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"I've come to love this galaxy. This universe, full of excitement. Please protect it all."
— Merus before ceasing to be in Merus's Resolve

Merus Ikanoichiyabosshi (メルス・イカノイチヤボッシ Merusu Ikanoichiyabosshi), formerly just Merus (メルス Merusu), is the number one elite patrolman of the Galactic Patrol and formerly a Trainee Angel.

Concept and creation

Merus was designed by Toyotarō. To go along with how Jaco looks like a classic alien, Merus was made to look old-fashioned - with his suit resembling a track suit.[5]


Angel Merus

Merus appears to be a young humanoid. In his mortal form, he has greyish colored hair and purplish skin, while in his Angel form, he has white hair and blue skin. He also has a bowl haircut and a lean athletic build. While working under the Galactic Patrol, Merus wears a dark jumpsuit which consists of stripes on the sides of his arms, torso, and legs, a jacket that covers his chest and shoulders, and the Galactic Patrol insignia on the left chest side of his jacket while being equipped with Bluetooth like devices on both ears, which have antennae.


Merus is a very serious individual and will do anything to see a mission through, as he states he did not hold back during the mission to stop the Macareni siblings. He does not seem to overestimate his abilities and power, as he doesn't brag about his power to Vegeta and admits Moro is much more powerful than he is. He also holds Goku and Vegeta in high regard as he is eager to ask them for help in completing his mission.

Despite being an angel, who is typically supposed to be neutral in the affairs of mortals, during his time in the Galactic Patrol, he gained a sense of justice and desire to fight against evil. This is seen when he was prepared to confront Moro on Earth alongside Goku and Vegeta, a violation of the law of the Angels, and even allow himself to fade away in order to hold Moro off despite the fatal consequences. However, he still holds respect for the laws of the Angels and their authority, as he refrained from using his true powers and abilities, limiting himself to only mortal weapons and basic combat. He also did not object to Whis taking him back to the realm of the Angels and apologized to his older brother for preparing to fight Goku at full power. However, his love for the galaxy and sense of justice made him fight Moro and sacrifice his life.

Ultimately following Moro's defeat, Shin requested that the Grand Minister revive Merus, in recognition for his contribution to the defeat of the Planet Eater who threatened all of Universe 7. The Grand Minister agreed though revived Merus as a mortal with a definite lifespan. However Merus accepted this stipulation and returned to his position as a respected member of the Galactic Patrol and mortal life as Merus Ikanoichiyabosshi.



At some point in the past, Merus was trained by the Grand Minister and sent to the Galactic Patrol in order to broaden his perspective and learn about the lives of mortals. During this time, he quickly ascended the ranks of the Galactic Patrol and became its most powerful soldier. His power greatly aided the Galactic Patrol, allowing them to capture more powerful criminals such as Saganbo and his Galactic Bandit Brigade.

Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

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Merus aims

During a peaceful day on Earth, Merus suddenly appeared with several other members of the Galactic Patrol and kidnapped the sleeping Good Buu. Mr. Satan attempts to stop them, but is easily thwarted by Merus. As they were loading Buu onto their spacecraft, they were met with resistance from the sudden arrival of Goku and Vegeta, forcing Merus into action. Using his high speed and stun gun, Merus was able to incapacitate the two Saiyans quite easily. Merus tells his men to take them along as well, as they can aid them in their cause after he explains everything at their headquarters.

Merus' plan to revive the Grand Supreme Kai

After Goku and Vegeta awoke, Merus apologizes for his actions, but says he had no choice as they wouldn't listen. Vegeta asks why he needs Buu and Merus explains that a vile prisoner named Moro has escaped from Galactic Prison and they need the powers of the Grand Supreme Kai to defeat and recapture him. Merus proceeds to tell the two about how the Grand Supreme Kai stopped Moro ten million years ago.

Merus explaining how Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai

Merus says that Moro was still powerful without his magic and was sentenced to death, though nobody was strong enough to end his life, so he was given a life sentence. Merus theorizes that Moro likely regained some of his magic, which allowed him to escape and so they require the Grand Supreme Kai's help once more. When Vegeta asks how it involves Good Buu, Merus explains that the Majin previously absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai as Kid Buu five million years after Moro's capture and they need to extract his Kai powers somehow. Vegeta tells them that Buu is asleep and that it could be days before he wakes up again just as other members of the Galactic Patrol attempt to wake him, only to be tossed aside by Buu himself all while still asleep. Goku offers to help them catch Moro and Vegeta reluctantly decides to go along with it. Goku also tells the Galactic Patrollers about the recent Broly incident.[6]

The Galactic Patrol heading to planet Jung.

Afterwards, Merus informs Goku and Vegeta that the Galactic King is waiting to hold the induction ceremony for them. The Galactic King bestows upon Goku and Vegeta the role of special members of the Galactic Patrol with the title lasting until their capture of Moro. Jaco offers them a set of clothing befitting the Galactic Patrol and while though they turn it down, they still have the insignia attached to their own clothing due to the rules. Just then, Merus is informed by a group of Galactic Patrollers that the Macareni Gang has stolen Blue Aurum on Planet Jung. Wanting to see how strong he really is, Goku and Vegeta join Merus on his mission to capture them. As does Jaco, due to his role of having to monitor Earth and its life forms.

Merus confronts Pasta

On Planet Jung, the Macareni Siblings instigate a train robbery, trying to steal a valuable mineral and fuel source called Blue Aurum so they can sell it for a fortune. They quickly put a stop to the local security who give chase and hold the conductors captive. Suddenly, the Galactic Patrol appears and flies along aside the train in their spaceship, with Merus jumping onto the train where he is confronted by the leader of the gang, Pasta Macareni. Pasta admits that he can't defeat Merus in a fight, so the Galactic Patrolman orders him to drop his gun. Using quick thinking, Pasta transfers his energy into his gun and detonates it when it lands on the railway coupling, successfully detaching a compartment of the train. Pasta quickly orders Penne to change the tracks, who throws the switch by stretching her arm. Using his Shotgun-type Ray Gun, Pasta destroys the track on which Merus is currently riding.

Merus questioned by Vegeta about his power.

However, using his rocket boots and his strength, Merus is able to slow the compartments down before they fall from the track, thus stopping a powerful and deadly explosion. After asking Jaco to retrieve the Blue Aurum, Merus gives chase to the gang, but finds that they are making their getaway upon a spaceship. Fortunately, Goku stops the ship in its tracks. Although, Vegeta realizes that Merus had already tampered with their ship and would have successfully stopped them regardless, though he was unable to see when he did so. Upon returning the cargo and imprisoning the gang, the Galactic Patrol make their way back to headquarters. Vegeta approaches Merus and asks why he is hiding his power, but Merus denies it. When Vegeta asks if he can capture Moro by himself, Merus says that he could not due to him being in another league entirely as his power knows no limits and continues to get stronger.

Merus receiving the Kusaya Squad's report of Moro's location.

Suddenly, Irico is informed about something by another Galactic Patrolman in his communicator and tells Merus, Jaco, Goku and Vegeta that the Kusaya Squad were scouting when they happened to find Moro's location. After pointing out the direction in which Moro is located, Goku attempts a search of his own using Instant Transmission. A shocked Goku tells Vegeta that Moro knew that he was being searched for and that it was like nothing he had ever felt before. Vegeta asks if Moro has a massive amount of Ki or God Ki, but Goku denies it, saying that his energy was not that large but was terrifying beyond what he'd ever felt. When Goku describes Moro's energy as being like a whole lot of people screaming in pain, Merus explains that it is a result of his ability to absorb the life force of planets which he can then use as his own power and why he has lived for so long.

Merus and the others learn Moro's next target: New Namek.

Merus wonders what Moro wants, since there are no planets with life in the direction he is going. Soon, Goku realizes that New Namek is in that direction, though wonders how Moro could know of it, as the location was kept secret so the Namekians would be safe. Merus tells him that Moro is able to scan planets with life now that his abilities have returned to him. Just then Pasta Macareni interrupts, saying that he has heard of the Namekians and their wish granting balls from a fellow prisoner who previously worked under Frieza and that he was looking for strong warriors to help him recover them. Pasta says that the news soon reached the worst person in prison: Moro, who appears to be in search of them himself. When Goku wonders what Moro would wish for, Pasta says that he will most likely destroy the Galactic Patrol for imprisoning him and that a 10 million year grudge shouldn't be underestimated. Outraged, Jaco closes a barrier around their cell so he can't hear them speak. Merus says this is worse than he imagined.

Merus and the others planning their next course of action.

Goku, in an urgent manner, decides that they need to teleport to the planet immediately as they do not have time for Good Buu to awaken and takes Vegeta along with him. Merus does not believe Goku and Vegeta will be able to win, and so decides that he and the others will return to Galactic Patrol HQ to retrieve Buu. On the way back, Merus explains to Jaco that Moro is able to use the energy that he steals from planets in his attacks. Jaco deduces that the planetary energy that Moro steals includes the life force of any organisms on the given planet and realizes the danger Goku and Vegeta are in. Merus says that Moro can steal his opponent's energy while fighting, and is disappointed that Goku and Vegeta challenged him without knowing all the facts.

At the Galactic Patrol HQ, Merus returns to find that Good Buu has finally awoken and goes to see him in the mess hall. Before leaving, Merus asks Irico to keep the ship ready to depart for New Namek at a moment's notice. After having Buu's memories of his time as the Grand Supreme Kai re-awakened, Merus heads to New Namek with him and several Galactic Patrol members.

Merus aiming down his sights

Merus trapping Moro in a restraint net

After three days, the Galactic Patrol finally arrives on New Namek, just as Goku and Vegeta are about to make a final stand against Moro. Merus, riding on top of the ship, shoots the wings off of Moro's spaceship, causing the vehicle to crash. Moro flies out through the roof, only to be pursued by Irico piloting the ship. Moro fires a barrage of ki blasts at Merus, however, the Galactic Patrolman activates his rocket boots and dodges the blasts. Merus closes in on Moro and, using a device attached to his wrist, fires a substance that covers the Planet-Eater's body and entraps him from within. Moro struggles to break free and Merus explains that this device was made just to capture the evil wizard. Goku asks Merus if they plan to take him back to prison while trapped the way he is, but Merus says it will not hold him for long and calls for another on board his ship.

Moro breaks from Merus' restraints

Just then, Jaco and Good Buu fall from the ship, though Buu is still asleep. Jaco explains that he had previously woken up, but has since suffered from motion sickness on the ride over and is now out of it again. Nevertheless, Buu eventually comes to and Jaco tells Vegeta that Buu is now able to seal away Moro's magic due to the Galactic Patrol's medium and hypnotist bringing back the Grand Supreme Kai's old memories through Buu. Moro is furious and breaks free from his entrapment when he senses the Grand Supreme Kai's presence in Good Buu, prompting Merus to say they're in trouble. Good Buu powers up in rage and prepares to face Moro in battle.

Merus tells Buu to use the Kai Kai Matoru on Moro

As the two fight, it becomes clear that Buu has the advantage, with Moro's Ki attacks and energy absorption unable to affect the Majin due to his unique body structure and regeneration. Merus is shocked that Buu possesses such strength to overwhelm Moro. As Goku watches on, he notes that even though it has been a long time since he last saw Buu fight, he appears to be stronger than before. Merus wonders if it has something to do with his potential being unleashed after his memories were recently unlocked. Moro becomes enraged, believing that he would never lose if he had access to his full magical power. Buu calls him a weakling and sprouts four extra arms from his body before charging at Moro and pummeling him into the ground. Goku is happy that Buu is winning, but Merus is worried what tricks Moro may still have under his sleeve and tells Buu to use the Kai Kai Matoru to finish him off. Buu's now detached arms, grab a hold of each of Moro's limbs and hold him in place while Buu prepares his move.

Merus and the others about to go after Moro

Suddenly, they are interrupted by the sky going dark, signaling that the Dragon Balls are in use. It is revealed that Moro's accomplice, Cranberry, summoned Porunga and used the first wish to heal himself. Goku and Vegeta make a dash towards Porunga while Cranberry uses the second wish restore the evil wizard's magical power after being contacted telepathically. Immediately, Moro breaks free and makes a beeline towards Porunga, knocking Goku and Vegeta down along the way. Merus, Jaco and Buu board the Spaceship being piloted by Irico and make their way towards Moro. Moro murders Cranberry in cold blood and uses the last wish. Goku and Vegeta arrive at Moro's location a fraction too late. Just as the Galactic Patrol arrives, Moro says his farewells and leaves the area undetected by creating a smokescreen with the planet's energy and suppressing his Ki.

Merus making preparations while Goku and others about to teleport to Moro.

Merus asks where Moro went and Goku replies that there's no telling since he suppressed his ki. Buu says that he is still here and he will try to devour the planet for more strength. Buu uses his powers to heal Esca but is unable to heal the others who have died. Just then, the planet begins to shake as Moro has begun to suck all the energy out from New Namek. Buu restores Goku and Vegeta to their full strength. When Goku turns to thank him, he sees the Grand Supreme Kai standing there instead, shocking everyone present. He explains that until Moro is defeated, he will be swapping places with Buu and that they can still save New Namek if they all hurry and confront Moro together. Goku prepares his Instant Transmission as he, Vegeta and the Grand Supreme Kai teleport to Moro. Before they leave, Merus tells Goku that he will make the necessary preparations and bring the ship to him, and warns him to be careful of Moro's magic. Goku assures him that they will end this. When they leave, Merus says that he has faith in their ability to stop Moro.

Merus, Jaco, and Esca losing their energy to Moro

As Moro continues to drain New Namek's energy, Merus, Jaco and Esca head into orbit in their ship to prevent their energy from being absorbed as well. Jaco says that the whole ordeal must be very hard for Esca. The young Namekian says that he promised that he would survive even if he was the only one left and that Grand Elder Moori named him as his successor before Moro came. Esca theorizes that Moori foresaw his own death and entrusted him with the fate of their people, that's why he must survive. Merus offers to help him rebuild New Namek when Moro has been defeated.

Merus explains that Buu cannot use Kai Kai Matoru

Suddenly, Merus notices that New Namek isn't losing energy anymore and realizes that the fight has begun. Irico informs Merus that Moro and the Grand Supreme Kai have left Namek's orbit, while Goku and Vegeta are still in the planet's atmosphere. Merus decides to attend to Goku and Vegeta first and tells them to board the ship. Merus tells the two Saiyans that he believes the Grand Supreme Kai cannot perform the Kai Kai Matoru due to Majin Buu having split in the past between his good and evil halves. He surmises that even though Good Buu inherited the Core Person's appearance, the godly power that the Grand Supreme Kai once held was passed over to the evil half of Buu instead.

Merus space suit.jpeg

Vegeta realizes that the only way to go about their task now is just through sheer brute force rather than tricks just as the ship reaches Moro's location. Merus asks the Saiyans if they can assure him that they are more powerful than Moro and Vegeta responds by saying that they are and that aside from his magic, they are the stronger fighters with a single Super Saiyan Blue at full power being enough to handle him. Merus puts on a space suit and vows to drag Moro back to Namek's surface, where they can finish the job and tells them to return to the planet in the meantime.

Merus blinding Moro

Merus saves the Grand Supreme Kai from a finishing blow by using his capture device on Moro. Merus carries the Grand Supreme Kai to an asteroid and informs him of their plan. First, Merus asks if he is still capable of using the Kai Kai technique. The Core Person is surprised at Merus' knowledge and confirms that as a Supreme Kai, he can. Soon, Moro appears and curses Merus. The Galactic Patrolman proceeds to distract Moro with his Ray Gun before blinding his sight briefly by using the jet boosters in his boots, giving the Grand Supreme Kai the opportunity to grab a hold of Moro and teleport him back to Namek where Goku and Vegeta are there waiting for him.

Merus returns to the Galactic Patrol spaceship, where Jaco compliments him on his performance. Merus insists they go back to Namek, but Jaco believes that Goku and Vegeta can handle Moro themselves. Suddenly, Irico informs them that the inmates at Galactic Prison have recently staged a massive breakout. Esca then remembers what Moro's third wish was; for all of the prisoners to go free.

Merus and Jaco arriving on New Namek to help Goku and Vegeta.

When the prisoners arrive on New Namek, Merus and Jaco head to the surface to aid their allies in combat. Merus advises retreating, as they cannot defeat Moro and his allies. Esca uses his healing ability to restore some of the Grand Supreme Kai's strength. Goku grabs a hold of Jaco and Merus, intending to use Instant Transmission to retreat to Galactic Patrol HQ, and the Grand Supreme Kai grabs Esca and teleports there himself. Goku is held up by Vegeta, who refuses to leave out of pride and tells Goku to go without him before flying off in the direction of Irico's spaceship. With no other choice, Goku teleports everyone but Vegeta away.

At Galactic Patrol HQ, Goku and the others interrupt the Galactic King's bath with their sudden arrival. Goku and Merus wonder what Vegeta intends to do. After finishing his bath, the Galactic King learns about the prisoners having escaped from the Galactic Prison and figured that Merus would have sorted out the problem. Merus explains that Moro was able to grow stronger than they expected and their strategy needs to be reworked. Goku spots Esca and is taken to see Good Buu, who has once again fallen asleep from all the fighting. Esca asks Goku where Vegeta is and he tells him that he must have gone somewhere else to train, as their normal tactics were ineffective against Moro and he must be thinking of a few new ideas. Goku says that they need a new strategy as well, one that doesn't involve Buu.

Goku about to test Merus

After receiving word that Zoon had been annihilated, Merus admits that even if they were to confront Moro again now, their chance of victory is virtually zero. Goku asks Merus for a little test and throws a punch at him, which he dodges. Goku tells Merus that he would like to get a proper feel of his true power and the two go into a training room. Goku once more attempts to hit Merus though is unable, even as a Super Saiyan and then a Super Saiyan 3. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan God and the room begins to break apart, so the test is brought to a stop. Merus asks Goku if he is satisfied and Goku unexpectedly asks the Galactic Patrolman to train him as he appears to know things that he does not know himself. He tells Merus that he is trying to master Ultra Instinct and has the feeling that he could close to doing so if he trained with him. Merus agrees to Goku's proposition, though he suggests another location for their training.

Merus wielding a staff in sparring

A few days after Vegeta and Irico arrive on Yardrat, Merus leaves the Galactic Patrol HQ to travel with Goku on another planet to train. During their training session on the other planet, Goku goes on the offensive, but Merus effortlessly dodges and counters his punches and kicks with his pole. Goku realizes it isn't working and tells Merus that to achieve Ultra Instinct, he needs to empty his heart and mind but he finds this difficult when fighting in battle. Merus then proceeds to charge toward Goku. While Goku dodges Merus' attacks with the pole, he reminds the Saiyan that emotions can also translate into prodigious power such as his Super Saiyan form which is mainly triggered by rage. Although, Merus points out that what he is after is the exact opposite from that and he will only activate Ultra Instinct through self-control in the face of a jarring shock to his emotions. Goku realizes Merus knew about Ultra Instinct all along. Merus apologizes and reveals he had a reason for keeping quiet, but Goku doesn't mind it since they are both trying to defeat Moro and suggests they resume training.

Merus tells him that his doubts are now gone and asks Goku to follow him as he heads inside a nearby pyramid. Behind the door lies a room resembling the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Merus tells Goku for every day that passes outside of the room is equivalent to three days inside of the room. Merus then tells Goku that he brought him to this room so that he can be able to unleash his full power without anyone finding out. Merus takes a fighting stance and asks Goku if he is ready to resume their training. Goku, with a smile on his face, goes into a fighting stance and happily accepts.

As they spar, Goku is easily beaten by Merus. Goku says he is now doubting that he even managed to use Ultra Instinct at all. Merus asks if it was first activated during an extreme crisis, which Goku confirms. Merus tells Goku the quickest way to achieve it again is to replicate those conditions and that Goku must be prepared to die during the process.

Some time later, Merus receives word from the Galactic Patrol of Moro's men visiting Earth and their planned return in two months time and relays the information to Goku, telling him that it means he will have six months to prepare himself in that room. Although he feels sorry for the planets that will be consumed in the meantime, assuring Moro's capture when the time comes is their top priority. After Goku has finished eating, he wonders why he has never seen Merus eat. Merus tells him that he can or can not eat as it makes no difference to him, a phrase that Goku recalls Whis saying once before. The two then return to their training.

Unbeknownst to Goku and Merus, Whis has been spectating their training using his staff. Whis arrives at Zen-Oh's Palace to see the Grand Minister, wishing to clarify an issue relating to Merus and the Angel Laws. The Grand Priest reveals that he dispatched Merus into Universe 7 so that he could learn more about the world. However, with Merus' current situation regarding the Galactic Patrol, he believes that if Merus were to go any further, he would violate the law of the Angels. Whis explains to the Grand Minister that Merus has not used his Angel powers up to now and that he is just training Goku, with the Grand Minister agreeing to let Whis handle the situation.

Merus forming a Halo

With time almost up, Merus asks Goku for one last sparring session before returning to Earth. The two decide to not hold back and begin to power up, with Goku activating Ultra Instinct Sign and Merus forming a halo around his neck. Suddenly, the pair are teleported out of the Time Chamber by Whis. Goku is surprised after Merus calls Whis his brother and finding out he's an Angel. Whis explains that with Merus powering up, it is no longer considered training, it is fighting instead, and further scolds Merus for planning to go to Earth with Goku to help fight Moro. Goku asks what would happen if an Angel were to fight and Whis tells him that Angels who break their code are eradicated without a trace, the only way an Angel can be removed from existence. (thus, Whis saved Merus' life by preventing this). Whis tells Merus that his time in the mortal world is now over and he should be grateful that he doesn't deliver him back to their father. With a tap of his staff, Whis reveals Merus's angelic clothing and halo. Merus apologizes to Goku and repairs his clothing with his staff. Merus says that he believes Goku can find a way to beat Moro. Whis then takes Merus away from Universe 7 and back to Beerus' Planet.

Merus and Whis watch the battle on Earth

There, he and Whis watch the battles on Earth through the Angel Attendant's Staff with Whis praising Merus on how good a job he has done with training Goku. Beerus asks Merus if he knows any tasty recipes from his time amongst mortals, but the Angel says he was occupied as a Galactic Patrolman, so he didn't have time, much to Beerus' dismay. Whis asks if Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct and if they should expect to see him take on his silver-haired state, but Merus tells him that Goku never managed to achieve that state and is only capable of achieving the unstable Ultra Instinct Sign level and that the battle hinges on Goku being able to maintain the energy drain of the form so that he can stay in it for as long as possible. However, Goku instead chooses to use his full power. Merus bemoans Goku's decision, as he risks shortening the time he has left in the form. However, Whis believes that if he had gone through with Merus's advice and chose his stamina as his main priority, he would not have been able to stand his ground against Moro. Whis asks Merus if he believes that Moro is stronger than he expected, to which he says yes, surprised to see that he has grown so powerful and believes that Goku realized it too, hence why he decided to use his full power. Whis explains that Saiyans are known to exhibit untold power when facing overwhelming odds in combat, especially Goku and Vegeta.

Whis tells Merus not to intervene.jpeg

Even this proves futile as Moro eventually gains the upper hand. Goku, refusing to give in, power-stresses his Ultra Instinct Sign form, but Moro takes him out with very little effort. Merus is dismayed at Goku's choice, as relying on sheer power alone sacrifices the true strength of Ultra Instinct. Suddenly, Beerus casually states that he is hungry and Whis cuts the feed to the battle on Earth and leaves to get some food. Merus questions their indifference, saying that all of Universe 7 will be destroyed if Moro wins. Whis tells him that such is the cycle of the Universe and excessive meddling would disrupt the natural flow of that cycle. Additionally, Whis reminds Merus that only the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais are permitted to intervene, not Angels like them, which Merus begrudgingly accepts.

Merus and Moro clash

However, at some point shortly afterwards, when Moro has further increased his strength and defeated all the members of the Dragon Team, Merus appears on Earth just in time to save Jaco from being killed by Moro when he fires a shot from his Ray Gun imbued with his own power. Moro then reveals that he is aware that Merus is not really a member of the Galactic Patrol to which Merus simply smirks. As a relieved Jaco asks the newly-arrived Merus what took him so long, the elite agent explains that he has only arrived to finish up Goku's Ultra Instinct training. Moro looks around and notices that the fallen Dragon Team members are no longer present within his barrier, realising that Merus has sent them away to another place, which Merus describes as being safe and far away.

Merus strikes Moro.jpeg

With a simple gesture, Moro dispels the barrier and, knowing that he must buy some time for Goku and his comrades, Merus charges into action using his pole. Moro notes that he cannot sense Merus's life energy like he could before and asks if he is some manner of deity. Choosing not to answer, Merus continues to attack with his pole, displaying an impressive level of agility and reflexes that puts Moro on the defensive, even landing a solid blow on the wizard's face. Jaco is left very surprised at Merus' power. However, Moro begins to gain some traction in their fight, managing to disarm him at one point, but Merus simply calls his pole back to his hand. Confused, Moro asks Merus why is he still concealing his true power and wonders why he is simply using a tool to fight. Soon, Goku is healed by Dende and returns to the battlefield. Not wanting Merus to sacrifice himself, the Saiyan is quick to transform into Ultra Instinct Sign and goes on the offensive. However, Goku is unable to land even a single blow, and is easily sent flying by a single punch from Moro. Merus uses his Telekinesis on Goku to soften his landing. Moro taunts Goku by asking if he honestly believes that this fight will be different from their previous encounters.

DBS Chapter 63 07.png

Goku curses himself, saying that he still can't get the hang of Ultra Instinct despite Merus's teachings. Merus confidently says that his training worked and believes that a final push is all that is required to trigger Goku's mastery over Ultra Instinct. Unfortunately for Merus, Moro uses Demon Hand to extend his arm underground unnoticed and tries to copy his abilities by grabbing him by his neck. However, the Angel counters by using his attendant's staff to sever the wizard's arm. Merus decides to use his Angel Powers to seal off Moro's Copy Ability. Whis and Beerus sense what Merus is doing and decide to go back in order to stop him before he has the chance. While Merus confronts Moro again and uses his staff to destroy the orbs on Moro's palms, he explains to Goku that, while he was born as an Angel meant to maintain a neutral position outside of good and evil, he grew a sense of justice during his time spent as part of the Galactic Patrol. Seeing how the Galactic Patrol members continue to protect the Galaxy despite being outdone by the ever more powerful criminals, Merus came to realize that peace is worth fighting for.

Merus prepares his final strike

Due to multiple usage of true powers against Angel Law, Merus begins to disappear. Nevertheless, the Angel says that his resolve was further strengthened after meeting Goku and his people. Merus unleashes his power and forms a Halo around his neck, telling Goku that his next attack is likely going to be his last. With one final charge towards Moro, Merus recalls his time spent with Goku while training and his words to him, believing Goku and his ideals to be fascinating. Moro launches an energy sphere at him, but Merus simply flies straight through it before landing a powerful punch directly at the orb on Moro's forehead, shattering it. With Moro's power-stealing abilities now gone, Merus begins to disintegrate.

Shortly after, the Angel peps Goku and tells him that he is but a tiny step away from mastering and stabilizing the Ultra Instinct and that once he makes this step, there won't be an enemy to stand in his way. Merus admits that he fell in love with the galaxy and he asks Goku to protect this universe, a universe that rendered him thrilled with excitement. He finishes the monologue and ceases to exist.

Inspired by Merus's sacrifice, Goku acknowledges that as a Galactic Patrol agent, he must protect the universe and finally achieves his perfected Ultra Instinct form and easily overwhelms the wizard. However, Moro spots his previously severed arm behind Goku and, when he hears that Merus was the one who taught him this power, he summons it back to him and attaches it. Gaining Merus' powers and abilities, Moro takes on his version of Goku's Ultra Instinct form with his orbs being restored on his body. With this new power, Moro proved mostly an even match for Ultra Instinct Goku, however, his untrained body mutates and struggles to contain the Angel power coursing throughout him. In desperation, he merges himself into the Earth itself, becoming one with it and begins absorbing energy from its inhabitants. Whis says that Moro's fate is now tied to the planet's. In addition, his unstable body and energy now risks detonating which will eradicate the galaxy along with it. Whis informs Goku that the only way to defeat Moro is to destroy the crystal on his forehead in order to have him release Merus' power. With the aid of Vegeta's Forced Spirit Fission technique and energy from Uub, Goku is able to gather enough power to overwhelm Moro and destroy his crystal, finally defeating the wizard and avenging Merus.

A revived Merus reunites with the Galactic Patrol

Ultimately, at the request of Shin, the Grand Minister agreed to revive Merus, but as a mortal and now having a definite lifespan. Content with this, Merus returned to the Galactic Patrol with the new identity of Merus Ikanoichiyabosshi, where he received their highest of honors alongside Goku, Vegeta, Jaco and Good Buu. Goku and Merus happily reunite and celebrate their victory over Moro with the rest of the Galactic Patrol.



As an Angel, Merus is one of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse, though apparently as a trainee, he is weaker than the full-fledged guide Angels.

When hiding his nature as an Angel so as not to violate the Angel Laws, Merus is the strongest Galactic Patrolman. His prowess and efficiency has placed him in charge of 104 districts. He is capable of moving so fast that neither Goku nor Vegeta in their base forms could see him - allowing him to get behind them and incapacitate them with his Stun Gun. Later, while watching Merus work, Vegeta was impressed with Merus' power - noting that Merus was too fast for him to see move and was shocked that he was able to sabotage the engine of the criminal spaceship in such a short amount of time. Later, Vegeta asked if he was hiding his power, although Merus stated he wasn't holding back in any way. Merus appears to not have the ability to fly or utilize ki attacks since he's never been shown to use either. Additionally, Merus acknowledges Moro is on a completely different level than himself. The same can be said on Merus in comparison to Good Buu and the Grand Supreme Kai - whom Merus was hoping will be the ones who can defeat Moro as in 10 million years prior.

Later, with his skill and ingenuity, Merus is capable of briefly fighting Moro in his semi-rejuvenated state, dodging his energy attacks enough that he can get close and temporarily restrain him with his special capture device.

Against the Galactic Patrol Prisoners whose ki was empowered by Moro upon his own energy and later upon Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta, all Merus and Jaco could do was to fend off the army with their ray-guns, but couldn't kill these prisoners.

Merus' true strength comes from his advanced efficiency in Ultra Instinct. Trained to anticipate incoming attacks and naturally react to danger, he can effectively dodge seemingly anything that attacks him. This combined with his combat skills, it allows him to perform perfect counter maneuvers. This was seen from his sparing match against Goku. He easily outmaneuvered Goku in his base form, expertly grabs Goku's arm and throws him aside as a Super Saiyan, and still just as efficiently dodged attacks from Goku as a Super Saiyan 3. Ultimately, Goku admits to Merus' superior skill in automatic response to danger (unaware at the time that Merus is an angel), prompting him to ask Merus to teach it to him. To which, free of other spectators' gaze, Merus begun to demonstrate his true tremendous power, easily overwhelming Goku in severe exhaustion. He also proved to be skilled teacher as in just 6 months (2 in normal time), he taught Goku to how to access Ultra Instinct Sign at will. Even with how much Goku rose in power, Merus was revealed to have still largely hid his true power, as Whis quickly reprimanded Merus for his attempt to go all out.

Despite the orders to leave matters to the mortals, Merus ultimately decided to face off against Moro. After activating his godly ki, with just his bo staff, Merus proved able to hold his own against and at points even outmaneuver the wizard who recently absorbed Seven-Three to vastly more power than the entire Dragon Team combined, though he failed to inflict much damage to the Planet Eater. When using his Angel Powers at their most basic level, with superb skill, Merus was able to destroy Moro's ability to copy other's capacities. Upon which, Merus performed the ultimate taboo of Angels, using his true divine powers outside of training. His power proved able to easily overpower Moro. However, his performance was brief as right after the first exchange with his true power, he faded from existence.

When copying Merus' powers, Moro noted that he was an even match for Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku.

Upon being revived by the Grand Minister as a mortal, all of Merus' Angel capacities were removed. This included his immortality and divine powers, making him far weaker than before.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Unreadable ki - Vegeta notes that Merus' ki is unreadable.
  • Immortality - As an Angel, Merus can only be killed if he is "eradicated" - which will only occur if he violates the Angel laws.[1] However, Merus lost his immortality since he had been revived as a mortal for breaking the Angel laws.
  • Hikou - The ability to fly using his jet boots.
  • Flight - During his final battle with Moro, Merus displays that the ability for true flight without his jet boosters.
  • Elite Beam - The user draws a standard Galactic Police issue Ray Gun and fires a beam of energy at the opponent. Alternatively, a user can use their ki to fire an energy beam in a similar fashion.
  • Gigantic Rock Throw - Using his Moro Capture Device, Merus grabs and throws a meteorite at Moro.
  • Ultra Instinct - As noted by Goku, like his older brother Whis, Merus demonstrates advanced proficiency of Ultra Instinct, letting him react to seemingly any incoming danger and dodge or counter with no wasted movement. Merus' Ultra Instinct abilities are inferior to Whis' however.[7]
  • Magic Materialization - A magical ability used to create physical matter out of thin air.
  • Healing - Presumably mystical in nature, it allows the user to heal another being's wounds and restore them to somewhat full strength.
  • Sealing Spell - Merus used a Sealing Spell when attacking Transformed Moro's crystals in order to seal away his Copy Ability.
  • Bōjutsu - During his training with Goku, Merus demonstrates his talent for wielding a staff. Being an Angel, this is not surprising as his siblings Whis, Vados, and Marcarita utilize said martial art when wielding their Angel Attendant's Staff in combat.

Forms and Transformations


Main articles: Angel and Perfected Ultra Instinct

Merus as an Angel

Merus' original true form. As an Angel Merus is incredibly powerful and is always in the Perfected Ultra Instinct state.[7] He is thus one of the mightiest beings in Universe 7, as well as the multiverse as a whole.

In this state he has white hair and blue skin like every other Angel, as well as a halo around his neck - like his siblings.


Main article: Human

Merus as a mortal

A state originally taken on by Merus as a disguise to oversee life in Universe 7, acting as a Galactic Patrolman. After the battle with Moro, this became Merus' only state of being as the Grand Minister removed his angelic traits, with him now being known as Merus Ikanoichiyabosshi. While nowhere near as strong as his Angel form, Merus is still extremely powerful and capable of using the Ultra Instinct ability, being able to even take on the likes of the Transformed Moro thanks to it.

Merus manifests his halo while in his mortal state

In this state he has greyish hair and purple skin.

While Merus was in the process of being eradicated he took on a partial-Angel state in order to power up enough that he could break Transformed Moro's final gem before he disappeared. In this partial state he was extremely powerful, even able to charge through an attack from the Transformed Moro without a scratch.


Merus in his space suit, using the capture device to swing and his jet boots to blind Moro

  • Special Galactic Patrol Suit - Merus' distinct uniform, equipped with space-exploration features despite Merus not needing them.
  • Ray Gun - Guns that fire laser beams capable of massive damage to a normal being, but useless to one with a higher power level.
    • Stun Gun - It delivers an electric shock aimed at temporarily disrupting muscle functions and/or inflicting pain without causing significant injury.
  • Angel's Staff - A staff used by Merus, similar in design to the Angel Attendant's Staff. The rod is sharp enough to break through the crystals on Moro's hands, and Merus can additionally fire energy shots from the lower end. Presumably lost this along with the rest of his angelic abilities after being revived as a mortal.
  • Moro Restraint Device - A special substance shot from his wrist gauntlet made specially to temporarily restrain Moro.


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  • Merus' name is likely a pun on surume, a traditional Japanese dried squid snack, additionally it may be a double name pun, also come from the Latin "merus" - which generally refers to undiluted pure wine - or "mezcal" ("mesukaru") - a type of alcoholic beverage which follows the naming trend of his siblings.
  • Merus is kind of a reverse parallel to Goku who is a righteous mortal who manages to achieved divine power of Ultra Instinct Sign and Perfected Ultra Instinct, while Merus was born an Angel who could utilize Perfected Ultra Instinct without transformating as it is their normal state of being, though due to developing a sense of justice, he ultimately sacrificed his life and reborn into a righteous mortal.



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