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"Merus' Miscalculation" (メルスのさん Merusu no Gosan) is the 60th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Goku and Moro's aura's collide

Deciding to go all-out, both Goku and Moro begin to unleash such power that their auras begin to collide with each other. Goku wins out and pushes Moro back, continuing into close-quarters combat, with several Ki blasts thrown in, that goes one way and then another but ultimately shows that the two are evenly-matched in battle. Moro recovers after having been knocked down and claims that, if this is Goku's true power, then it was a mistake to have been so cautious before, as he will not be defeated by him.

As Merus and Whis watch the fight on Beerus' Planet, Merus bemoans Goku's decision to fight at full power, lest it shorten the time he has left in the form. However, Whis believes that, if he had gone through with their plan and Goku had decided to choose his stamina as his main priority, he would not have been able to stand his ground against Moro. Whis asks Merus if he believes that Moro is stronger than he expected to which he says yes, surprised to see that he has grown so powerful and believes that Goku realised it too, hence why he decided to use his full power.

Meanwhile on Planet Yardrat, Pybara compliments Vegeta on mastering his new technique in so short a time. Vegeta asks him to teleport him over to Earth, but it is explained that Yardrats are forbidden to use teleportation to travel off-world. Furthermore, Pybara is unable to sense Goku's energy signature, which Vegeta says must be because Goku is using Ultra Instinct, a form that only Gods can sense. Vegeta demands that he be taught Instant Transmission himself so that he teleport to Earth, claiming that he will master it faster than anyone else.

Goku begins to go all out against Moro

Back on Earth, the fight turns heavily in Moro's favour as Goku begins succumbing to fatigue. Moro admits his surprise at seeing Goku amass so much power, but says that he has reached his limit. Goku, refusing to give in, power-stresses his Ultra Instinct Sign form, but Moro takes him out with very little effort. While Merus is dismayed at what he is seeing, Beerus states that he is hungry and Whis cuts the feed to the battle on Earth and begins to head off, believing that Earth is done for. Though Merus says that all of Universe 7 will be destroyed if Moro wins, Whis tells him that such is the cycle of the Universe and meddling would disrupt the natural flow of that cycle. Additionally, Whis reminds Merus that only the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais are permitted to intervene, which Merus begrudgingly accepts.

Goku, now completely defeated and having reverted back to his base form, is almost drained of his life energy by Moro, but is saved by the timely intervention of Android 17 and Android 18, who say that they have no energy to be absorbed. The two attempt to take him on, but are unable to even damage him.

Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta

Gohan asks Piccolo if they should jump in to help, but he shoots the idea down as it would create the chance for their energy to be absorbed and in turn make Moro more powerful.

Vegeta continues to learn Instant Transmission, successfully being able to disappear but ending up in a garbage can nearby. When Pybara suddenly senses Goku's energy, they realise that he must have been defeated by Moro. Being that it is an emergency, Pybara offers to make an exception to their rule just this once to take Vegeta to Earth, but he refuses, believing that he can pull it off now. Thanking Hatska and Pybara for having trained him, Vegeta successfully uses Instant Transmission to get to Earth. Goku is surprised to see Vegeta and more surprised to see that he has learnt Instant Transmission, but Vegeta says that he'll likely never pull it off again - nor does he intend to learn if afterwards, having obtained a superior technique. A confident Vegeta then tells Moro that he will be the one to defeat him, transforming into his evolved Super Saiyan Blue form and charging head-on.






  • Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign) vs. Moro
  • Android 17 and Android 18 vs. Moro


  • In the 21st page of this chapter, Vegeta does not have part of his Yardratian Dress and the barbels of Pybara are missing. Toyotarou promised to fix the errors in the Tankōbon edition which he actually did.[1]



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