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"This next one's gonna wipe you off the face of the planet!"
Gogeta unleashing the attack in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Meteor Explosion (メテオエクスプロージョン Meteoekusupurōjon)[1] is a powerful Explosive Wave technique used by Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.


Resonant Explosion Punch 2b

Gogeta slugs Broly

After unleashing his aura, Gogeta charges his opponent before delivering three consecutive punches, infusing his ki into the opponent with the final punch before kicking them upwards. Then, he raises and crosses his arms, further charging up before detonating the Meteor Explosion within the opponent's own body, releasing a brilliant blue burst and creating a titanic mushroom cloud.


In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Gogeta uses this technique after dodging several of Broly's desperate attacks, beating him into submission with several punches before crippling him with the Meteor Explosion, leaving the titan in the face of a Ultimate Kamehameha.

Video Game Appearances

Meteor Explosion was first named in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game under the name Resonant Explosion. It also appears in FighterZ under the name Meteor Explosion as Gogeta's Level 3 Super and can further be extended into Full-Force Kamehameha. In Heroes, it appears under the name Stardust Explosion as Gogeta: UM's special attack.




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