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Metalman (メタルマン Metaruman) are an alien, humanoid species that resemble robots in physical appearance, residing in both Universe 6 and Universe 7. The most notable Metalman is Auta Magetta, from Universe 6. Metalmen come from Galactic System 66950.[1] In Dragon Ball Fusions, they are considered part of the Alien race.


Physical Appearance

Quoitur, a Universe 7 Metalman

Metalmen have a basic appearance of robot like entities of large size with round eyes with heavy lidded eyelids, gauntlet like forearms and rectangular feet.

Between Universe 6 and Universe 7, there are some distinct differences between the counterparts.

The Metalmen from Universe 6 are far larger than an average human with enlarged forearms and forelegs with thinner, smaller upper limbs; large upper torsos with thin midsections, and small lower torsos; a single pipes on the top of their heads; pincer hands usually sheathed in rounded palms; and two transparent cores containing magma on the chest area. Overall, having a rounded aesthetic. 

The Metalmen from Universe 7 are slightly taller than an average human with more human like proportions to their limbs. Their transparent core is located in the middle of their midsection, a steam pipe emerging from the sides of their respective shoulders, an enlarged upper torso with a wide midsection with an oval shaped lower torso; and stubby limbs. Overall have a rectangular aesthetic.


Metalmen are strong and durable beings, but they lack the mental strength to go along with their powerful bodies. Metalmen are very sensitive, and Whis states that if they are insulted even once, they immediately lose their will to fight.


The Metalmen of Universe 6 can't speak the universal language, and only speak in their own language, which primarily consists of "Choo po". Oddly, they seem to understand the universal language despite not speaking it. However, the Metalmen of Universe 7 can speak the universal language as demonstrated by the Universe 7 Metalman criminal Bikkura Quoitur.


Metalmen weigh at least 1,000 tons, making it difficult to move them during battle. Their robust, heavy bodies allow them to withstand most attacks their opponents throw at them.

List of Metalmen

Universe 6
Universe 7


  • The Metalman's weakness to insults is similar to Janemba from Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. However in Janemba's case, insults can inflict physical damage upon him as his body (and his altered reality constructs) are literally weak to insults, while in the case of Metalman, it is more of a mental handicap/weakness).
    • Additionally, while Janemba takes physical damage, as shown by his fight with Pikkon, he is able to regenerate and is not as easily incapacitated by insults as Metalman are (as they mentally lose the will to fight upon hearing someone insult them).