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Mei (メーイ Mēi) is a fish-like soldier who works for King Cold in the Frieza Force. A similar soldier first appeared in "Another Super Saiyan?", and this type of soldier was named in Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen.


Dragon Ball Z

Trunks Saga

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Jeice-like soldier, the Captain, and a Mei-looking soldier

It is not clear whether he is in the anime or not, but he does bear some similarities with the yellow Cold's soldier who is on Earth with King Cold and Mecha Frieza.

Video Game Appearances

Mei-type soldiers are enemies in Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzōningen, where they appear under three different colors: the blue Mei (メーイ), and the purple Keith (キース) who appears in Act4. Keith's name pun is from Kisu, a Japanese whiting fish. Kaiz (カイズ) also appears in the unused bestiary, a green version of Mei. His name comes Kaizu, a Japanese black porgy.

A Frieza soldier with a similar look to Mei's manga appearance is shown colored in pink (perhaps Keith) in the 3rd promotional video clip for Dragon Ball Heroes on Frieza's Spaceship. However, he is easily defeated by Note.

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  • His name is a pun on a type of fish.



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