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"Merus's Resolve" (メルスのかく Merusu no Kakugo) is the 63rd chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


As a relieved Jaco asks the newly-arrived Merus what took him so long, the elite agent explains that he has only arrived to finish up Goku's Ultra Instinct training. Moro looks around and notices that the fallen Dragon Team members are no longer present within the barrier, realising that Merus has sent them away to another place, which Merus describes as being safe and far away.

Merus charges at Moro

With a simple gesture, Moro dispels the barrier and, knowing that he must buy some time for Goku and his comrades, Merus charges into action using a pole. Moro notes that he cannot sense Merus's life energy like he could before and asks if he is some manner of deity. Choosing not to answer, Merus continues to attack with his pole, displaying an impressive level of agility and reflexes that puts Moro on the defensive.

Elsewhere, Dende stands over the badly injured Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Android 17 and Android 18, while Beerus and Whis watch from above. Beerus decides to head to Bulma's place in order to get some food and Whis tags along beside him. They notice that Merus is not alongside them, but state that it is no harm to leave him behind. Dende uses his Healing abilities to close Goku's gaping chest wound and he is quick to ask where Moro is. After learning that he is fighting Merus, Goku relays what he had previously been told - that any Angel who fights for real will be destroyed - and quickly rushes over to the battlefield to help.

Goku attacks Moro

Merus and Moro continue their battle, with Moro beginning to gain some traction, though he senses that Merus is still concealing his true power and wonders why he is simply using a tool to fight. Goku arrives on the battlefield and, not wanting Merus to sacrifice himself, is quick to transform into Ultra Instinct Sign and goes on the offensive. However, Goku is unable to land even a single blow, with Moro taunting him by asking if he honestly believes that this fight will be different from their previous encounters. Believing that a final push is all that is required to trigger Goku's mastery over Ultra Instinct, Merus summons his Angel Attendant's Staff and decides to permanently disable Moro's power-stealing abilities. Whis and Beerus sense what Merus is doing and decide to go back in order to stop him before he has the chance. While Merus confronts Moro again and uses his staff to destroy the orbs on Moro's palms, he explains to Goku that, while he was born as an Angel meant to maintain a neutral position outside of good and evil, he grew a sense of justice during his time spent as part of the Galactic Patrol. Seeing how the Galactic Patrol members continue to protect the Galaxy despite being outdone by the ever more powerful criminals, Merus came to realize that peace is worth fighting for.

Merus destroys the orb on Moro's head

As Merus begins to vanish, he forms the signature Halo around his neck, telling Goku that his next attack is likely going to be his last. With one final charge towards Moro, Merus recalls his time spent with Goku while training and his words to him, believing Goku and his ideals to be fascinating. Moro launches an energy attack, but Merus simply flies straight through it before landing a punch directly at the orb on Moro's forehead, shattering it. With Moro's power-stealing abilities now gone, Merus begins to disintegrate. Goku and Jaco, clearly distraught, look on as Merus tells Goku that, if he were to achieve the true Ultra Instinct at his current level of strength, it will be far more stable than ever before and he will be unbeatable.

Asking Goku to protect the galaxy he has grown to love, Merus fades away as a grief-stricken Jaco cries out to him. Beerus and Whis watch on from nearby, with Whis voicing his sadness at losing his younger brother. Goku, meanwhile, begins to summon up newfound strength, both saddened and enraged by Merus's demise.







  • Merus vs. Moro (Transformed)
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign) vs. Moro (Transformed)
  • Merus vs. Moro (Transformed)


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