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Mei Queen Castle (メイクイーン城 Meikuīn-jō) is the giant fortress of Lord Jaguar that is located on a remote island, on the opposite side of the island's city. It is the main setting of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly.


The Battle Arena

There is a small port in front of the castle. The entrance leads to a dooryard with ring where the Bio-Warriors created by Jaguar's scientists train. Inside the castle, there is an elevator that leads to an upper level where a Battle Arena is located. There is also a huge laboratory where Bio-Warriors are created, and an office where Lord Jaguar keeps his money.

The laboratory

The Battle Arena is surrounded by gigantic aquariums and armors, and contains a huge screen (destroyed by Android 18) and a giant painting of Lord Jaguar (damaged by Trunks and Goten). The arena can be opened to reveal the laboratory where the arena is in fact located.

The castle was damaged during the battle against Bio-Broly, and invaded, along with the entire island, by the overflowing Culture Fluid. Goten, Trunks, and Krillin eventually stop the Culture Fluid and save the castle by firing their Kamehameha to the sea, sending water on the island.

Video Game Appearances

The Jaguar Dome inside the castle is the battle stage used for the Mr. Satan Mode in Shin Butōden.

In Dokkan Battle, Mei Queen Castle appears as a stage in the story event that adapts the film's story. Within the castle, the player navigates the castle's battle arena and laboratory to confront Bio-Warriors and ultimately Bio-Broly.


  • Mei Queen Castle's appears to be taken from the May Queen potato, fitting with Lord Jaguar's Japanese name which is based on several other types of potato.


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