kid Buu

Goku uses this attack during the final battle against Kid Buu on the Sacred World of the Kai. After being thrown down into a cliff by Kid Buu, Goku retaliates with a powerful barrage of energy blasts. Though Kid Buu struggles at first, he gathers enough strength to reflect the energy blasts back down at Goku. However, Goku dodges at the last second, and attacks Kid Buu with the Meteor Impact rush, knocking and blasting the Majin deep into the ground.

Video Game Appearances

Meteor Impact was named in the Raging Blast series, where it appears as one of Goku's Super Attacks in his Super Saiyan 3 form. It is a part of the Meteor Attacks.



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