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Meatians (ミート星人 Mīto-seijin) were a race of humanoid aliens that populated Planet Meat, and who appear in the special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku.


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Meatian Carddass

A Meatian card from Dragon Ball Carddass

It is unknown if Meatians possessed any special powers. They had white and dark blue skin with red lines, stripes and bright blue eyes. Frieza ordered Bardock's Planet Elite Force to go to Planet Meat and destroy the Meatians. However, after hearing from Malaka and Planthorr that there may be a problem with Bardock's brain wave patterns after the battle on Kanassa, Tora and the others decided to leave without him. Once Bardock lands on Meat, he finds the all the Meatians already destroyed.


In Dragon Ball Carddass, the common Meatian has a power level of 300.


  • In Dragon Ball Super, a race near identical to the Meatians in all but color named the Dorakiyan exist in Universe 11.
  • The dead Meatians shown on the planet bear similarities to Frieza's third form.
  • A full-body-shot Meatian card is part of Dragon Ball Carddass. As the sole anime appearance of the Meatians is in the Bardock - The Father of Goku special, as corpses strewn about, the card is the best official shot of a Meatian.

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