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"Uh oh - I really think this is gonna hurt!"
Piccolo Jr. painfully stating the obvious before Goku attacks him in "Goku Hangs On"

Meteor Combination (メテオコンビネーション Meteo Konbinēshon) is a Rush Attack used by Goku.


First, Goku charges at the opponent and elbows them away. Then, he attacks the opponent with a powerful barrage of kicks and punches, ending with a heavy punch to their stomach. When the opponent lays on the ground paralyzed, Goku jumps up in the air and fires a Super Kamehameha down at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage.


Goku uses this attack during his match against Piccolo Jr. at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. In a desperate attempt to defeat Goku, Piccolo uses his Hyper Explosive Demon Wave to destroy the entire Tournament Arena. Nearly drained of his energy from using the attack, Piccolo believes that he had won, only to be greatly shocked that Goku survived. Determined to win the fight, Goku charges at Piccolo and attacks him with the Meteor Combination rush, seemingly defeating the Namekian. However, when Goku is off-guard, Piccolo fires a surprise Mouth Energy Wave through Goku's right shoulder, severely injuring him.


  • Ferocious Dragon Rampage Wave (猛龍乱撃波) - A variation used by Goku in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Video Game Appearances[]


Goku performs the Meteor Combination in Ultimate Tenkaichi

In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, it is named Meteor Combination and is a Blast 2 used by Goku (Mid).

In Dragon Ball Heroes, a shorter version of the technique without the barrage of punches and kicks is named Ferocious Dragon Rampage Wave (猛龍乱撃波) and is the Super Attack of Goku's "BM11-017" card.

In Kakarot, as part of the Chaos at the World Tournament DLC, it appears in a cutscene.